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Light up your Holidays: Helpful Survival Tips for the Holiday SeasonLight up your Holidays: Helpful Survival Tips for the Holiday Season

first_imgNow, save this to your phone or computer or print yourself a copy so you can pull it out next year on November 1st! We will remind you! Happy Holidays from all of us at MFLN Family Development!This post was written by Bari Sobelson, MS, LMFT, the social media and programming specialist for the MFLN Family Development Team. The Family Development team aims to support the development of professionals working with military families.  Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network Family Development team on our website, Facebook, and Twitter. Spending time with people we love and with people we don’t- This is a tough one, we know. But, try to think of it as a balance, the yin and yang, if you will. Spending time with the people we don’t like all that much will help us appreciate those we do even more. Want a tip? Challenge yourself this year and try to find ONE thing that you really like about the person (or people) you are not looking forward to seeing. We often end up getting caught up in past feelings that we have towards certain people in our lives. Try and use this strategy as a catalyst for changing your relationship to that person. Sure, it may be tough, but that’s why it’s called a challenge. Cooking, eating, and hoping that our pants will still zip- You thought the Family Development team would be able to give you tips on this?! We will leave it to the experts over at MFLN Nutrition and Wellness to cover this one. Trying to figure out what to do with the kids while they are out of school for a few weeks- I know the story all too well. It seems like the holiday breaks from school sneak up on us so fast. And, before we know it, we find ourselves struggling to find childcare for our kiddos. Want a tip? At the beginning of the school year, instead of only putting the dates that the kids are out of school in the calendar, put a reminder about 1 month ahead of time for the holiday break. This way, if you are like me and only look at one week at a time, it won’t sneak up on you and come as a complete shock when the kids get out next week and you have no one to keep them. Be kind to yourself by inserting lots of little reminders and post-it notes to help you keep track of it all! NO ONE can retain that much information without some assistance. Additionally, this tip will help the kids that have harder times with transitions. You can give them ample opportunity to prepare for their holiday break plans!Trying very hard not to lose your patience with the kids when they are constantly begging for every single toy they see in the store from now until the actual holiday you celebrate- Yes… it happens to us all! And I can pretty confidently say that you did this to your parents when you were a kid too. Want a tip? Stay in your house, locked away until all of the holidays are over. JUST KIDDING! Suggesting that you stay away from any toy section in a store is really not helpful. Most stores these days have figured out the ingenious marketing strategy of placing toys throughout the entire place, starting in October. Want a tip? For your kids who know how to read and write: give them a notebook and pen and allow them to take it with them when you go shopping. Tell them that they may write down things that they see that make them want to yell out to the world that they want it. But, tell them up front that the paper is where they must share this, rather than out loud. You are helping yourself and them in a couple of different ways here. You are helping them with their reading and writing, you are helping them exercise self-control by using their hands to communicate rather than their mouths. You are helping yourself by having some quiet time, by saving yourself from having to repeat the same phrases over and over again (no, you can’t have that or maybe you will get that for Christmas or Hanukkah), AND you are having them make a wish list for you instead of having to dig deep down into those memory banks to pull out which toy it was that they went nuts over.(For some military families) Figuring out how to navigate the holidays while a loved one is deployed- The truth is, this stinks. And, it would be amazing if all members of our families could be with us during the holidays. But, it’s just not always possible. Want a tip? Try to find other families experiencing the same absence during the holidays to have some moral support and be able to reciprocate that support. Include the absent family member by sharing stories about them during your gatherings. Come together as a family and make care packages that include family-made crafts.Having to manage a completely packed schedule full of school events, family gatherings, extracurricular activities, work holiday parties and all of the other things that might come up- You know this happens every single year without fail. It’s like the flood gates open on November 1st and it looks like you won’t have one single free moment until the end of January. Want a tip? Remember this- you don’t have to attend everything. In fact, it might be a good idea not to do it all. If it feels too overwhelming, try to prioritize the functions. You can even make this a family activity by sitting down with everyone and sharing each other’s top 3 activities that they would like to attend. Then, decide as a family on what you will attend and what you will not. Take some pressure off of yourselves by taking a couple of activities off of your list.Planning ways to see everyone in the family over the holidays so that no one gets their feelings hurt – Yes, folks, I brought it up! I mean, why not? They make movies about it, right? We have all been there at some point. We want to try our best to please everyone and to see everyone. But, here is the truth: It just may not happen. The best way to manage this it to take turns each year or each holiday. But, make sure that you write it down somewhere so that you don’t have to try and remember what you did the year before. And, make the plans ahead of time rather than on the fly. If you can work out times that you can have holiday celebrations on dates other than the actual holidays, that’s okay too. Try to just appreciate the fact that you can get together at all rather than getting too caught up on the actual date.Budgeting appropriately so that you can buy everyone nice gifts without going into complete debt- We aren’t too great at this topic either. So, read up on what our friends at Personal Finance have to say about this!  Bari Sobelson, MS, LMFTpixabay[Christmas Lights by Ash_barr, December 19, 2015, CCO]Okay, folks… it’s that time again! The holidays are just around the corner. And, with that comes the following:Spending time with people we love and with people we don’tCooking, eating and the hope that our pants will still zipTrying to figure out what to do with the kids while they are out of school for a few weeks and what it will take to get them to stop begging for every single toy they see in the store from now until the actual holiday you celebrate(For some military families) Figuring out how to navigate the holidays while a loved one is deployedHaving to manage a completely packed schedule full of school events, family gatherings, extracurricular activities, work holiday parties and all of the other things that might come up! Planning ways to see everyone in the family over the holidays so that no one gets their feelings hurt Budgeting appropriately so that you can buy everyone nice gifts without going into complete debtcenter_img Do any (or all) of these sound familiar to you? And, if you are anything like me, I somehow manage to have most of this list pop up every single year without fail. You would think that we would have all of this down to a science by now, right? Well, don’t you worry! You are in good company! Here are a few tips that might help you this holiday season! And, try to remember where you put this when you are feeling it all come back around next year.last_img read more

One killed in Bhangar, former TMC MLA arrestedOne killed in Bhangar, former TMC MLA arrested

first_imgAhead of the panchayat polls in West Bengal, Bhangar, in the State’s South 24 Parganas, witnessed fresh violence late on Friday evening. A 26-year-old villager, who is said to be a supporter of an independent candidate contesting the rural polls, was killed.Following the incident, former Trinamool Congress (TMC) MLA and local strongman Arabul Islam was arrested.The incident took place when TMC cadres and followers of Arabul attacked a rally taken out in support of an independent candidate at the Natunhat village at Bhangar II block.The deceased was a supporter of the Committee for Protection of Land, Livelihood, Ecology and Environment, which has been agitating against setting up a power grid in the area for the past couple of years. The concerned independent candidate is also supported by the Committee.“Our supporter Hafijul Molla (26) was shot dead by TMC cadres during an election rally on Friday at Natunhat village. Five other supporters also sustained bullet injuries,” a member of the Committee said. He further alleged that TMC cadres and followers of the former ruling party MLA Arabul were behind the attack.Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, during a video chat on social media, said that “there are Maoists in Bhangar and they are in touch with their counterparts in Bihar. I have asked police to take action against Arabul.” However, she did not elaborate on the reason behind her instructions.The incident comes at a time when there has been renewed tension between the Committee and TMC over filing nominations for the panchayat polls. The Committee has fielded nine candidates- eight for gram panchayats seats and one for panchayat samity seat- for the rural polls.Bhangar has remained tense since January 2017 when two persons were killed during a clash between the agitators and police over a proposed power grid.last_img read more

Hammer toe repairHammer toe repair

first_imgDefinition A hammer toe is a toe that stays in a curled or flexed position. It can be caused by a muscle imbalance, arthritis, or shoes that do not fit well.Hammer toe can occur in more than one toe.Alternative Names Flexion contracture of the toeDescriptionSeveral kinds of surgery can repair hammer toe. Your bone or foot doctor will recommend the kind that will work best for you. Some of the surgeries include:Remove parts of the toe bones.Cut or transplant the tendons of the toes (tendons connect bone to muscle).Fuse the joint together to make the toe straight and no longer able to bend.After surgery, you may have surgical pins or a wire (Kirschner, or K-wire) to hold the toe bones in place while your toe heals.Why the Procedure Is PerformedWhen hammer toe is starting to develop, you may still be able to straighten your toe. Over time, your toe may get stuck in a bent position and you can no longer straighten it. When this happens, painful, hard corns (thick, callused skin) can build up on the top and bottom of your toe and rub against your shoe.Hammer toe surgery is not done just to make your toe look better. Consider surgery if your hammer toe is stuck in a flexed position and is causing:PainIrritationSoresProblems finding shoes that fitSkin infectionsSurgery may not be advised if:Treatment with paddings and strapping worksYou can still straighten your toeChanging to different shoe types can alleviate symptomsRisksadvertisement Risks of hammer toe surgery are:Poor alignment of the toeAllergic reactions to medicines you receive before or during surgeryBleedingInfection in the bones of the toeInjury to nerves that could cause numbness in your toeScar from surgery that hurts when it is touchedStiffness in the toe or a toe that is too straightBefore the ProcedureAlways tell your doctor or nurse what medicines you are taking, even medicines, supplements, or herbs you bought without a prescription.You may be asked to stop taking drugs that make it harder for your blood to clot. These include aspirin, ibuprofen, (Advil, Motrin), naproxen (Naprosyn, Aleve), and other drugs.Ask your doctor which drugs you should still take on the day of your surgery.If you smoke, try to stop. Ask your doctor or nurse for help. Smoking can slow healing.Always let your doctor know about any cold, flu, fever, or other illness you may have before your surgery.You may be asked not to drink or eat anything for 6 – 12 hours before surgery.If you have diabetes, heart disease, or other medical conditions, your surgeon will ask you to seethe doctor who treats you for these conditions.After the ProcedureMost people go home the same day they have hammer toe surgery. Your doctor or nurse will tell you how to take care of yourself at home after surgery.ReferencesMurphy A. Lesser toe abnormalities. In: Canale ST, Beaty JH, eds. Campbells Operative Orthopaedics. 12th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Mosby; 2012:chap 83.Review Date:5/15/2014Reviewed By:C. Benjamin Ma, MD, Assistant Professor, Chief, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, San Francisco, CA. Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Isla Ogilvie, PhD, and the A.D.A.M. Editorial team.last_img read more

‘We want him to be upset’ – Zola impressed with Cahill‘We want him to be upset’ – Zola impressed with Cahill

first_imgChelsea assistant boss Gianfranco Zola says he understands Gary Cahill’s concerns and insists the defender will get a chance to impress Maurizio Sarri this season.The England international admitted last week that he may seek to leave Stamford Bridge in January after failing to earn a first-team place under new Blues head coach Sarri.The former Bolton and Aston Villa defender only made his first competitive appearance of the season as a substitute against West Ham last weekend but could make his first start against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! Speaking at the pre-match press conference ahead of Wednesday’s game at Anfield, Zola refused to criticise Cahill for going public about his concerns.Conversely, Zola said he was encouraged by the defender’s reaction as it highlighted his commitment to the club.The Italian also cited Cahill’s late return to pre-season after the World Cup as one reason behind his lack of competitive action and promised the defender he would get his chance.“First of all, whether he plays or not tomorrow, it won’t be a reflection of what you’re saying,” said Zola when asked about Cahill’s apparent desire to leave.“It’s totally understandable that Gary is upset. We want him to be upset. It means he cares. But he’s a top professional and is doing everything correctly.“He just needs to be patient. He came back late, and the players were doing well. He will have his chances, and then it’s down to him to take his chances in the best way.”Cahill revealed he was considering his Blues future after Thursday’s Europa League win over PAOK, where he was an unused substitute.“I realise that sometimes you have to make tough decisions and football doesn’t wait for people,” Cahill said following his side’s win in Greece, as quoted by the Mirror.“I don’t want to jump the gun but as things stand at this time, probably, yes [I might have to leave in January]. Whatever my future holds, in terms of the club, it will have been a huge part of my footballing life. I’ve got maximum respect for everybody here.”last_img read more

India Today Conclave 2019: Sunil Gavaskar predicts India vs England World Cup finalIndia Today Conclave 2019: Sunil Gavaskar predicts India vs England World Cup final

first_img India Today Web Desk New DelhiMarch 1, 2019UPDATED: March 1, 2019 20:40 IST Vishal GhavriSunil Gavaskar, Michael Clarke, Matthew Hayden and MSK Prasad spoke at the India Today Conclave 2019 (India Today Photo)HIGHLIGHTSSunil Gavaskar picked India and England as the World Cup 2019 finalistsMatthew Hayden felt one among India, England or Australia is going to win the World CupMichael Clarke said “the most courageous team will win the World Cup”Former captain Sunil Gavaskar has predicted an India vs England final at the upcoming ICC World Cup 2019 in May.India are one of the favourites to lift the trophy for the third time but it will be easier said than done for Virat Kohli’s team.”It certainly is an India vs England final. I think the best thing for Virat is that he has got MS Dhoni around him – Virat has to be in the deep. From the deep, it’s not always possible.. that’s when MSD comes into play. That is Virat’s biggest plus.”He has got a bowling attack which can take wickets in any kind of conditions. 390 is not going to happen with this Indian bowling attack. All-round, the team that has got, is the team that is being moulded by MSK Prasad and his co-selectors,” Gavaskar said at the India Today Conclave 2019.Former Australian opener Matthew Hayden meanwhile, feels the World Cup is going to be a three-horse race between India, hosts England and Australia.”Three-horse race. Australia should be there. India and England. They feel the home pressure and that gives Australia and India a great chance,” Hayden at the Conclave.2015-World Cup winning skipper Michael Clarke however, had a different take on the winner of the tournament.”I believe the most courageous team will win the World Cup. Australia in regards to the competition are trying to compete as opposed to trying to win. Selection has got to be courageous. Five or six teams can win it. The key is to make to make it to the semi-finals,” Clarke said.advertisementFor sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byrohan sen Tags :Follow India Today Conclave 2019Follow Sunil GavaskarFollow Matthew HaydenFollow Michael ClarkeFollow MSK Prasad India Today Conclave 2019: Sunil Gavaskar predicts India vs England World Cup finalCricket legends Sunil Gavaskar, Matthew Hayden, Michael Clarke and BCCI’s chief selector MSK Prasad spoke at the India Today Conclave 2019 on Friday.advertisementlast_img read more

What a way to make a comeback to Test cricket: Sachin Tendulkar pays tribute to Steve SmithWhat a way to make a comeback to Test cricket: Sachin Tendulkar pays tribute to Steve Smith

first_img Asian News International MumbaiAugust 6, 2019UPDATED: August 6, 2019 09:02 IST Steve Smith played his first Test match since returning from a one-year ball-tampering ban (Reuters Photo)HIGHLIGHTSSteve Smith scored 144 and 142 in both innings of the first Ashes TestSmith became the 5th Aussie batsman to hit two hundreds in an Ashesh TestAustralia (284 & 487/7d) beat England (374 & 146) by 251 runs to take a 1-0 series leadFormer India captain Sachin Tendulkar on Monday lauded Australia’s top-order batsman Steve Smith on making a remarkable comeback to Test cricket.His remarks came after Australia’s 251-run win over England in the first Test match of the ongoing Ashes at Edgbaston.”Well played Smith. What a way to make a comeback to Test cricket.Terrific bowling by @NathLyon421. Congratulations to Australia for winning the first Test match. #Ashes,” Tendulkar tweeted.Well played Smith. What a way to make a comeback to Test cricket.Terrific bowling by @NathLyon421.Congratulations to Australia for winning the first Test match.#Ashes Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) August 5, 2019Australia were down and out in the first innings of the Test as they were reduced to 122/8, but Steven Smith played a knock of 144 runs to enable Australia to post 284 runs in the first innings.Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif also lauded Australia’s win.”Winning a test match by 251 runs after being 122/8 in the first innings doesn’t happen very often. A remarkable test match for Steve Smith, and well done Nathan Lyon and Cummins. #Ashes19,” Kaif tweeted.Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell was ecstatic with the team’s win and wrote: “Australia!!!!!!! You bloody beauty!!!!! 1-0 #ashes”.England scored 374 runs in the second innings, gaining a lead of 90 runs, owing to Rory Burns’ century. But in the second innings Australia registered the score of 497/7, owing to Smith’s knock of 142 runs.With this score, Smith became only the fifth Australian to register centuries in both innings of the Ashes Test. He also surpassed Indian skipper Virat Kohli to become the second-fastest batsman to register 25 Test centuries.advertisementChasing 398, England were bundled out for 146 runs as Nathan Lyon scalped six wickets, becoming only the fourth Australian to take more than 350 wickets in Test cricket.Australia and England would now face each other in the second Test match in Ashes from August 18 at Lord’s Cricket Ground.Also Read | Steve Smith best Test player in the world: Tim Paine after Australia win Ashes openerAlso Read | Ashes 2019: Joe Root ‘bitterly disappointed’ after England lose 1st TestAlso Read | Steve Smith, Nathan Lyon script victory as Australia go 1-0 up vs EnglandFor sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byrohan sen Tags :Follow Sachin TendulkarFollow Steve SmithFollow Ashes 2019Follow England VS Australia What a way to make a comeback to Test cricket: Sachin Tendulkar pays tribute to Steve SmithSachin Tendulkar’s remarks came after Australia’s 251-run win over England in the 1st Ashes Test match at Edgbaston in which Steve Smith scored a combined total of 186 runs in both innings.advertisementlast_img read more

Caisse to invest more than US400M to acquire minority stake in insurerCaisse to invest more than US400M to acquire minority stake in insurer

first_imgMONTREAL – The Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec has signed a deal to acquire a significant minority stake in Hyperion Insurance Group.Under the agreement, the Caisse says it will invest more than US$400 million in the company as a long-term growth partner.Hyperion is an international insurance group including broker divisions Howden and RKH and underwriting division Dual.The transaction is subject to regulatory consents.The Caisse joins investment firm General Atlantic as a partner in Hyperion.Management and employees will remain the largest shareholder group.last_img

Pentagon confirms militant behind Lankan team attack killedPentagon confirms militant behind Lankan team attack killed

On Sunday, Pakistani security sources and Islamist militants said that a U.S. drone air strike in Afghanistan had killed Yasin, also known as Ustad Aslam.Pakistan’s Counter-Terrorism Department had offered a bounty of 2 million rupees ($19,000) for Yasin, saying he was involved in the 2009 bus attack in the northeastern city of Lahore, allegedly organized by militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. “The death of Qari Yasin is evidence that terrorists who defame Islam and deliberately target innocent people will not escape justice,” U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said in the statement. It said that Yasin was responsible for a 2008 bombing on a hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, which killed dozens of people including two American service members. The Pentagon said on Saturday a US air strike in Afghanistan this week killed an al Qaeda militant who was responsible for the death of two American service members and accused of involvement in a deadly attack on a bus carrying Sri Lanka’s cricket team in 2009, the Reuters news agency reported.The Pentagon said in a statement the strike took place on March 19 in Paktika province and killed Qari Yasin, “a well-known al (Qaeda) terrorist leader,” who had ties to the Tehreek-e-Taliban, also known as the Pakistan Taliban. The attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team bus led to Pakistan’s exclusion from the role of hosting major international tours. At least 10 gunmen fired on the bus with rifles, grenades and rockets, wounding six players and a British coach, and killing eight Pakistanis.Since then, Pakistan has been forced to play most of its “home” games in the United Arab Emirates. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Strong growth trend for developing countries threatened by volatilities UN reportStrong growth trend for developing countries threatened by volatilities UN report

“Primary commodity exporting countries should be vigilant about the risk of a sharp reversal in prices,” according to the UN World Economic Situation and Prospects, released at the current session of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in Geneva.The report predicts that the 50 least developed countries (LDCS) will reach an unprecedented overall growth rate of over 7 per cent this year, as compared with 2.7 per cent for the industrialized world.Burgeoning economic expansion in some large developing economies, particularly China, has continued to push demand for primary commodities along with non-economic factors such as geopolitical uncertainty and market speculation. But such factors, the report warns, are highly volatile, and could be made more so by such possibilities as a sudden and sharp devaluation of an already weakened dollar due to high United States debt.Given such threats and in order to protect and consolidate the broad-based world economic growth of the last few years, the report says that greater international cooperation is required, particularly to redress the global imbalances while avoiding recessionary adjustment in the US. “Coordinated global adjustment will require measures that will stimulate savings in the deficit countries and domestic demand in the surplus countries,” it says. read more

FEATURE Visually impaired professor to light way forward on UN disability agendaFEATURE Visually impaired professor to light way forward on UN disability agenda

UNIC Tokyo: In the wake of its ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2014, Japan enacted the Act to Eliminate Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities in April this year and revised the Act to Promote Employment of Persons with Disabilities. Do you have expectations in relation to this?Jun Ishikawa: The former prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability and obligates public entities to provide “reasonable accommodation” when a person with a disability requires the removal of a social barrier and if the burden associated with its implementation is not excessive. The private business sector is also required to “make an effort” to provide reasonable accommodation.  For instance, in school or the workplace, operators have an obligation to provide support, if requested, such as sign language interpretation or other alternative means, for people with hearing impairment – if such assistance is not an excessive burden for the operators. The later law introduced similar obligations in its revision. Thus, the provision of reasonable accommodation, which had been considered “voluntary goodwill,” has now become an obligation.   UNIC Tokyo: You are also a sociologist and software programmer. What is that device in your hands?  Jun Ishikawa: This is a mobile Braille device, known as Braille Sense. The hardware is manufactured in the Republic of Korea. I developed a substantial portion of software in it. This can do a lot of things, such as converting text into sound. It can be connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and handle email and social media such as Facebook. I used this device to make presentations during the election of members of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. I also use this device to take notes and facilitate discussions during meetings of the Policy Commission, which I chair. UNIC Tokyo: What is at the centre of your current research?Jun Ishikawa: My work’s recent concept is “aided engineering that provides fun” for users. Until now, I have been studying and developing aid devices that are vital to education and employment for the disabled. But lately, my work is focused on aided engineering technology that disabled persons can enjoy, as well as on research directly connected to disability policy, such as accessibility, including the Global Positioning System (GPS) that aids the movement of the disabled.  Aided engineering is inherently imperfect and inaccurate. GPS will not give you perfectly accurate location information. For instance, in places like Tokyo’s Shibuya district, which has many high rises, the margin of error could be substantial. We cannot recommend using this technology to those who do not accept that risk factor. This technology is for those who understands its imperfection and use it accordingly. It’s easy for naysayers to complain about imperfection, but you will arrive at an obvious answer if you compare it with the difficulty of walking without any assistance. Jun Ishikawa is one of them. An international relations professor at the University of Shizuoka in Japan, he lost his eyesight at the age of 16.  Yet, he has become a visionary on the issue of disability in his country, leading the Commission on Policy for Persons with Disabilities, a watchdog for disability policy implementation, since 2012. Mr. Ishikawa has gone on to become the first Japanese independent expert to be elected to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a role he will formally take up 1 January 2017. The other newly-elected members hail from New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Tunisia, Hungary, Kenya, Uganda and Russia. The Committee, consisting of 18 individuals, monitors implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), one of the most widely ratified international human rights instruments, with 169 Parties to it. All States which are party to the Convention – which celebrates this year the 10th anniversary since its adoption by the UN General Assembly – are obliged to submit regular reports to the Committee on how the rights are being implemented. The Committee examines each report and makes suggestions and general recommendations on the report. Japan ratified the Convention in 2014 and submitted its first report in June this year. In his message for International Day of Persons with Disabilities, observed annually on 3 December, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged national and local governments, businesses and all actors in society to intensify efforts to end discrimination and remove the environmental and attitudinal obstacles that prevent persons with disabilities from enjoying their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.  The adoption of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has unfathomable impacts. In an interview with the United Nations Information Centre in Tokyo, Mr. Ishikawa shared his thoughts on the role of UN in this matter, how Japan fares compared to other countries, and his passion about aided engineering research. The following are excerpts taken from the interview and re-purposed for English-speaking audiences. UNIC Tokyo: What is the role of the UN regarding the rights of people with disabilities? Jun Ishikawa: Human rights make up one of the three pillars of the UN’s work. Since the end of World War II, the UN has set global norms and standards in various areas of human rights. The adoption of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) has unfathomable impacts because it established a universal principle that countries – both advanced and developing – need to implement their national disability policy within the framework of the Convention.  Because economic, political, social and cultural backgrounds differ from country to country, the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is expected to make effective and constructive suggestions that take into account each country’s current situation when publishing its concluding observations on State Parties’ reports.   UNIC Tokyo: You were the first person who passed the entrance exam, in Braille, for the University of Tokyo. How did you do overcome your challenges you faced in doing so? Jun Ishikawa: I was a child with weak sight. I lost my sight when I was in high school. After being hospitalized for nearly two years, I transferred to a school for the visually impaired that offered a high school-level programme, where I studied for three years and learned Braille. Fellow students taught me how to walk with a white cane. As for the college entrance exam, I studied by listening to recordings by my mother of textbooks from cover to cover.   UNIC Tokyo: Ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, awareness about people with disabilities and the building of inclusive society is gradually growing among the Japanese public. How does Japan fare compared to other advanced countries in terms of implementing disability policy?  Jun Ishikawa: Japan submitted its first report at the end of June this year. The Commission on Policy for Persons with Disabilities contributed comments that were included in the report. In my view, Japan lags far behind other countries in the area of the hospital-to-community transition of persons with mental disabilities. There are a large number of people with mental disabilities who stay in hospital for a long time. The country’s system for supporting decision-making by those with mental disabilities is also weak. For instance, the adult guardianship system widely used in Japan for people with intellectual disabilities was originally intended to protect their interests. But it has become paternalistic as it is used even for those who can make decisions by themselves with adequate support. Special event in observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities at UN Headquaters. UN Photo/Amanda Voisard read more

Mens lacrosse opens season with pair of home matchupsMens lacrosse opens season with pair of home matchups

With a powerful group of veteran leaders and a super sophomore class, the Ohio State men’s lacrosse team looks to start its season with a victory tonight against Detroit (0-1). OSU coach Nick Myers said the Buckeyes’ leadership comes from a group of 14 seniors — four of whom are captains — and junior captain Brock Sorensen. “You have got to look to those seniors for leadership first and foremost,” he said. “They have really stepped out and taken charge of this team and made it clear that it’s an effort every day that we pay attention to detail.” Two of the Buckeye captains, midfielders Scott Lathrop and Jarred Bowman, agreed. “There is going to be adversity throughout the year,” Bowman said. “As long as we stay together and really focus on having each other’s backs and being there for everybody, we will be fine.” Although the leadership comes from the senior class, a large part of the scoring for OSU comes from a duo of sophomores. At attack, Logan Schuss and Jeff Tundo return to the Buckeyes after being the top two scorers for the team during their freshman seasons. Schuss finished the 2010 campaign with a team-high 56 points with 31 goals for the Buckeyes, and Tundo added 35 points with 20 goals. Although those two attackers are only sophomores, Myers said he holds them to the same standards as he does the team’s veterans. “A lot of those sophomores that play for us, we’re treating those guys like veterans,” Myers said. “We want them to play like veterans as second-year guys, and that’s a big strength for us.” A challenge for the Buckeyes this season will be the difficulty of their non-conference schedule, which includes No. 1 Virginia, No. 2 North Carolina and No. 10 Notre Dame. “We probably have the toughest non-conference schedule we’ve ever faced,” Myers said. “We understand it’s going to be one game at a time.” On Saturday, OSU had two scrimmages — one against defending National Champion No. 5 Duke and another against Division III power Salisbury. But the Buckeyes are anxious to get on the field for a regular season game. “We have been practicing against each other for a month now as well as all of fall,” Lathrop said. “We got some scrimmage time last week but it’s not the same as a regular game. I think everyone is just real excited to play another team in a real-game situation.” Last year, the Buckeyes went 7-8 and finished No. 33. Their last meeting with Detroit was Feb. 27, 2010. Behind a team-high six points from Schuss, OSU came away with a 16-7 victory. The Titans fell to No. 17 Delaware, 13-5, in their season opener Saturday. OSU kicks off its regular season at 7 p.m. tonight at Woody Hayes Athletic Center. read more

What is Novichok The Salisbury poisoning nerve agent thats more potent thanWhat is Novichok The Salisbury poisoning nerve agent thats more potent than

One of Novichok’s developers – a Russian scientist Vil Mirzayanov who fled to the US after turning whistle-blower – has said one of the variants had no known cure. Variants of the nerve agent Novichok are reported to be up to eight times more effective than VX nerve gas, that was deployed in the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the estranged half brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in February 2017. Scientists at the defence laboratory at Porton Down, just seven miles from Salisbury,… The nerve agent that poisoned Sergei Skripal, his daughter Yulia and now a couple in Amesbury is one of the most deadly chemical weapons ever developed and was produced in secret by the former Soviet Union. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

We never forget and we never give up Met Chief vows toWe never forget and we never give up Met Chief vows to

Dawn Sturgess died after coming into contact with the nerve agent, while boyfriend, Charlie Rowley was left seriously ill Sergei Skirpal and his daughter Yulia survived the attack but were in hospital for months Dawn Sturgess died after coming into contact with the nerve agent, while boyfriend, Charlie Rowley was left seriously ill Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Met Commissioner Cressida Dick has vowed to never give up on the Salisbury investigationCredit:PA They were later revealed to suspected GRU agents, Alexander Mishkin and Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga.But the Russian government has denied any involvement and has refused to extradite the suspects to the UK to face justice.Despite the diplomatic impasse, Ms Dick insisted that the Metropolitan Police would never give up trying to get justice for those affected. Met Commissioner Cressida Dick has vowed to never give up on the Salisbury investigation The following day they returned to Salisbury where they walked to Mr Skripal’s house and sprayed Novichok on his door handle using a fake perfume bottle.It is thought they discarded the bottle in the centre of Salisbury before returning to London, from where they flew back to Moscow. Ms Dick insisted there was more to do on the investigation and did not rule out that more suspects might be named in the future.She said: “There is more to do on the investigation side there absolutely is. I can’t say there are going to be any great breakthrough announcements but there absolutely is more we can do.”I think what the public are aware of and the amount of work that took us to the place where we were able to identify these people and indeed allow the Crown Prosecution Service to get the arrest warrants, was an extraordinary amount of work but there is still work going on since then and it will continue I am sure.” Mr Skripal and his daughter were in hospital for months following the attack and are now recovering at an undisclosed location.Detectives, who scoured thousands of hours of CCTV footage from Salisbury, before eventually identifying the two Russian agents as the suspected attackers.It was later revealed how they had travelled to Britain two days before the attack, staying a budget hotel in east London.On Saturday March 3 the pair travelled to Salisbury from Waterloo station and carried out reconnaissance before returning to their hotel. Scotland Yard will “never forget” and “never give up” trying to bring the Russian agents responsible for the Salisbury nerve agent attack to justice, Met Commissioner, Cressida Dick, has said.More than nine months since former spy, Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, were poisoned with Novichok at his Wiltshire home, 250 officers  Met officers continue to work on the investigation.While Mr Skripal and his daughter survived the attack, local mother, Dawn Sturgess died after coming into contact with the nerve agent in a discarded perfume bottle.Her boyfriend, Charlie Rowley, and Wiltshire police officer, Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey, were left with serious health problems.In September prosecutors issued arrest warrants for Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshiro, who the Met named as the two main suspects in the poisoning. Sergei Skirpal and his daughter Yulia survived the attack but were in hospital for months She said: “We do not give up in the Met, we never have, not with egregious crimes like homicide. We don’t give up we don’t forget that has been the great maxim of the counter terrorism command. So we will continue to work closely with the government and with the agencies and we will continue with our investigation.” read more

Man arrested following Crumlin house searchMan arrested following Crumlin house search

first_imgA 22-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested following the search of a house in Crumlin, Dublin, yesterday evening.Gardaí said a firearm and a quantity of cannabis herb was recovered during the search of the house.The man is being detained under Section 30 of Offences Against the State Act 1939  in Sundrive Road Garda station where he can be held for up to 72 hours.Read:Man arrested and firearm seized in Tallaght>Read: Three men and a woman arrested over violent burglaries>last_img

Le popcorn serait plus diététique que les fruits et légumesLe popcorn serait plus diététique que les fruits et légumes

first_imgLe pop-corn serait plus diététique que les fruits et légumesLe pop-corn (nature) contiendrait environ le double d’antioxydants naturels que les fruits et légumes. Mais cependant, le mélange avec le sel ou le sucre change ses apports, autant que la teneur en calories…Le pop-corn (nature) serait très bon pour la santé. Il serait même plus riche en antioxydants naturels que les fruits et légumes. Selon une étude présentée au 243ème Congrès de l’American Chemical Society, à San Diego, le pop-corn contiendrait près deux fois plus d’antioxydants naturels (300 mg) que les fruits et légumes (160 mg). Joe Vinson, de l’Université de Scranton en Pennsylvannie explique : “comme ils sont dilués dans une moins grande proportion d’eau, les polyphénols sont plus concentrés”. L’étude montre également que la coque du maïs serait très riche en polyphénols et en fibres, considérés comme des aliments anti-cancer. Enfin, la cuisson du maïs à l’air apporterait deux fois moins de calories qu’une cuisson au micro-ondes. Selon M. Vinson, “le pop corn pourrait être le snack parfait. C’est le seul qui soit à 100 % issu d’une céréale complète non modifiée”.S’il est consommé nature, le pop-corn présenterait donc de nombreux avantages alimentaires. Des atouts diététiques qui disparaissent avec l’ajout de sel, de sucre ou encore de chocolat… Mais le chercheur insiste sur un dernier point, le pop corn “ne peut et ne doit pas remplacer la consommation de fruits et légumes frais”. Le 29 mars 2012 à 13:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Leadership At Its Best Class Graduates in WashingtonLeadership At Its Best Class Graduates in Washington

first_img(Front row, left to right): Jamie Beyer, MN; Derek Helms, AR; Don Holbert, TN; Laura Peterson, Syngenta; and Greg Gussiaas, ND. (Back row, left to right): Ron Moore, ASA Chairman, IL; Ryan Rhoades, OH; Tim Bardole, IA; Andy Alford, KY; James Hereford, AL; Tony Mellenthin, WI; Brett Medlin, N.C.; Jim Martin, IL; and Gip Carter, MS.Farmers from 13 states graduated from the 2017-18 American Soybean Association (ASA) Leadership At Its Best program this week in Washington, D.C. The Leadership At Its Best program is sponsored by Syngenta and develops leadership, communication and advocacy skills in farmers who have already shown potential to be strong leaders through the positions they hold on their state soybean association boards.This select group of farmer-leaders participated in the first part of the Leadership At Its Best training this past summer in Minneapolis, Minn.This week, their training focused on how to advocate, in Washington, on issues important to soybean farmers. The class participants concluded their trip with a day of Hill visits with their state associations.Leadership At Its Best Program participants are nominated by their state soybean association. This year’s class participants included: James Hereford, Gurley, AL; Derek Helms, Arkadelphia, AR; Jim Martin, Pontiac, IL; Tim Bardole, Rippey, IA; Andy Alford, Bowling Green, KY; Jamie Beyer, Wheaton, MN; Gip Carter, Rolling Fork, MS; Brett Medlin, Indian Trail, NC; Gregg Gussiaas, Carrington, ND; Ryan Rhoades, Prospect, OH; Joshua Kayser, Emery, SD; Don Holbert, Dandridge, TN and Tony Mellenthin, Menomonie, WI.ASA appreciates the continued support provided by Syngenta that makes this valuable leadership program possible. ASA will be reaching out to state soybean associations soon to begin collecting nominations for the 2018-19 class. For more information, contact Michelle Hummel in the ASA office at read more

DB Cooper evades law againDB Cooper evades law again

first_imgOld Vancouver city directories show a Lynn D. Cooper living here about the same time as the plane was hijacked. But it’s unknown whether our Lynn Cooper, listed as a plywood mill worker living on Unander Avenue, was the same man as the Oklahoma woman’s uncle, let alone a criminal legend. It’s long been speculated that Cooper, the legend, was likely familiar with the forest roads of Southwest Washington and the operation of parachutes. We do know this: some of his loot was found on a Columbia River sandbar near Vancouver many years ago.— Craig Brown, The ColumbianOLYMPIA — DNA testing has failed to link a new suspect in the D.B. Cooper hijacking to a necktie that he left behind on the plane in 1971, the FBI said Monday.Special Agent Fred Gutt cautioned that the test does not necessarily rule out the deceased man because investigators do not know whether DNA on the tie is that of the hijacker. Gutt said there are three different DNA samples on the necktie and it’s not clear where the hijacker got it. “There are some questions about the tie itself: Was it a used tie, a borrowed tie?” Gutt said.Investigators compared the DNA on the tie to the DNA of someone in the new suspect’s family, Gutt said. A woman in Oklahoma recently came forward to say that she believes her uncle, Lynn Doyle Cooper, was the hijacker — which she based largely on memories from when she was 8 years old.Gutt said the FBI had an inconclusive round of fingerprint testing on a guitar strap and that investigators are now working with family members to identify other items that could be tested further for fingerprints.last_img read more

Local State Federal Officials Speak At Wilmington Democratic Town Committee Breakfast with PHOTOSLocal State Federal Officials Speak At Wilmington Democratic Town Committee Breakfast with PHOTOS

first_imgSelectman Candidate Kevin CairaSelectman Chair Kevin Caira painted a much more positive picture of Wilmington’s town government.“We’re doing a lot of good work in Wilmington. It’s a great place to live. It’s a great place to raise a family. We want to keep it that way,” said Caira, who noted the town doesn’t have the type of fees that other communities are accustomed to.Caira highlighted many of the board’s accomplishments over the past three years, including the the opening of Yentile Farm, the opening of the Town Dog Park, and the opening of the seasonal ice skating rink at Rotary Park. Caira also noted the town has secured state and/or federal funding for several key upcoming infrastructure projects, including the reconstruction of a 2-lane Butters Row Bridge, improvements at the intersection of Lowell Street and Woburn Street; and improvements on Route 38, from the Woburn line to the Wilmington train station. Caira also noted the recent creations of the Town Economic Development Committee and the Town Meeting Review Committee.“I think we’re heading in the right direction in Wilmington. Our tax base is still low. It’s still one of the lowest, if not the lowest, tax rate among 15 Merrimack Valley communities. We budget conservatively.” added Caira. “There are a lot of talented people at Town Hall that work at your behalf. And there a lot of volunteers in the community that show their blue and white and do a lot of good work.” Selectmen Chair Kevin CairaSelectman Candidate Jomarie O’Mahony’s campaignGary DePalma, an adviser to Selectmen candidate Jomarie O’Mahony’s campaign, said a few words for the candidate, who was traveling out-of-state.“Jo supports our schools, fire and police departments. Route 38 is a priority of her’s,” said DePalma. “She’s concerned about the Selectmen’s Meetings…. You can yell, scream and holler all you want, but cilvitly will get your point across.”Campaign adviser Gary DePalma for Selectmen candidate Jomarie O’MahonySelectman Jonathan EatonSelectman Jonathan Eaton, who is not up for re-election until 2021, also addressed the crowd.“To be effective, I need feedback from you. If there’s ever anything in the future that you have a concern about, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me,” said EatonEaton specifically asked for feedback on a forthcoming proposal to potentially eliminate certain stops at the North Wilmington MBTA Commuter Rail station. Eaton said he had reservations about the proposal, suggesting it was “a step in the wrong direction” and that government should be “encouraging, not discouraging, public transportation.” MBTA representatives will be in front of the Board of Selectmen at the April 8 meeting to discuss the issue of trains blocking Route 62 and preventing public safety vehicles from crossing the tracks when responding to emergencies.School Committee candidate Jesse FennellySchool Committee candidate Jesse Fennelly, may be running unopposed, but he is still campaigning hard.“I want to maintain some consistency within district leadership, something that has been noticeably lacking over the past few years,” said Fennelly. “I want to make sure our children are safe in school… Addressing the foundation budget is also a priority of mine… Our high school graduates must be prepared for what life brings them… I want to continue to move the district in the right direction.”School Committee candidate Jesse FennellyTown Moderator Rob Peterson“Your job isn’t done on April 27’s Town Election. You’re next big task is May 4 at Town Meeting,” said Town Moderator Rob Peterson. “Town Meeting is the purest form of democracy. It provides unique opportunities for all residents and is forum to have your voice be heard.  You can have a direct responsibility and action on what direction the town takes.”“It can be a little deflating and getting a minum number of quorum,” admitted Peterson. “After we get a quorum of 150 voters present, it doesn’t matter how many people remain. We could conceivable have 30 people vote for budget for 24,000 people.”“We are going to be developing a Town Meeting Review Committee. Come to Town Meeting on May 4, see how it works, and then tell us how we can make it better,” continued Peterson. “We want more involvement from residents and a more accurate cross section of our community to attend. We want to streamline the Town Meeting process. How can we make the meeting more efficient? How can we get more people through the door? Should we vote on the budget as a whole? Should we start providing childcare again? Should we eliminate random order What will make Town Meeting more ‘fun’ and get more butts in the seats to take all sorts of important actions?”Town Moderator Rob PetersonTown Committee Chairwoman Erika JohnsonWilmington Democratic Town Committee Chair Erika Johnson began the event with a moment of silence for the late State Rep. Jim Miceli. The Committee also left a seat empty (reserved) for Miceli.“After his passing last year, the Committee voted to dedicate our scholarship to him,” announced Johnson. “This year, one Wilmington senior attending Wilmington High and one Wilmington seniors attending the Shawsheen Tech will be receiving James R. Miceli Memorial Scholarship.”“This is an incredible turnout. We haven’t seen these numbers in a long time. It means a lot,” Johnson told the crowd. “You believe in us. Thank you for supporting such a great cause like our scholarship.”Johnson noted all candidates in this year’s local races were invited to speak. Johnson read a statement from Selectman candidate Rob Fasulo, who could not attend the event. Fasulo argued that he and Sullivan are the only two candidates in their race who have fresh ideas and represent change.Johnson reminded attendees that the Town Committee meets the first Monday of the month at 7pm at WCTV Headquarters (10 Waltham Street).Johnson also announced that the Wilmington, Tewksbury and Billerica Democratic Town Committees will be holding a Political Comedy Night featuring Jimmy Tingle on Saturday, October 5, 2019 at the the Billerica Elks. More details will be announced in the summer.Wilmington Democratic Town Committee Chair Erika Johnson(Editor’s Note: If the Wilmington Republican Town Committee ever held an event of this size, Wilmington Apple would be happy to attend.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL: Robertson & Gordon Explain Why They’re Endorsing Markey Despite Likely Kennedy PrimaryIn “Government”STATE REP RACE: Tewksbury Republican Committee Attack Robertson Over Wilmington Democratic Committee Chair’s StatementIn “Government”Miceli Intends To Run For Re-Election In 2016 + Other News From Democratic Scholarship BreakfastIn “Government” WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Democratic Town Committee held its Annual Scholarship Breakfast on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at Windsor Place of Wilmington.10 politicians at the local, state and federal levels addressed a crowd of more than 30 Democrats from Wilmington and surrounding communities.Representative Seth Moulton’s OfficeRick Jakious, District Director for Congressman Seth Moulton, acknowledged his boss’s presidential ambitions.“[Seth] is thinking hard about how he can be most valuable leading up to 2020,” said Jakious. “[He] will continue to deliver for the constituents of the 6th district.”Jakious praised the late State Representative Jim Miceli and his successor State Representative Dave Robertson.“I’ve never met a state legislator that was more connected to and delivered more for his community than Rep Miceli,” said Jakious. “His replacement had some really big shoes to fill. We’ve been very excited to work closely with Dave. We’ve talked almost weekly since the election. He’s really hit the ground running. You’re lucky to have such a fantastic state delegation with Dave and Ken Gordon.”Jakious cautioned the crowd not to get “activist fatigue.”“We’re going to have to earn the next election,” he stressed. “Democrats are going to have to win on ideas and hard work. We sat it in 2018 with the House victory… It’s time to double down.”Rick Jakious, District Director for Congressman Seth MoultonState Representative Dave Robertson“The best piece of news from Beacon Hill I can share with you is that I finally got an office on Friday,” joked State Representative David Robertson (D-Tewksbury).Robertson told the crowd that, after attending a hearing earlier this week, he believes the town’s Route 38 reconstruction project — which calls for various road improvements from the Woburn line to the Burlington Ave intersection — will likely break ground in 2020 or 2021.“We’re keeping things local, keeping things common sense, and keeping things moving forward,” Robertson told the crowd.Robertson also highlighted the State House’s recent measures to disallow psychiatrists to force people who are gay or lesbian to undergo conversion therapy.State Rep. Dave RobertsonState Representative Ken GordonState Representative Ken Gordon (D-Bedford), who represents Precinct 3 in Wilmington, announced that he was recently appointed Vice Chair of the Economic Development Committee.“My responsibility has been to come up with a policy to address sports gambling here in Massachusetts,” said Gordon. “It’s going to be fascinating and complex. How widespread will it be? Do you have to go to a casino or can you do it on your phone? What technology will be put in place to prevent over-betting? We look forward to tackling and addressing these issues. The Governor wants something in place by the next Patriots season. I’m sure we’ll meet that — it’s more important to do this right, not do it fast.”Gordon said that the state’s education funding formula may finally get a long overdue update.“We’re looking at a comprehensive policy on education… This wil probably be our great priority this session,” said Gordon. “The foundation budget formula was created in 1993… Things have changed since then. Our towns are challenged with educating students with special needs. It’s very expensive.”Gordon praised the work of his first-year colleague, State Rep. Robertson.“Dave has done a fantastic job in starting to fill the shoes of Jim Miceli,” said Gordon. “Because of his experience working with Jim, he knows what doors to knock on and who is behind them. Constituents don’t care how long you’ve been in office, but if you know how to get things done.”State Rep. Ken GordonState Representative Tram NguyenState Representative Tram Nguyen (D-Andover) represents two precincts in neighboring Tewksbury and is working with Wilmington’s delegation on Route 38 improvements.“You’ve all done good here in Wilmington. You have two great state reps here,” observed Nguyen, who told the crowd not to “let their guard down” in the 2020 election.“I was able to flip a seat from red to blue against a longtime incumbent. My predecessor [Jim Lyons] has become the head of the Mass GOP,” said Nguyen. “I care and am fighting for commonsense things — housing, the environment, education, healthcare, infrastructure. We cannot let them drag us down. They’ve already started attacking me and I’ve only been in office for three months. They’ve protested. They attack on social media. They’re spewing completely false misinformation.”“I need you all to help me,” continued Nguyen. “My time is spent making sure working families have the support they need. Making sure that people in need have access to unemployment. We don’t have time for all their divisivness. When they go low, we go high. You helped us get elected. Please help us stay in office.”State Rep. Tram NguyenState Representative Candidate Michelle MulletState Representative candidate Michelle Mullet (D-North Reading) recently announced she will be challenging House Minority Leader Brad Jones. Jones is a longtime incumbent who frequently runs unopposed.“I’m a mother of two little boys. I’ve learned that fighting is fun. I want to fight for you… I want to fight the good fight and help my community,” said Mullet. “I’m running against a guy who’s been there for 23 years… As a bold progressive Latina, I’m not easily intimated. I feel the days of ‘business as usual’ are over.”“When people ask me why I’m running, the answer is simple,” continued Mullet. “We’re living under the most corrupt, disruptive administration our country has ever seen… I wan to turn my activism into leadership in the House.”Mullet outlined the three majority priorities of her campaign — (1) gun violence prevention; (2) creating more union jobs; and (3) looking at 100% renewal energy sources by 2045.State Rep. Candidate Michelle MulletSelectman Candidate Suzanne SullivanSelectman candidate Suzanne Sullivan shared some of her personal background with the crowd.“I grew up in the city of Lynn. I came from a single family home. I had a deadbeat dad. We were pretty poor. We lived on a very busy street with commercial properties on three sides of our house,” said Sullivan. “My mother graduated from Northeastern and became a teacher. She eventually go stick and succumbed from cancer. I wound up quitting high school at 17. If I didn’t get out of Lynn, I felt I might not survive. I got my GED and took some college classes.”“I moved to Wilmington in 1989, nearly 30 years ago. I have 3 wonderful children. I divorced and wound up raising my three kids myself,” continued Sullivan. “The Ipswich River clean-up spurred my civic need to do something. I’ve done water quality monitoring on the Ipswich in Wilmington every month for 20 years. [My river work] has turned into other actions. I haven’t really stopped since… I got involved in the Olin issue, which I’ve been working on for 20 years.”Sullivan was critical of the Board of Selectmen’s recent stances relative to detox facility proposal and exploring alternative uses for the Olin site without a clean up plan in place. She feels the Board is failing to listen to its residents.“I grew up in an Irish Democratic home where politics were very important. Our government is supposed to be responsive to the people. I’ve always believed that,” said Sullivan. “The Olin issue led to lots of adversarial meetings where the town was not listening to its citizens…. I still feel, after all these years, the town government isn’t being responsive to its residents.”“Things really haven’t change. We need to do better. We need to treat people better.We need to include more people in the process. We need to ask for residents’ opinions. We really need to make some changes in Wilmington,” concluded Sullivan.Selectman candidate Suzanne Sullivanlast_img read more

BNPs HabibunNabi Sohel detainedBNPs HabibunNabi Sohel detained

first_imgBNP joint secretary general Habib-un-Nabi Khan Sohel. FIle photoLaw enforcement detained Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) joint secretary general Habib-un-Nabi Khan Sohel from Malibagh area of the city early Tuesday.BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi told newsmen that a team of detective branch of police picked up Sohel from Malibagh area in the city around 4:30am.“Sohel’s family members informed me in the early morning that law enforcement detained him from a house in Malibagh area in the city,” Rizvi said.BNP chairperson’s press wing officer Shamsuddin Didar said to Prothom Alo, “We have learnt about the detention of Habib-un-Nabi Khan Sohel.”Refuting the claim of BNP, DB joint commissioner Abdul Baten, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)-3 commander lieutenant colonel Imranul Hasan and Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) deputy commissioner (Ramna Division) Maruf Hossain Sardar did not admit to the detention of Sohel.On Monday, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia went to Sylhet to say prayers at the graveyards of Hazrat Shahjalal (R) and Hazrat Shah Paran (RA) as a Dhaka court is set to deliver verdict on Thursday in a graft case against her.Habib-un-Nabi Khan Sohel, also president of Dhaka south city unit of BNP, accompanied her to Sylhet. Khaleda Zia returned Dhaka around 4:00am on Tuesday.last_img read more

Booker Taking 2020 Campaign SocialJustice Message to IowaBooker Taking 2020 Campaign SocialJustice Message to Iowa

first_imgBy Thomas Beaumont, The Associated PressNew Jersey Sen. Cory Booker took his campaign message of social justice to Iowa, where he visited with residents and Black leaders Feb. 8 on his first trip as a Democratic presidential candidate to the early 2020 caucus state.Booker opened his first day of campaigning in Iowa using the rhetoric reminiscent of the civil rights movement to distinguish himself early in the race. And although Iowa is a vastly White state, Booker’s is a sentiment that echoes within the state’s Democratic base.In a crowded church basement in Mason City, Booker likened denying health care coverage to denying civil rights.U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., waits as he is introduced to speak at a meet and greet with local residents at the First Congregational United Church of Christ, Feb. 8, 2019, in Mason City, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)“You cannot have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if you don’t have health care,” he told an overwhelmingly White audience of about 100 who turned out despite sub-zero temperatures. “That’s not justice.”Later, in a racially mixed crowd in Waterloo, Booker bemoaned a criminal justice system that disproportionately punishes racial minorities and “ultimately makes us a country that has a cancer on our soul.”Race is shaping up to be central to the Democratic presidential campaign. Democratic prospects have called President Donald Trump’s portrayal of immigrants racist and condemned his reaction to a deadly 2017 demonstration in Virginia as being sympathetic toward White supremacists.Booker, who is African-American, is starting his campaign for the Iowa caucuses by framing the election in terms of a movement, like those for civil and voting rights more than a half century ago.It’s a theme that appeals to Nancy Bobo, a White Des Moines Democrat who likes Booker.“I think more and more people are seeing that social justice doesn’t just apply to race,” said Bobo, who was among the first supporters of Democrat Barack Obama in Iowa in 2007. “When I think of social justice, I think of all the different laws and structures that impede opportunities for people for a whole range of reasons.”Every Democratic presidential hopeful has called for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s resignation after disclosure last week of a photo in the Democrat’s medical school yearbook under Northam’s name featuring a person in blackface and another wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood.In Waterloo, Booker became the first presidential candidate this year to visit Black Hawk County, where the Black population — at 9 percent — is more than twice that of Iowa overall.Booker, a former mayor of Newark, held a public panel discussion in Waterloo focusing mainly on issues facing the Black community.Throughout his events, Booker sprinkled in references to civil rights figure John Lewis, a longtime Democratic congressman from Georgia.“I want to try to rekindle in all of us the idea that this has got to be a moment in this nation that is more than just about an election,” he told the audience in Mason City. “This is about the cause of our country.”Booker’s campaign announcement last week invoked the legacy of the civil rights movement. “The history of our nation is defined by collective action; by interwoven destinies of slaves and abolitionists, of those born here and those who chose America as home; of those who took up arms to defend our country, and those who linked arms to challenge and change it,” he said in the kickoff video.Booker could appeal to that segment of Iowa voters who sent Democrat Tom Harkin, an outspoken advocate for worker and civil rights, to the Senate for 30 years until his retirement in 2014.Obama, who would become the nation’s first Black president, won Iowa’s 2008 Democratic presidential caucuses by drawing activists to rhetoric heavily influenced by the civil rights movement and its unifying call for equal opportunity.Booker has not yet made an impression on Sandy Cronbaugh, who is White and was moved to support Obama in 2008, just as she was to support the civil rights movement more than 40 years earlier.“Barack Obama made you feel like you were changing the country by working in your community,” said Cronbaugh, an art gallery owner from rural eastern Iowa. “I haven’t gotten that sense from Cory Booker so far.”last_img read more