County assessor candidates polar opposites

first_imgPETER VAN NORTWICKRepublicano Age: 43.o Profession: Self-employed real estate appraiser.o Campaign finances: $17,641 raised, $17,348 spent.o Quote: “Are you for change in this office or do you want the status quo?”o Website: SEEKINSDemocrato Age: 53.o Profession: Senior residential appraiser in the assessor’s office.o Campaign finances: $17,376 raised, $15,124 spent.o Quote: “I truly care about the direction of our office and making sure all the taxpayers are treated with respect and fairness.”o Website: Janet Seekins and Republican Peter Van Nortwick are vying to replace Clark County Assessor Linda Franklin.From the start, with Van Nortwick charging that the county assesses property values incorrectly and Franklin responding, “Hell, no” when asked if Van Nortwick was qualified, the race has been bitter and different angles have emerged. There’s insider versus outsider: Seekins has worked for the office for 29 years, while Van Nortwick’s self-employed.There’s a difference in goals: Seekins cites greater efficiency, improved customer service and an enhanced website as priorities; Van Nortwick has written a “Bill of Rights” for property taxpayers, making pledges that, to be realized, would require changes in state law and, in one case, an amendment to the state constitution.There’s the what’s-more-disconcerting angle: Seekins didn’t register to vote until April, so the first time she voted was the August primary. If that’s her skeleton in the closet, Van Nortwick’s skeleton, as disclosed in court documents seven years ago, is that he couldn’t pay child support because he has a significant mental disability that makes it difficult for him to build relationships with people and find employment.Van Nortwick was trained to be an appraiser through the Department of Social and Health Services’ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. He qualified for the assistance after he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Van Nortwick said he’s learned to manage his condition.last_img read more

Switch box malfunction scrubbed space shuttle launch

first_imgTechnicians and engineers at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida have identified the likely source of what caused heaters on a fuel line for space shuttle Endeavour’s auxiliary power unit-1 (APU-1) to fail on Friday, scrubbing the first launch attempt for the STS-134 mission. The failure appears to be a power problem within the aft load control assembly-2 (ALCA-2), a box of switches controlling power feeds.“That basically means the power is not getting out to the heaters that weren’t working on launch day,” said Space Shuttle Program Launch Integration Manager Mike Moses.The plan is to remove and replace the box, but that work and related testing will take several days to complete. Once the new box is installed, the team must verify it’s working properly — at least a two-day process — and perform forensics on the failed box.“We can tell you, pretty much, that it’s not going to be any earlier than (May 8),” Moses said. “We’re really not even setting the schedules today. There’s still a whole lot of short-term work that has to be done.”Endeavour’s six astronauts have returned to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston for a few days of additional training before they report to Kennedy for the next launch attempt, and the crew’s families also are going to return home today. The launch team is backing out of launch countdown operations.last_img read more

DB Cooper evades law again

first_imgOld Vancouver city directories show a Lynn D. Cooper living here about the same time as the plane was hijacked. But it’s unknown whether our Lynn Cooper, listed as a plywood mill worker living on Unander Avenue, was the same man as the Oklahoma woman’s uncle, let alone a criminal legend. It’s long been speculated that Cooper, the legend, was likely familiar with the forest roads of Southwest Washington and the operation of parachutes. We do know this: some of his loot was found on a Columbia River sandbar near Vancouver many years ago.— Craig Brown, The ColumbianOLYMPIA — DNA testing has failed to link a new suspect in the D.B. Cooper hijacking to a necktie that he left behind on the plane in 1971, the FBI said Monday.Special Agent Fred Gutt cautioned that the test does not necessarily rule out the deceased man because investigators do not know whether DNA on the tie is that of the hijacker. Gutt said there are three different DNA samples on the necktie and it’s not clear where the hijacker got it. “There are some questions about the tie itself: Was it a used tie, a borrowed tie?” Gutt said.Investigators compared the DNA on the tie to the DNA of someone in the new suspect’s family, Gutt said. A woman in Oklahoma recently came forward to say that she believes her uncle, Lynn Doyle Cooper, was the hijacker — which she based largely on memories from when she was 8 years old.Gutt said the FBI had an inconclusive round of fingerprint testing on a guitar strap and that investigators are now working with family members to identify other items that could be tested further for fingerprints.last_img read more

Alleged pimp arrested in connection to juvenile prostitution case

first_imgAn alleged pimp has been arrested in connection to a juvenile prostitution case at a Salmon Creek hotel.Shannon S. Daniels, 20, a transient, made his first appearance Thursday in Clark County Superior Court on suspicion of promoting the commercial sexual abuse of a minor.Judge Barbara Johnson set bail at $100,000 and appointed attorney Steven Rucker to represent him.Arraignment was set for Feb. 2.Prosecutors allege Daniels rented a room at the La Quinta Inn in the 1500 block of Northeast 134th Street for a juvenile girl. An undercover officer with the Innocence Lost Task Force arranged a “date” with the girl after finding her online ad.When officers arrived at the hotel Wednesday, they reportedly found Daniels waiting in the lobby. After talking with the girl, officers interviewed Daniels, who had $2,272 in cash rolled up in his pants pocket, according to court documents. The girl told officers that Daniels holds her money for safekeeping. The girl’s age was not listed in court documents; her current whereabouts also are unknown.last_img read more

Most commented stories on Columbiancom last week

first_imgReaders took opposing views on the Senate’s decision to pass a gay marriage bill:Phil BlockI do hope this passes. As long as the people getting married are adults where they are allowed to make up their own minds and as long as they are mentally competent to make their own choice, then it’s just not the government’s business. I don’t understand why the opponents of this have such a problem. Don’t like it then don’t go to their wedding. I guarantee what they do behind closed doors will not change with or without a wedding certificate.The gays are not asking for special rights. Just equal rights. I think that’s a totally reasonable expectation.Lew WatersBut, the point remains, why is the prime importance homosexual marriage when the state if facing dire circumstances?Shouldn’t the first priority be getting the budget back in balance and people back working?Note to readers: Columbian staff have been posting the most read stories on each week since July. We’ve noticed, however, that the stories that received the most traffic don’t necessarily reflect the most important issues to our community of readers.So we’re trying something a little different, posting the stories that received the most comments. These stories got readers fired up for one reason or another and provide a better glimpse of the issues the community is most passionate about and interested in discussing.What do you think about this new approach? What comments and discussions would you like to see highlighted? Tell us in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.1) Herrera Beutler tries to force CRC voteA move by Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler to stop federal transit funding for the Columbia River Crossing without a local vote failed Thursday in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.last_img read more

Man 41 found dead by SWAT officers identified

first_imgA man found dead Saturday evening after a six-hour SWAT call was identified by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office on Monday as Doug Anthony Stuart, 41, of Vancouver.Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence in the 8000 block of Northeast 100th Circle about 12:30 p.m. A woman had left the house and later called 911 for deputies to check on the man, Sgt. Fred Neiman said.The woman told deputies that her husband had made suicidal threats, assaulted her and threatened her with a firearm.Deputies arrived but didn’t get a response. SWAT was called in.Around 6 p.m., SWAT officers found Stuart dead inside a camper behind the home.He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, Neiman said.last_img

Clark County to seek public input on advisory votes

first_imgClark County commissioners will offer a public comment period on six proposed advisory votes before they are sent to the November ballot for voter consideration.The special hearing is set for 10 a.m. Aug. 5 at the Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin St.The advisory votes being considered include three options for new bridges over the Columbia River, a question regarding light rail as a future transit option, an inquiry on bus rapid transit and a choice to limit the time frame for firework launches in the county.Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey has said it will cost between $5,000 and $7,000 for each issue to be placed on the ballot.All of the votes are nonbinding.The three bridge options are each being introduced by a different commissioner and, if placed on the ballot, will give voters a chance to give an up or down on each idea.Commissioner David Madore’s bridge proposal seeks voter input on a span in east Clark County at Northeast 192nd Avenue that will connect to Interstate 84 in Oregon.Commissioner Steve Stuart’s bridge proposal asks voters about replacing the Interstate 5 Bridge.Commissioner Tom Mielke’s bridge proposal seeks input on a west county bridge to better connect the region with Highway 26 and Highway 30 in Oregon.last_img read more

Elderly father grapples with death of son own uncertain future

first_imgIn the wake of his son’s death in a Friday afternoon crash on Interstate 5, 87-year-old George Swift must plan the funeral and decide where he will next live.For 15 years, George and his 52-year-old son, Thomas, lived together in their Salmon Creek home. Thomas looked after his ailing widower father, who has asthma and pulmonary fibrosis, and walks with an oxygen tank. They became pals and often went out to dinner together.“I loved the guy,” George said.A celebration of life for Thomas Swift is slated for this afternoon.George occasionally bursts into tears, knowing he’ll attend the ceremony and visit his wife’s grave Friday morning.Thomas Swift died in a three-car collision around 4:20 p.m. on Interstate 5 south near Barbur Boulevard when his car was struck from behind by a Ford F-150 pickup driven by Ronald D. Witt, 56, of Tigard, Ore. The force of the crash pushed Thomas’ small Chevrolet coupe into an Audi it had been following. Southbound I-5 was shut down for more than three hours at the peak of the evening commute.Witt was distracted and didn’t see the line of traffic stopped in front of him, according to the Portland Police Bureau.While he tested clean for alcohol and submitted to a blood test, Witt has a history of DUII and having his license suspended or revoked, making him a habitual offender, officials said.Tuesday, he appeared in Multnomah County Court on a charge of aggravated driving while suspended, a felony. He’s due back in court at the end of August. In an interview with The Columbian’s news partner, KATU-TV, Witt said that he probably should not have been behind the wheel.last_img read more

Changing seas imperil crab industry

first_img DUTCH HARBOR, Alaska — For decades, the crab piled up in fishing boats like gold coins hauled from a rich and fertile sea.But the very ocean that nursed these creatures may prove to be this industry’s undoing.New research earlier this year shows that Bristol Bay red king crab — the supersized monster that has come to symbolize the fortunes of Alaska’s crab fleet — could fall victim to the changing chemistry of the oceans.Barring a hasty reduction in carbon dioxide emissions — or evidence that the creatures could acclimate to changing sea conditions — a team of scientists fears Alaska’s $100 million red king crab fishery could crash in decades to come.That grim possibility also raises alarm about the crab fleet’s other major moneymaker, snow crab.“With red king crab, it’s all doom and gloom,” said Robert Foy, who oversaw the crab research for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Kodiak, Alaska. “With snow crab, there’s so little known we just can’t say. But we don’t see anything from our experience that’s good for any of these crab. Some is just not as bad as others.”For decades, these storied crustaceans have drawn men and women from Seattle and Alaska to the far reaches of the North Pacific. There, adventurers wrestled 800-pound steel cages amid raging seas and aprons of pack ice, hoping to strike it rich on a bounty of flaky meat and accordion legs.The emerging issues with Alaska’s crab underscore the difficulty of trying to comprehend the depth of fallout from ocean acidification. For reasons scientists don’t always understand, similar species, even those living side by side, often respond to changing water chemistry in remarkably different ways. Click to enlargelast_img read more

Ethics panel No full probe of McMorris Rodgers

first_imgWASHINGTON — The House Ethics Committee said Monday it will not appoint a special panel to investigate allegations that Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the fourth-highest ranking House Republican, improperly combined campaign and official funds in a GOP leadership race and her re-election campaign.The committee’s top two leaders, Reps. Michael Conaway, R-Texas, and Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., said they will not formally drop the case against McMorris Rodgers, but will continue to review the matter under their own authority. In practical terms, the decision means it is unlikely that McMorris Rodgers will face charges or sanctions.Separately, the ethics panel said it also will not appoint a special panel to investigate Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma. Mullin was alleged to have improperly received outside income totaling $600,000 last year from a weekly radio talk show and family-owned plumbing business. Both cases were forwarded to the Ethics Committee’s attention by the independent Office of Congressional Ethics, which reviews complaints against House members.The ethics office said it found “substantial reason to believe” the allegations in both cases.McMorris Rodgers, 44, of Washington state, is the highest-ranking Republican woman in the House. She delivered the GOP response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address in January.Her attorney, Elliot Berke, said the complaint against her was based on “frivolous allegations from a single source — a former employee who then discredited himself by admitting to his own improper conduct.”last_img read more

Woodland detective set to sue city

first_imgA detective with the Woodland Police Department has filed a tort claim with a slew of misconduct allegations against interim Chief Brad Gillaspie.Detective David Plaza filed the claim Thursday, notifying the city of Woodland about his intention to sue for no less than $2 million. The claim accuses Gillaspie of engaging in a pattern of invasions of privacy and sexual harassment involving young females and using racial slurs aimed at Plaza. Plaza’s Vancouver attorneys, Greg Ferguson and Jack Green, say their client brought complaints about Gillaspie to Mayor Grover Laseke before he became the interim chief. They allege that instead of investigating Gillaspie, Laseke gave him a warning, then a promotion. Earlier this year, Plaza was placed on paid administrative leave on allegations that he stole a digital camera from the department, according to the claim. His attorneys contend Gillaspie made the move in retaliation for Plaza’s complaints. The camera was issued to Plaza at a training session, his attorneys said. Plaza maintains he was punished for not properly notifying the department that he had received the camera.“It’s not as if I forgot to log it in,” Plaza said in a statement. “There is simply no process or procedure for doing that in place at the Woodland P.D.”last_img read more

New cannabis strains debut in Vancouver

first_imgCustomers at New Vansterdam, one of Vancouver’s two recreational marijuana stores, got to witness something brand new last week.CannaMan Farms, a Vancouver grower, quietly premiered two entirely new cannabis strains at the store, under the names “Lemon Sweat” and “Berry UW.”Much like brewers who like to experiment with a variety of beer types — pilsner, lager or porter, for instance — marijuana growers like to experiment with a variety of popular pot strains, with names like “Blue Dream,” “Sour Diesel” and “Bubba Kush.”Many of those strains are available throughout the world, through recreational or medical systems, and are further cultivated by growers to get signature flavors, much like a brewer might add a variety of hops to get a unique tasting stout or ale.But brand new strains are more rare. And the two, cultivated by CannaMan head grower Shane Wahl, are exactly that.“I’m the only one on Earth that has these,” Wahl said proudly. “I mean, who else would name something ‘Lemon Sweat.’ I never thought I’d get to a place where I could have a world release like this.”Wahl grew the “Lemon Sweat” strain from seed and bred the “Berry UW” from the more common “Blackberry” and “UW” strains. The “UW” strain, as an aside, is rumored to have been stolen from a marijuana study at the University of Washington many years ago, although it’s never been verified, Wahl said.Having a world release like that less than two months after opening his store is a thrill, said Brian Budz, one of the owners of New Vansterdam.last_img read more

Pope shed apathy toward new threats

first_imgREDIPUGLIA, Italy — Pope Francis urged the world Saturday to shed its apathy in the face of what he characterizes as a third world war, intoning ”war is madness” at the foot of a grandiose monument to soldiers killed in World War I.Francis’ aim in recalling those who died in the Great War that broke out 100 years ago was to honor the victims of all wars, and it came at a time when his calls for peace have grown ever more urgent amid new threats in the Middle East and Ukraine.Standing at an altar beneath the towering Redipuglia memorial entombing 100,000 Italian soldiers fallen in World War I, the pope said ”even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction.” The visit was also infused with intensely personal meaning. The pope’s grandfather fought in Italy’s 1915-17 offensive against the Austro-Hungarian empire waged in the nearby battlefields, surviving to impress upon the future pope the horror of war.An Italian defense ministry official presented the pope with his grandfather’s military record during the commemorations, and the parents of an Italian soldier killed in Afghanistan last year presented Francis with the distinctive feathered Bersagliere cap worn by the Piedmontese corps, famed for a rugged endurance epitomized by their tradition of marching at a jog.last_img read more

Jeju Shinhwa World first quarter revenue nears HK1 billion after casino move

first_imgNon-gaming revenue for the three months to 31 December 2018 totaled HK$320 million.“From the beginning of 2018 and following the opening of the first phase of Jeju Shinhwa World, the group has taken steps to ramp up its sales and marketing efforts,” Landing said.“Among others, the group has entered into cooperation agreements with various travel agencies and online travel agencies in various key markets including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions, Japan and Southeast Asia to leverage on their respective network to promote and market the resort to their customers.”Jeju Shinhwa World, which currently incorporates Somerset Jeju Shinhwa World, Jeju Shinhwa World Marriot Resort and Jeju Shinhwa World Landing, boasts 1,400 hotel rooms and serviced apartments.The company said it welcomed over 100,000 domestic and overseas visitors to its Shinhwa Theme Park and YG Republique during the first quarter, primarily from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Caesars slips back into loss in 2Q19 but US properties showing growth ahead of Eldorado merger Japan’s draft Fundamental Policy could be ready by November Load More Jeju gaming decline sees Landing International fall into loss in 1H19 RelatedPosts Hong Kong-listed Landing International Development Limited has announced unaudited revenue of HK$970 million at its Korean integrated resort Jeju Shinhwa World in 1Q18, including HK$650 million from the recently relocated Landing Casino.In a filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Landing said it had also recorded total rolling chip volume of HK$16.2 billion for the period, which included the launch of its new casino on 25 February 2018. Landing Casino had previously been located at Hyatt Regency Jeju Hotel.last_img read more

Macau visitation grows 40 in July

first_img Macau sees 20.6% increase in visitors in 1H19 but length of stay falling Load More Organizers reveal 1.2% increase in visitation to G2E Asia in 2019 The number of visitors arriving in Macau increased 4.0% year-on-year and 16.6% sequentially in July, according to figures released by the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) this week. The aggregate number of arrivals totaled 19.8 million, up 7.4% year-on-year.The average length of stay of visitors in July increased 0.1 days year-on-year to 1.3 days, with overnight visitors and same-day visitors numbers growing 1.7% and 6.8% respectively. However, aggregated data from January to July this year shows that the average length of stay of visitors remained steady at 1.2 days year-on-year.Mainland Chinese led the upward trend in July with a hike of 7.6% year-on-year to more than 2.1 million visitors. Almost half of them travelled under the Individual Visit Scheme, an increase of 7% year-on-year. The number of Mainland visitors from January to July exceeded 13.8 million, up 12.3%.On the other hand, the number of visitors from the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan decreased 19.8%, 2.5% and 1.0% respectively year-on-year.Arrivals through the airport (282,232) continued to expand healthily in July with an increase of 14.3% year-on-year. However, the use of the local maritime facilities decreased annually 7.6%, with a fall of 10.7% for the same period in Outer Harbour arrivals. Border Gate arrivals increased 9.4% to over 1.5 million.center_img RelatedPosts Megawide cancels plans for casino development near Mactan-Cebu International Airportlast_img read more

42 view mental health as a key employee wellbeing challenge

first_imgAround two-fifths (42%) of employer respondents cite mental health as a key workplace health and wellbeing challenge over the next five years, according to research by Barnett Waddingham.Its UK workplace wellbeing index, which surveyed 145 organisations with more than 250 employees, also found that 53% of respondents currently have an employee wellbeing strategy in place, 18% are in the process of developing a wellbeing strategy, and 14% intend to build a wellbeing strategy in the future.The research also found:32% of respondents cite a lack of resources as the biggest barrier to employee wellbeing, and 18% of respondents feel expense is the biggest barrier. Other barriers to employee wellbeing include a lack of expertise (14%), and a lack of board-level buy in (13%).58% of respondents believe that the ageing workforce will be a key employee health and wellbeing challenge over the next five years, 28% cite changing workforce demographics, and 21% think that increased home and flexible-working will present a challenge to workplace health and wellbeing.71% of respondents perceive employee wellbeing to be very important.45% of respondents rank employee wellbeing levels within their organisation as moderate, 37% report wellbeing levels to be high, and 12% rank employee wellbeing levels within their organisation as low.94% of respondents offer flexible working to some or all of their staff, and 80% offer benefits to support carers, such as childcare vouchers or eldercare leave.73% of respondents offer bikes-for-work schemes, and 53% offer gym membership as a benefit.67% of respondents provide private medical insurance to some or all of their staff, 45% offer access to a health cash plan, and 23% of respondents offer cancer screening to staff.72% of respondents provide access to an employee assistance programme (EAP), 62% offer counselling support, 42% run wellbeing seminars, and 21% provide debt management services.Laura Matthews (pictured), wellbeing consultant at Barnett Waddingham, said: “Wellbeing strategies need to take in to account the wants and needs of the employees to be effective for an organisation. Implementing a wellbeing strategy doesn’t necessarily need to be a costly exercise. It could be as simple as analysing what [an organisation] currently [has], bringing it together holistically and ensuring it is effectively communicated.“Wellbeing is certainly on the agenda and in order to break down the barriers [organisations] need to understand what is important to their employees, and use data to implement bespoke strategies that are right for their workplace. With the right approach for each employer, wellbeing levels will rise and there will be a return on investment.”last_img read more

Japanese rail organisation apologises for train departing 20 seconds early

first_imgSomething for the weekend: UK commuters using public transport are well-versed in dealing with delays, whether these are caused by passenger alarms pulled by squashed tube commuters, or autumnal leaves cluttering overground rail lines. In contrast, Japanese train organisation Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company issued an apology on Tuesday 14 November after one of its trains departed 20 seconds early.The northbound Tsukuba Express train, which connects Akihabara in Tokyo with Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture, was due to leave Minami Nagareyama station at 9.44am on Tuesday. However, due to railway staff not checking the timetable, the train instead departed the station at 9.43.40; 20 seconds earlier than scheduled.In response, the organisation’s management promptly released a statement of apology, which was published on its website.The statement read: “On November 14, at approximately 9.44am, a northbound Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company train left Minami Nagareyama station roughly 20 seconds earlier than the time indicated on the timetable. We deeply apologise for the severe inconvenience imposed upon our customers.”Here at Employee Benefits, we find the punctuality of trains in Japan mind-boggling compared to our own London-based commutes. We wonder if our trains will ever arrive early…last_img read more

Private sector employees in the UK predicted to receive 02 real pay

first_imgUK employees working in the private sector are expected to receive a real salary increase of 0.2% in 2018, according to research by ECA International.Its Salary trends report, which analyses current and projected salary increases for local employees across 71 countries, also found that a 0.2% real salary increase in 2018 for UK staff would equate to approximately an additional £4.41 a month or £53 a year before tax, based on an average annual salary of £26,364. This compares to a real salary increase of 0.1% for UK employees in 2017.Compared to countries in Europe, only Hungary, Poland and Ukraine are predicted to have a lower real salary increase, which is calculated based on the difference between the forecast nominal salary increase and inflation, than the UK. Germany is expected to see real wage growth at 1.2% and France is estimated to have a real salary increase of 0.9% for 2018.The average real salary increase across Europe is 1%, with employees in Russia topping the 2018 European rankings with an estimated real salary increase of 3.4% in 2018. Romania’s real salary increase has dropped significantly, from 3.4% in 2017 to a predicted 0.7% in 2018.India ranks the highest for countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with a real salary increase of 4.9% expected in 2018, while for the Americas, Argentina comes out on top with a forecast 7.2% real salary increase in 2018.Across the Americas more generally, average real salary increases are predicted to be 1.6% in 2018, compared to 1.4% in 2017. Real salary increases have improved in Mexico, with an increase of 0.8% in 2018 compared to a 1.3% pay cut in 2017, and real salary for the USA and Canada will increase in 2018 by 0.9% and 1.1% respectively.In Africa and the Middle East, employees are expected to receive a pay increase of 4.7% in 2018, although Egypt and Nigeria are expected to see pay decreases of 11.2% and 4.8% respectively.Steven Kilfedder (pictured), production manager at ECA International, said: “Productivity growth in the UK has remained low in recent years so employers have not been able to offer the level of salary increases that they have been able to in the past. This, combined with higher inflation, which is expected to be 2.6% next year, has caused something of a pay crunch for UK [employees].”last_img read more

Car stolen from gas station after owner leaves keys in ignition

first_imgNORTH LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Police believe two women, caught on security camera footage, stole a car from a North Lauderdale gas station.It happened at a Mobil gas station off Kimberly Boulevard and Southwest 71st Avenue, at around 11:13 a.m., May 27, after the driver left her keys in the ignition.The driver said she left the keys in the ignition to run inside, and when she came out, her 2005 Nissan Altima and all her belongings were gone.If you have any information on this theft, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

5 injured in multivehicle crash in Davie

first_imgDAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) – Five people were taken to the hospital after, officials said, they were involved in a multi-vehicle crash on State Road 84 in Davie.According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the three-vehicle crash took place on the westbound lanes near Davie Road.Paramedics took the victims to an area hospital. Their injuries were not life-threatening.Westbound traffic on State Road 84 was backed up all the way to U.S. 441. Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img