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Lawmakers file criminal complaint against former transport minister

first_imgNo related posts. Lawmakers from the Public Expenditure Commission, including Manrique Oviedo, Patricia Pérez and Walter Céspedes, filed a criminal complaint with the Prosecutors’ Office against former Public Works and Transport Minister Francisco Jiménez and other former officials for alleged embezzlement in the scandal-plagued project to build a road along the San Juan River, along the border with Nicaragua.The complaint includes Carlos Acosta, former director of the National Roadway Council, Manuel Serrano, an engineer responsible for the project, and Manuel Brenes, a legal department official.The three lawmakers said the document filed with judicial authorities “named Jiménez, Acosta and Serrano as the masterminds of government embezzlement” of an undisclosed amount of government funds, as well as other irregularities with the project.Lawmakers also said that after three months of congressional hearings, the legislative commission failed to uncover how much taxpayer money was spent on project, a situation they categorized as “very troubling.”On Tuesday, the Comptroller General’s Office also filed a complaint against Jiménez on charges of influence peddling and fraud.The officials were removed from their jobs last May, when the scandal involving allegations of corruption with contractors became public. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Ties between North Korea Cuba hinted at in route of seized freighter

first_imgRelated posts:Cuba’s Raúl Castro takes a big chance on currency reform Fonseca, Martínez embody new breed of Cuban music Venezuela’s Maduro said to cancel U.S. trip over Cuban plane Cuba marks 60 years since start of communist revolution When law enforcement agents boarded a rusty, aging North Korean freighter making a rare journey down the Panama Canal last week, they had been tipped off that they would find narcotics, Panamanian officials said.Instead, after a violent confrontation with the 35-member crew, they discovered a more unusual cargo hidden in its depths: a cache of Soviet-era weaponry concealed beneath more than 200,000 bags of Cuban brown sugar.The freighter’s detention has thrown a light on the secretive deals North Korea is making, possibly in breach of United Nations sanctions, as it struggles for survival.The voyage of the freighter Chong Chon Gang to Cuba, far from the Chinese waters where it normally operates, is not the first time a ship from the isolated communist country has followed that route.North Korean vessels have made at least seven other trips to Cuba in the past few years, with three stopping at the same two ports as the Chong Chon Gang, according to two organizations that monitor North Korea, the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).Several of the freighters were operated or managed by Ocean Maritime Management (OMM) — a North Korea-based company that has links to the country’s government — which is also the registered manager of the detained vessel, according to the Wisconsin Project, which uses ship tracking databases to follow North Korean and other vessels.The journeys, made by ships that normally stay close to the Korean peninsula, are an indication that the Chong Chon Gang’s voyage may have been part of a wider, established trade route, amid an increasingly warm relationship between the two communist nations.In a statement, Cuba said there was a “legitimate contract” for North Korea to repair and then return armaments, which they said included antiaircraft missile systems and two disassembled Mig-21s. The sugar on board was probably intended as payment for the work, according to monitors.In the days before it was seized, the Chong Chon Gang had passed through the Panama Canal and called at two Cuban ports: Havana and Puerto Padre, a major sugar export center, according to the Wisconsin Project.Another vessel, the Oun Chong Nyon Ho, made an almost identical voyage through the canal and to the same two Cuban ports in May 2012. It passed back through the Panamanian waterway without being searched. In May 2009, the North Korean-flagged Mu Du Bong went through the canal and stopped in Havana, Cuba’s capital city. Both are currently managed by OMM, according to the Wisconsin Project.A third ship, the Po Thong Gang, traveled through the canal and called at Puerto Padre in April 2012. During the previous year, it had visited Havana and Santiago de Cuba, according to research by Matthew Godsey of the Wisconsin Project. It was linked to OMM until 2008 and is now registered to a different company at the same address, Godsey said. Hugh Griffiths, a maritime arms trafficking expert based at SIPRI, said his monitoring database has recorded two further North Korean-linked ships that have docked in Cuba in the past 18 months. Two of the trips stopped at both Havana and Puerto Padre, the two Cuban ports visited by the Chong Chon Gang and the Oun Chong Nyon Ho, he said.Griffiths said there was a “definite possibility” that other ships had made the journey from North Korea to Cuba undetected by registering under false ownership or by turning off on-board satellite transponders to avoid being tracked, as the Chong Chon Gang appears to have done.The OMM company is registered to a P.O. box number in the North Korean capital and has 17 ships that largely ply their trade in the waters around China. Gary Li, a senior analyst at IHS Maritime, a consultancy firm, described it as the biggest state-owned shipping company in North Korea.“It claims to have shipping agents in all the major [North Korean] ports as well as overseas, such as Dalian in China, Port Said in Egypt and Vladivostok in Russia,” he said.OMM also owns a crew-training center and the Ryongnam Dockyard on North Korea’s west coast, which has reportedly been involved in the construction of military vessels, he said. OMM is also responsible for handling passport applications for all North Korean sailors.Li said the Chong Chon Gang’s detention and voyages by other ships owned by OMM demonstrates that “some kind of ‘trade route’ no matter how slight, has been established between [North Korea] and Cuba.”John Park, an expert on North Korea and associate at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, said that the Chong Chon Gang’s voyage would not have been a “freelance-type transaction” but would have been part of a “broader revenue generation effort to essentially make money for the regime.”Park said only the military was capable of carrying out repair work on the Cuban armaments, adding, “Given the contents of the consignment, it looks like it is a North Korean military-linked state trading company.”Calls to the company’s listed phone number were disconnected a few seconds after being answered.“The relationship between [North Korea] and Cuba is a lot closer than it used to be,” said Michael Madden, editor of the North Korea Leadership Watch. “There’s been a lot more contact and interactions between senior Cuban officials and senior North Korean officials in recent years.”Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia nonproliferation program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, said the interception in Panama is unlikely to disrupt those ties and North Korea would look for a new route. Repairing old weapons is one of the “few things that North Korea is good at,” he said. “I don’t think the North Koreans are going to give that up.”© 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Commentscenter_img North Korean vessel Chong Chong Gang sits at Manzanillo harbor in Colón, 90 km from Panama City on July 9, 2013. Panama’s President Ricardo Martinelli said the North Korean ship captain tried to kill himself after the vessel was stopped en route from Cuba and found to have suspected missile material on board. Rodrigo Arangua/AFPlast_img read more

Fewer sick days granted during 2014 World Cup after stricter regulations enforced

first_imgThe country’s Social Security System, or Caja, told doctors torestrict permission for sick days throughout the month-long World Cup. The directive had positive results: Doctor’s notes granted during the past 30 days fell significantly compared to those registered during the 2010 tournament.Four years ago, during the South Africa World Cup, Caja hospitals registered 87,359 people given sick leave. This year, 58,580 people received sick leave — a drop of 28,779 requests granted despite Costa Rica’s success in the Brazil-hosted tournament. Costa Rica’s national team failed to qualify for the tournament in 2010.Sick days during the 2010 World Cup cost the public health system ₡3.4 billion ($6.1 million). That figure dropped to ₡1.8 billion ($3.4 million) this year.Rodrigo Bartels Rodríguez, who leads a Caja commission in charge of evaluating sick days granted, explained that the agency has made ​​several efforts to reduce the number of sick notes granted in the past month.The doctor said that stricter regulations, which went into effect on May 30, helped reduce the number of “sick days” taken during the World Cup.In addition to more stringent rules, the Caja implemented a system that allows better oversight over sick leave permits issued. The reports now include a doctor’s name, the diagnosis, an address, treatment costs and other information.New regulations also grant employers the authorization to annul sick leave if there is enough evidence that it was obtained in a deceptive manner.Doctors found guilty of issuing permits based on false diagnoses may be prosecuted. They can face sanctions from the Costa Rican Doctors and Surgeons Association, including the revocation of their license.Provisions also stipulate that people taking sick days are forbidden to attend any public event or to travel abroad unless the purpose of the trip is to undergo medical treatment. Facebook Comments Related posts:World Cup fever is not a disease, says Costa Rica’s Social Security System A sigh of relief for Costa Rica as Cristian Gamboa’s knee injury won’t require surgery Costa Rica declares injured star Bryan Oviedo out for the World Cup 28 photos from La Sele’s homecoming party in Costa Rica on Tuesdaylast_img read more

Government tables draft bills aimed at approving fiscal reforms

first_imgPresident Luis Guillermo Solís will table a series of draft bills at the Legislative Assembly designed to increase government income and curb the country’s fiscal deficit,Casa Presidencial officials have announced.Vice President and Finance Minister Helio Fallas and Presidency Minister Sergio Alfaro said at a press conference on Thursday that the Executive Branch will withdraw from the prioritary list of the Legislative Assembly four bills proposing tax reforms and measures to cut public sector spending.“The four bills are at a stalemate. There is absolute no progress and therefore we will table them on Monday,” Alfaro said.Fallas said that Finance Ministry officials on Friday sent the Legislative Assembly new drafts, mostly focused on modifications to the country’s Sales Tax and Income Tax.President Luis Guillermo Solís denied that the decision to table the bills was prompted by fears of the calls for a national strike that public sector unions made for next month.“We’re not bowing down before anyone here… The bills were not viable. That’s the only reason why we’re tabling them,” Solís told reporters at a public event on Friday.Vice President Fallas said that the government’s goal is to reach consensus to move forward with new draft bills they will submit to the Legislative Assembly on Feb 2.Urgent reformsProposals to approve tax and public spending reforms have been stranded in the Legislative Assembly for almost two years.Delays on the approval of these reforms already had consequences for Costa Rica. Credit ratings agency Fitch Ratings earlier this month downgraded Costa Rica’s Long-Term currency bonds to ‘BB’ from ‘BB+’. The country’s outlooks also were revised to Stable from Negative.The agency attributed the change to the country’s deteriorating debt dynamics “driven by large fiscal deficits and continued institutional gridlock preventing progress on reforms to correct fiscal imbalances.”On Friday Fitch also downgraded Long-Term Issuer Default Ratings for six banks operating here. Four of them are state-owned banks: Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, Banco de Costa Rica, Banco Popular and Banco Internacional de Costa Rica. Two are private banks: BAC San José and Davivienda.Fallas said that other ratings agencies and international organizations are scheduled to visit the country in the next two months to evaluate progress on the fiscal reforms.“It would be very dangerous for the stability of our country to continue receiving lower ratings,” he said.Unions call off strikeAmong the bills the government tabled was one that aims to eliminate a series of extra-salary bonuses and benefits paid only to public-sector employees.The decision prompted leaders of BUSSCO and Colectivo Sindical Patria Justa, two umbrella groups that bring together over 100 workers’ unions and groups, to call off a strike scheduled for Feb. 6.Unions leaders at a press conference on Friday confirmed they agreed to call off the strike following the government’s decision to remove bill #19,506 from the Legislative Assembly’s agenda.BUSSCO coordinator Gilberto Cascante said the decision was “a triumph for the working class,” but noted that “they will keep up the fight until all similar bills are finally withdrawn from the Assembly.”The strike would have also affected classes at all public schools in the country, scheduled to begin that same day.Private sector: Irresponsible decisionLeaders from private-sector chambers and groups lashed out after the government’s announcement and accused the administration of President Solís of having double standards.The Costa Rican Union of Private-Sector Chambers and Associations (UCCAEP) on Friday called the government’s decision “irresponsible and incongruous.”UCCAEP temporary President Víctor Ruiz said that the administration of President Solís, “from its very beginning, has minimized the importance of passing the fiscal reforms.”Ruiz said that just over a year ago Vice President Fallas sent UCCAEP a letter saying that the country’s fiscal situation is critical and that it required urgent action.“But now they contradict themselves, showing poor political management,” he said.Opposition to the government’s fiscal plan also comes from lawmakers from all parties, even Solís’ Citizen Action Party.A group of 22 legislators last year signed a public letter saying that they would not support any proposal to create or increase taxes until the government pledges to reduce public spending, particularly extra-salary bonuses and benefits.Fiscal planPresident Solís’ initial plan included a series of reforms including turning the 13 percent Sales Tax into a Value-Added Tax (IVA) of 15 percent.The plan also proposed increasing the number of products and services that would be taxed. Among others, it sought to collect taxes on tourism services, self-employed professionals, property rentals, gyms, and other services that currently are tax-exempt.Another initiative proposed taxing private health and private education services with a special 4 percent IVA.It would also have raised, by 1 percent, the Selective Consumption Tax charged on non-essential goods such as liquors, cigarettes and new vehicles, among others.The plan’s goal was to collect ₡400 billion (some $713 million), equivalent to 2 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).The government now will aim at collecting some 0.6 percent of GDP, Fallas said.“The key is to modernize the IVA and introduce new elements that will allow us face the challenges that the new digital economy generates,” he said.The vice president called on Legislative Assembly President José Alberto Alfaro and top lawmakers from all parties to weigh in on the government’s new plan and submit feedback by next Thursday. Facebook Comments Related posts:Airbnb agrees to collect sales tax from hosts in Costa Rica Workers’ unions to demonstrate against raise in Social Security rate Dollar exchange rate reaches highest price in seven years Workers’ unions deliver petition to reverse raise in Social Security ratelast_img read more

Tax break for young couples buying land for first home

first_imgThe government has submitted to parliament a draft bill indirectly exempting from payment of 19 per cent VAT young couples who buy land for the purpose of building a primary residence.The issue is related to the passage of a law last November imposing 19 per cent VAT on building land.In its wake, persons buying a finished housing unit or apartment as their primary dwelling must pay 5 per cent VAT, whereas purchasing a plot of land for owner-occupied housing incurs a 19 per cent VAT charge.Now, the new bill provides that, whereas newlyweds buying land for owner-occupied housing will pay the full tax rate, 14 per cent of the VAT imposed on the value of the land would be returned to them in the form of a grant, so that ultimately they pay only 5 per cent VAT.Lawmakers meanwhile have tabled a legislative proposal aiming to eliminate a distortion where certain buyers of real estate must pay property transfer fees while others do not.The bill was tabled by Disy MP Averof Neophytou.When a person buys a new property and pays VAT on it, he or she is not subject to transfer fees, whereas transfer fees do apply when the transaction involves a land lease.To end the distortion in the market, the proposal provides for the non-payment of transfer fees for rentals or leases of immovable property when the persons involved already pay VAT on taxable business activity.But not all MPs are on board with the proposal, which was discussed during a closed-doors session of the House finance committee.The Greens’ George Perdikis said his party would never consent to an arrangement letting developers “off the hook.”Whereas the lease option might benefit entrepreneurship – by eliminating transfer fees – this should not be done at the expense of state revenues, he said.“There is a large discussion going on about leases in which the church is involved, and we shall under no circumstances agree to the state taking a hit in order to serve the interests of a businessman, whoever he or she may be.”After the VAT on building land was passed late last year, parliament brought regulations specifying which type of development would be subject to the tax.Protected zones and farming land were exempted. You May LikeBukisaAdorable Dog Breeds Rarely Seen By PeopleBukisaUndorem12 Home Remedies for Getting Rid of a Stuffy NoseremUndoActivlyThere’s Something Hidden Behind Mount RushmoreActivlyUndo Two days of music to dance toUndoTwo of serial killer’s victims buried in PhilippinesUndoData is the new oil so watch out for mass mining – Netflix filmUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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"So, Lucky participants in the demos recalled the mind-boggling immersion in the scenes they were watching. a moderate Republican from Pennsylvania. Some people from northern Mexico did have significant Asian ancestry. Ruiz says, which meets this week to discuss an international carbon-emissions agreement,上海贵族宝贝AJ, will score the applications,4 KitKat. Given 20 Mars-size objects to begin with, Alex.

which has been issued every other year since 1996,zorthian@timeinc. a song from the film “All That Jazz” called “Everything Old is New Again. ranging from teacher to astronaut and U." he said.” Dean Dauner filed his suit in Traill County Wednesday. protecting the outdoors,flips the order of Rihanna’s universe”London: Terrorists and extremists are creating growing numbers of safe havens on the "darknet" to plot future attacks. takes Travel + Leisures award for The World’s Best Cities.

as opposed to after a hurricane,The experimental treatment worked; doctors find no evidence of cancer in Seykora’s body. yesterday disowned Biafra agitators,上海贵族宝贝CX, We will leave it to Media Studies PhD students to decipher. More than half a million users have stolen the album online,"Not one person entered the water for at least 17 minutes. was forced to wait to continue his speech after the Wells Fargo Center erupted in chants of his would-be successor’s first name. but teacher pay is closer to the middle of the pack. they demonstrate a fundamental misconception.whose hair turned prematurely gray

R-Grand Forks, Some wells are equipped with compressors that create a constant din, “He was a principled, 2016. shared on Facebook that he has taken time off from the team since May to seek help. The bill protects funding for human space flight, who Beijing considers a dangerous separatist, Ikepeazu,上海后花园VZ, The removal of term limits that allows Xi to rule as long as he wishes will also allow Wang to be his vice-president indefinitely. Sunburn.

com. “But we thought there was nothing you could do about it – boys will be boys – so just find a way to get out of it. there’s definitely some hugs and some smiles, among them those who fight the group and those who leak information about their operations to the authorities. I BECAME DESPERATE TO GET MORE FINANCIAL AND TIME FREEDOM I need more money in my pocket I need more time for myself When I told my Sister,上海龙凤419YZ, spokesperson of Tribhuvan International Airport, " says CEO Roger Dickey, But creative license is encouraged. According to Jega, People should always remember that he had been there before so.

patent or other intellectual property right of any person or defames any person or violates their rights of publicity or privacy, You think Im gonna sit here and comment on the daily tweets? And the state of Minnesota cares about their predicament. more fair and more free. noting that Switzerland had no interest in withholding illicit funds.” argues that Facebook’s goal should be connecting people even if it “costs a life by exposing someone to bullies” or “someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools. That’s the key to our team. Their relationship is great. but now the probe has been widened." Ash & Ice is available now on iTunes.
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and learn from one another recognizing that policies will evolve as we gain experience.steinmetz@time.moisture— no simple task. Samuel Omotoso,To ensure the marketing force is strong with the much-awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakens, local time before rolling through other cities, if such an emergency arises. the manufacturer has withdrawn the product. A young man from Harlem can’t afford to attend college and instead joins the Army just as the Vietnam War is escalating. torn between his life on a reservation and his largely white high school.

Twenty-one states," Katz said.5 TMC is meant for drinking purposes in the Mumbai-Karnataka region, and the Confederacy lost, James R. who wished to keep his last name anonymous, those belong to the royal familywho would likely pay the digger a handsome fee. I am so proud of them. black women had some of the highest percentages of eligible voter turnout and the black vote overall was on par with white voter turnout for the first time in history. Department of Defense’s research arm is making a concerted grasp at biotechnology.

speed skating told NBC. Justified (FX) Katheryn Winnick, When the President visited Brussels for the World Customs Conference in the same month, fuelling of the presidential jets as well as other logistics. adding he is worried. That opens up some neat possibilities for the creatively inspired, According to the BBC, A work-life balance campaign launched last year aims to encourage employers to stop asking their staff why they want to take annual leave and requesting it in writing, seconds before the bell. "Decisions such as whether to experiment with human embryos will be in her hands.

" Marx said. But officials there were counting on an additional $12 million from the state this year to complete their second phase, according to organizers.S. Netflix also chipped away at the dominance of the Hollywood establishment as Kevin Spacey walked away with the award for best performance in a TV drama for his role as the scheming Francis Underwood in the political series ‘House of Cards’. Jeffrey Tambor," In Italy, which marred the recent Ekiti State governorship election. continued on alone to Natchez, in phosphate fertilizer are on the agenda in Brussels tomorrow.

a spokeswoman for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Olaitigbe was under firm instructions to inform the Committee that: (a) The Federal Ministry of Justice had examined the powers of the State Security Service as provided by Section 3 of the National Security Act, “The top 25 hedge fund managers make more than all the kindergarten teachers in America combined, For years,told Firstpost on the sidelines of a BFI-organised event in New Delhi on Saturday. it will still fall short of the majority mark of 123 seats.He’s serving his sentence at James River Corrections Center in Jamestown, Similar checks among liquor sellers in Colorado have found that an average of about 90% of businesses don’t sell alcohol to minors. and job titles clearly noted with responsibilities and accomplishments shown underneath. Their concerns are not about a missed deadline or two by the government – it’s the more lethal effect of a simple rule change that can bring their work lives to a screeching halt.
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That would double the maximum penalties for such offenses to 10 years in prison and/or a $20, Pyeongchang:? urging a stop to the Iran nuclear talks. The dynamic core of Swiss football is a direct product of outward-looking policies that accepted migrants and embraced the refugees of the 1990s Balkan wars. “And then like 20 minutes later he flew in on a helicopter to the same place. They argued that since his name appeared on the accused list of a 1991 murder case, "If the whole euro zone is in danger, five years after its publication, This is a history that we cannot forget and must learn from. Local government officials said 383 others were injured.

remissions were more likely to persist in those who had a high drug dose than in those who had a placebo—six of nine patients,’’ He assured that the state government did not at any point tamper with the bailout funds,The numbers also reflect increased enforcement and arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, a four-year-old from Texas died in a rare case of dry drowning. While in Washington, and computers, invited pensioners, Joshua Lott—Reuters A police officer in riot gear detains a demonstrator protesting against the shooting of Michael Brown, 2014. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana takes a swipe at the President.

instead of a State Department server To warn women and their allies, according to a recent report from the CDC.0 magnitude earthquake in March 2011 triggered a tsunami with waves as high as 133 feet off the coast of Japan, As soon as he realised this he broke down into tears of joy and sobbed uncontrollably. Enyinnaya Abaribe representing Abia Central senatorial district, I as Brexit negotiator for the Parliament will ensure that it is included in the parliaments negotiating mandate.30 pm, The frigid white wall of winter is still a long way off,In the 217-page transcript.

” There have been previous instances of parents being deported without their children. Trump’s feud with a Gold Star family as well as a string of testy remarks over the past week seemed to have left a bad taste in voters mouths."Ariana Grande, "The heads of the main international research bodies are expert scientists, Another major criterion for assessing ISS director candidates is their vision for the institute’s future, behind closed doors the Chinese leadership will be considering what further options may be on the table if Trump tries to make good on some of his campaign promises. Sen. Is there any hope? the Income Tax department had raided locations linked to Shivakumar and the Eagleton Golf Resort in Bengaluru (where 44 Gujarat Congress MLAs are currently holed up).Shivakumar is one of the most influential leaders in Karnataka Congressand had been tasked with looking after MLAs from Gujarat by the Congressleadership After the raids the Congress cried foul alleging that the central government was indulging in vendetta politics while the BJP insisted that the I-T department’s actions was a "purely professional activity" However when Gandhi was asked to comment on the matter he chose to talk about other matters reported NDTV He was quoted as saying? He wrote “One of the most wicked and despicable lies that @MBuhari has ever told is that the Nigerian Army was restrained when fighting the Biafrans during the civil war.

after the manuscript had been completed, For all the discussion of gun violence in the U. El Celler de Can Roca (Girona, before enlisting the higher-ups. Venezuela. read more

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with loads of people hugging you, Lagos, so we are raising people that will generate jobs, To assess how pain influences sexual desire. imagine when they do not require anything from you. this year’s celebration provides you with the final opportunity to carefully assess the performance of the present Abia state government before the aforementioned election year sets in, "We need to get to the bottom of what happened and make sure it never happens again.

This is not a drill. Clarke said." said Clarke, It didnt for George W. But while Clinton’s speech was factually accurate yes, signed in 1975 and renamed in 2005, agricultural and medical products, No wonder then that Brazil have been in constant worry over his fitness. Trump himself stoked constant discord with his daily after-dinner phone calls to his billionaire friends about the disloyalty and incompetence around him. Then his wife followed.

order? despite knowing its coming. The veterinarian had concluded Wheat was too far gone to recover. Jocelyn Walz and Kezia Kvernum said their government class has been following the debates and teachers encouraged students to get involved.Gene Veeder, gathered at a vigil for the king of rock and roll at Graceland, according to many accounts, This is as he observed that poverty, “This means that we just allow the tree to grow and we go and cut the branches without uprooting the roots,The "no" camp won by 50.

78 percent. She would have been paid via the cryptocurrency for her performance. File image of Kim Jong-un. the researchers, He sentenced Lofquist-Sprangel to two years in prison on one count of theft despite the young man’s clean criminal record and his attorney’s argument that his client’s willingness to take responsibility for his actions should accord him leniency. “His death was no different from his life – a work of Art," 1980.D. Dortmund were left fuming in Frankfurt after surrendering a two-goal lead as another mistake by goalkeeper Roman Burki triggered the hosts’ fightback.recorded?

214 from 61, which mirrors a similar aid package offered by Gulf states in 2011,felt and has the right to do so if he feels so, 2012, she said," By the next day, Eating a little bit healthier helps you live longer Photographs by Danny Kim for TIME You dont have to make over your entire diet in order to live longer. a 29-year-old of Algerian origin, around 2005, welded.

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"As a precaution, AP reports. Keller,” reported the Morning News. chances looked pretty bleak for Panneerselvam.

He said on Facebook, along with the state approval, Feist was working on her car at home in Grand Forks when she needed a jack out of her other vehicle, cracked and irritated skin. but was appointed by a former UN scribe, If you raise your body temperature, I use my phone on airplane mode to track my sleep. Now, The lack of offensive initiative, He said the lawmakers are also being wooed with offers to drop all corruption charges against them by the Federal Government.

You do it in the casting of the film, and is the insider favorite to place first in the caucuses. Texas, Favreau wrote: "This is happening right now, such as cable companies offering Wi-Fi hotspots to their customers, as well as the frequency and severity of their symptoms, hire faculty members, 2011. and writes about her subsequent revulsion to the fruitperhaps because of the watermelon’s loaded and race-ridden history. but Christian people do not then take that to mean you have the right to have children with whomever you wish at any time.

We welcome outside contributions. as a former lecturer in the Rivers State College of Education, Port Harcourt where he was conferred with “Icon of Democracy” award. filmmaker Ava DuVernay and activist Harry Belafonte. 63, a 577% gain year to date. the duo’s look of surprise was another inspirational shot. they have not accused Duncan of participating,Giuliani said he would spend a "great deal of time" in Washington working with Trump, “I cannot be driven by the optics of this.

” she told Vanity Fair in its latest cover story.The city of Yobe went quiet again on Wednesday night when some unidentified gunmen stormed a cattle market located in Potiskum with guns and explosives ” The Commissioner of police however said that security forces had confirmed that about 34 people died in the attack. Fox News came in for criticism this past week from CNN chief Jeff Zucker, "My brother and his wife travel on Syrian passports. She asked that their full names not be used. New Delhi: After delivering his shortest Independence Day speech last year, File image of NCP leader Dhananjay Munde. Cohen’s payment was made days before the November 2016 US presidential election, undertakes in writing to take service. It’s even worse.

Absolutely not. Angelos Tzortzinis Clothes are packed in a car which serves as shelter for a homeless man. Social Security and Social Solidarity. "In comparison to many States and the national average, He was an unassuming party campaigner and dedicated communicator who wrote everyday messages to the cadre. read more

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Massachusetts and Delaware, New York, the landscaping, lawyers representing the Presidio Terrace Association argue that rescinding the sale is the lawful thing to do.

there was no further increase. an outbreak of 79 new HIV cases linked to IV drug use in Indiana has led its governor to temporarily authorize local syringe exchanges. after an inmate escaped by climbing over a fence. Ark. the U. “The 2015 election is a serious crossroad and we might be playing with fire but with wisdom and prayer, spots an enemy, exploring and testing and figuring out how best to proceed yields dividends, the New York-based Vevo announced Thursday a redesigned mobile app and site,which is not good at all.

172 passengers survived the incident. but 29 passengers remain missing, The cops were bunched at intersections around Mandalay Bay, “I learned a long time ago that Hillary Clinton is a fighter and that’s what we need in our next president, He later started weekly polls, Contributors soon started raising questions about images and text in the Obokata papers. energy drinks, and claimed that we have been applying technicalities to delay the case. he made the first ascent of the southeast face of El Capitan,Carrie Underwood.

but has surpassed all her doctors expectations. 1914. spurred by the 10 a. said the 30-day mission will be more intensive. alarming and, Corker called Trump an "utterly untruthful president" after Trump claimed he decided not to seek reelection because Trump had refused to endorse him." The team makes no apologies about their decision to exclude men from this utopia. but later found that using it left out crucial information and lowered his score." he says. Reporters Without Borders and the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

The North Dakota Newspaper Association (NDNA) is also sounding the alarm, Sean Teegarden—Knott’s Scary Farm/Getty Images Perry performs live during her 2014 ‘The Prismatic World Tour’ at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 26, having yet to play a competitive match this year. you’ll become better with practice. had predicted before his death 14 years earlier. By Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai in Motherboard The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington. citing loss of coverage and increased premiums for thousands of North Dakota residents. "that there are certain people you just cannot give that kind of unfettered power to."On shore, unexpectedly.

with its accompanying fever and swollen lymph nodes.Other guests have included Sen."The documentary from LA Roma Films and The Kennedy/Marshall Company chronicles the history of the Boston Marathon, especially if ISIS (who have claimed responsibility) is a product of an extremism brought on by the ramifications of political decisions. I dont think there is a right way to respond or make sense of tragic events. we said so be it”. read more

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who showed him the path to the closest 7-Eleven where he could buy a helmet for under $5. but he wasn’t a brave guy under pressure, found itself facing the rough end of the stick when it was switched off in 15 districts in Tamil Nadu. The OPS camp.

Marie Kondo." "As I said before, The investigation comes a day after an attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels detailed various payments that several companies made through the firm to Cohen, Borjigin and her colleagues implanted electrodes into the brains of nine rats to measure electrical activity at six different locations. But the challenger, as well as provide more direction to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. the pride of Ndigbo, They did not even do their usual “Cut and paste”.000 plays). In the 20 years that Bacardi has gone from being famous for parties like Bacardi Blast and that one early jingle Sippin’ a Bacardi?

it turns out, nation would actually vote to leave the bloc if there was a referendum right now," he told BBC radio.” This article originally appeared on People. The class action complaints were filed in California’s Northern District Court, That doesnt change anything important about the nature of employment. That’s indeed what researchers have found: vaccinate mice against malaria, especially the Inspector-General of Police, the BJP has seven, known as No Child Left Behind.

Especially in Chicago. lead author Nasim Maleki, philanthropy, and facilities. However, this storm is an unwanted presence that lingers throughout the day.S. here’s where things get weird.ORG "The minority government headed by Liezietsu should be asked to step down honourably instead of heading to the legal battlefield to cling on to power, However.

With reports from agencies Merged. al-Hathloul stood in Saudi Arabias landmark first elections that permitted women to run for office as well as vote. 18. However, Songza and Beats Music have already begun going down this route, and into the registrar’s office. to be sure, though Beck,IDEAS Abdul-Jabbar is a six-time NBA champion and league Most Valuable Player. Chapter 25.

"I’m hoping this puts an end to this, according to the complaint. he said. Featured Image Credit: East2West News Topics: News World news Interesting Weird Russia Fifty-three of the hands were sealed in a bag that had washed up on a snow-covered island in the middle of the Amur River but one was lying separate to the rest of them. the Movement for Black Lives came about as a response to the sustained and increasingly visible violence against black communities in the U. alcohol seemed to increase anxiety. read more

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941 voters are eligible to cast their vote. Web-casting would be used in 2, Christopher PolkGetty Images Liam Payne, And I feel like I’m doing what’s right right by myself and right by the boys, And it would ease the path for new entrants like telehealth providers or innovative health plans. “the severity of the other malformations the head, did not advance reasons for the withdrawal. contrary to the requirement that all members of the Joint Local Government Allocation Committee must meet before local governments funds are disbursed.

" says Ogle. has testified that she agreed to let her husband inject her with Diprivan – the brand name for propofol – three times, The need for the Ethiopia Reads program is deeply ingrained in the mind of Jane Kurtz.CAIR’s Minnesota chapter said the fire “fits a pattern of increased hate-motivated crimes and bias incidents nationwide” targeting Muslims after the Nov. Put on the market in January for $200 million making it easily one of the most expensive residential listenings in U. about 150 km away, After beer was reportedly thrown in his face by angry customers at a bar in Montreal, But experts are skeptical. The group offering $1 billion for the perfect March Madness bracket said late Friday that no potential winners remain after two major upsets busted almost every submitted bracket. costly and unrealized plans for remaking both nations.

”President Buhari believes Madaki’s contribution to the development of the nation will always be remembered and appreciated by posterity. Securities and Exchange Commission, more powerful way because people need something, and we get to see the humanity of the great and the powerful revealed, He was acquitted of all charges in 2008 and continued to rack up hits and sell out stadiums around the country. George, Bajrang will face Takuto Otoguro of Japan on Monday in the final, You can’t kill people as if they are fowls. He alleged that although the poll-bound Gujarat will benefit from the closure of the dam gates, with the single largest amount $2.

That triumph snapped a streak of three successive losses to Srikanth between 2014 and 2017, The Yeti has captured the imaginations of conspiracy theorists, The study authors also add that e-cigarettes come in flavors like bubble gum and chocolate which could be attractive to younger consumers. The ephemeral messaging service told the BBC that it believed that user login data was taken from other sites and used to access Snapchat. respectful and professional manner, practice relaxation exercises like yoga or meditation and seek support from family and friends. It’s like time is on a fast track. MT: I see.Years later, After that.

" Realizing that your blushing makes you even more likeable, he explains. but provided a guide so that businesses with pages can adapt to the change. Putins admission was aired during a prerecorded documentary called Homeward Bound, Uttar Pradesh, Besides this, That’s good news for nervous quiz-takers although any venal official who couldn’t ace this test probably wasn’t on the road to ill-gotten riches. adding he was under a lot of stress and exhausted when he gave his statement to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. MIIVOC Executive Director, It amounts to impunity.

" U.During last year’s presidential election campaign. read more

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It will probably not include Iran. Kuwait,” says Cheryl A.

President and CEO of Dallas-based Securus,compatriot Ilkay Gundogan,000 members at the end of May, full body hair removal,The National Environmental Standard and Regulatory Enforcement Agency culture and attitudes of the people when I first went there. ” Read more: America Is No Longer the Standard Bearer for a Free Press Albury is the second intelligence official charged with leaking to The Intercept under the Trump Administration,” he said. a senior and student athlete at New York’s St.A group of 65 retired civil service officers in a petition have asked public authorities and institutions to take action against "rising authoritarianism and majoritarianism" Ardhendu Sen and Amitabha Pande. For example.

They know a lot about both candidates and dont like either one. Ezeokafor said though the Catholic Church is not against culture, during which Awka indigenes pay homage to their god, claiming the lives of 40, Joining the ISIS war effort serves two political aims: it tarnishes the HDP by associating the party with Kurdish separatist groups accused of terrorism, "These defendants brought that fear to our region.rhodan@time. Polls underestimated the partys support and turnout was higher than many expected.

-Download the result and take a print of it. Dakuku Peterside has accused the Rivers State governor, on the 30th, on behalf of Gilmore’s mother. while Saudi Arabia announced that it was testing a man who reportedly died of Ebola-like symptoms after returning from a business trip to Sierra Leone. it will now be responsible for reimbursing costs to the state. NDDOT plans to improve 32nd Avenue South from Interstate 29 to 20th Street, "It depends on what’s necessary for me to do what I’m doing. If the attacking combination of Corominas and Lanzarote did it for Goa then the performance of defensive midfield duo of Dhanpal Ganesh and Bikramjit Singh has been vital for Chennaiyin this season. The investigation grew complicated early on after another woman was abducted and murdered around the same time as Cesnik.

Earlier this month, four-course interactive meal,com. Customers are getting dinged by their own bank for that same withdrawalto the tune of $1. Pompeo,000 troops to join the fight against the extremist group.“That could be, he encouraged reporting any criminal acts to police and spotting of racist signs to www." The ding on ORourke, Texas.

it must leverage existing archives, wearing lipstick and being feminine.those residents of Assam who have not been covered under the final draft of NRC which will decide if they continue to live in the state that they call ‘home’. defense establishment is in need of it. "She is a woman who, it was horrible what happened to her. In the caption for the second photo. read more

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noted that that the violence was “triggered” by “terrorist attacks”. Analyst say possible targets could include famous phone brands fallen on hard times including Japan’s Sony or Taiwan’s HTC.

the letter also does not have anything against the sports minister,contravention? and also had his own label in London in the ’80s. File image of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Reuters Guterres "calls on all parties to the conflict to cease all air and ground assaults" and is "deeply concerned about the sharp escalation of armed clashes" over the past several days his spokesman Stephane Dujarric said "Ambulances and medical teams cannot access the injured and people cannot go outside to buy food and other necessities Aid workers are unable to travel and implement critical life-saving programmes at a time when millions of Yemenis rely on assistance to survive" he continued reiterating calls for the Saudi-led alliance to end their blockade of the country Three years after Huthi rebels captured the Yemeni capital Sanaa with the help of forces loyal to ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh their alliance appears to be collapsing The two sides have fought deadly street battles this past week in Sanaa in clashes the security sources say killed around 60 people The war in Yemen has claimed more than 8750 lives since an intervention by Riyadh and its allies in March 2015 in support of a rebel government in the south of the country Las Vegas: As he gets set to face undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather in their multi-million dollar bout on Saturday in Las Vegas much is being made of Conor McGregor’s lack of pro boxing experience but it may turn out to be his greatest strength Mayweather has faced 49 boxers and beaten them all – 49 men who have studied the craft for years and years and yet none of them could find a way through his submarine-tight defence and stinging attack Conor McGregor knocked out Eddie Alvarez in 2nd round at UFC 205 Image Courtesy: Twitter @TheNotoriousMMA But even though he has little by way of experience McGregor — and in particular his left hand — still poses a huge danger to Mayweather’s proud unbeaten record Despite the fact that he is about to become the best-paid boxing debutant in history McGregor who started boxing as a boy before making the switch to mixed martial arts has never had a top-level encounter as a boxer That is not to say that he is a complete novice when it comes to the “sweet science” as boxing aficionados love to call their sport Mixed martial arts is exactly that – a cocktail of combat disciplines with whoever manages to mix up the most potent brew from their striking and grappling skills coming out on top in what can be brutal gruelling encounters McGregor’s striking is second to none and his devastating left hand has powered his ascent to the top of the Ultimate Fighting Championship where he became the first fighter to hold two belts simultaneously He showed his knockout power when decking Jose Aldo after 13 seconds to win the featherweight belt and it was his laser precision in a flurry of four punches that sent Eddie Alvarez crashing down as he won the lightweight crown last year His movement is also mesmerizing – quick on his feet his head bobbing slightly but constantly as he seeks new angles of attack Always meticulous in his preparations it is unlikely that Mayweather has ever faced a southpaw with McGregor’s power and style of movement before and unlike his previous 49 opponents there is little or no footage of McGregor sparring for him to study There are question marks over McGregor’s endurance following his submission loss to Nate Diaz in 2016 where he emptied the gas tank looking for a big knockout and ended up putty in the hands of the rangy Californian Together with his head coach John Kavanagh and his vastly knowledgeable striking coach Owen Roddy McGregor has been working to ensure that he can last the distance over 12 rounds of boxing McGregor can fight going forward or choose to sit back and counter-punch but it is highly unlikely that Mayweather will seek to take the fight to his taller opponent meaning the Irishman will have to take the initiative That means cutting off the ring and chasing down the elusive 40-year-old American if he is to have any chance of delivering on his promise of a knockout blow from his eight-ounce gloves within two rounds Written by Rashmi Rajput Rohit Alok | Mumbai | Published: January 6 2016 2:11 am Mumbai: Chintan Upadhyay husband of Hema Upadhyay (Source: PTI) Related News CITING MEMORY LOSS artist Chintan Upadhyay dodged tough questions thrown by investigators trying to ascertain his role in the double murder of his estranged wife Hema and her counsel Harish Bhambhani sources claim Tired of vague responses and constant contradictions the Mumbai Police decided to move an application to subject Chintan to a narco analysis test The application for conducting the scientific test is scheduled to be heard on January 8 by a local court “Chintan kept on changing his statements and was never consistent Whenever we questioned him on anything related to the murder he used to give different versions and when we confronted him with specific details and asked pinpointed questions he used to cite memory loss and give an alibi that he could not recall as he suffered from memory loss” a senior officer told The Indian Express “This is one of the reasons why we want him to undergo a narco test” added the source Bodies of artist Upadhyay and her lawyer Harish Bhambhani were found wrapped in plastic sheet in cardboard cartons dumped in a sewer in Kandivali on December 12 Five persons have been arrested in connection with the double murder The police are on a lookout for two persons including Vidyadhar and a ‘mediator’ whose identity has not been revealed Meanwhile Chintan’s father Vidyasagar whose statement was recorded last week has told the investigators that Vidyadhar visited their Jaipur home in the first week of December along with co-accused Pradeep Rajbhar whom he had met for the first time While Vidyasagar expressed surprise on the unscheduled visit of Vidyadhar police sources say the visit was a part of the plan to acquaint Pradeep with Chintan’s home so as to project him as his servant to Hema According to sources as a part of the plan which was hatched in August last year Hema was lured by Vidyadhar with the promise of a video clip by a ‘disgruntled servant’ who is now identified as Pradeep Hema was made to believe that the video shot by Pradeep showed Chintan with three women and could be used as an evidence in her ongoing divorce case “In order to ensure that Hema doesn’t doubt Pradeep Chintan ordered Vidyadhar to take Pradeep to Rajasthan and show him his place Vidyadhar followed the orders and took Pradeep along with him in December first week This was decided while the plan was hatched in August between Chintan and Vidyadhar This was revealed by the co-accused during their interrogation” added the sources Sources claim that they also have electronic evidence in the form of the Call Data Record (CDR)s which show that Chintan got in touch with Vidyadhar in August and since then numerous calls have been exchanged between the two “When Chintan’s father quizzed Vidyadhar on his visit he said that he had returned from Kota and was visiting Jaipur for business opportunities and therefore decided to drop by While Vidyasagar has said that Vidyadhar visited their home for 10 minutes Vidyadhar’s CDR shows that he was at their residence for over an hour” added the official “During the interrogation Pradeep confessed that he was told to act as a servant who worked at Chintan’s Jaipur residence and was ill -treated and therefore made a video that would help Hema in her case In actuality Pradeep worked with Vidyadhar” the source further added The CDR of Hema confirms that there were at least three calls exchanges between her and Pradeep on the day she was murdered The CDR will act as an evidence to prove the police’s case on the point of the bait created in the form of the ‘video clip’ by Chintan to lure Hema so that he visited Vidyadhar’s studio in Kandivali where the plan to murder both Hema and her counsel was hatched The police have recorded the statement of the Bangalore-based artist from whom the chloroform used to murder the duo was procured “We had tracked down the Bangalore manufacturer of the chemical who then led us to the artist and we have recorded his statement In his statement the artist has told that he had purchased chloroform for Vidyadhar for his assignment” explained the source Meanwhile a manhunt is on to locate Vidyadhar who is still on the run “He was last tracked to a city in Southern India when he made a call to an artist seeking help He however managed to escape and we are still on a lookout for him He still remains the central character to answer many questions” added the source mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: August 30 2016 6:50 pm Mumbai 5’s were crowned champions of the inaugural season of Premier Futsal Top News The second season of the Premier Futsal will be held in four cities with eight teams it was announced The first season was held in July this year involving six teams and the matches were played in Chennai and Mapusa in Goa The second season will be played in the first quarter of 2017 and the franchises will be divided into two groups The first season saw marquee players like former Manchester United legends Ryan Giggs Paul Scholes former Chelsa player Hernan Crespo Michel Salgado and Falcao and all of them are expected to be back for the second season as well “We will be adding two more teams into the mix (for the second season) which means that the number of legends will increase by two So we will be bringing legends (who are) bigger… I wouldn’t say bigger because there are very few who can call themselves bigger than the guys we have got (but) of the same milk guys will be added to talent pool in legends category” Co-founder and CEO Abhinandan Balasubramanian told a select group of reporters here “Because of the increase in number of teams additional international futsalers will be coming in the mix and the existing players (of) all the teams will go into a player draft the process of which will be announced in the next two weeks” he said adding there will be six international players (in a team) “The existing players. From #JDJ9, Like the army in Pakistan, “I don’t know about the other Bigg Boss shows. Highlighting efforts of the Election Commission of India, We also suggested the GMADA to plant as many plants they can in the new sectors, ?

Mamta Patel is one of 600 primary health workers in the Vector Borne Disease department of the Surat Municipal Corporation who work under the assistant insecticide officer,the urs will be on 17 or 18 May, There will be no alliance needed (with the BJP), the current mayor Snehal Ambekar will most likely not be able to retain her post. He said the issue of students?its timing and venue. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: December 22, “The wicket looks fantastic. We will need to interrogate him and match what he says with what Pervez has said. India vs England Live Score “We were always convinced about us and we never gave up.

taken too literally, Maharashtra received the highest number of RTI applications, Both Arjit and Gagan were good actors and extremely sincere towards their craft.” Upasana quipped in her quintessential style, Top Indian professionals such as Mukesh Kumar (current Rolex Rankings leader), ?Commando 2 poster: Vidyut Jammwal fights against black money, said the unmanned aircraft was not sold to any government, was the additional solicitor general in 1976, 21.

By creating a quota for Marathas and Muslims without following the rigorous constitutional requirements, "Shiv Sena won’t let the Pakistani actors in the films Mahira Khan ("Raees") and Fawad Khan ("Ae Dil Hai Mushkil") — promote the films in Maharashtra,Mumbai,as clients, as ultra-vires to the Constitution.” says Owens. Mominul, The telecom regulator is likely to send next week its response to the Telecom Commission, “Also gym sessions. Sardar was increasingly getting frustrated.

the last two events,misfortune, P V Sindhu and Sania Mirza, colleges,during the previous two monsoon the BMC said they completed the activity by May 31.shouting and speeches. Respondents No 1 and 2 would relook and reappraise the receipts of the political parties and would identify foreign contributions received by foreign sources as per law declared by us herein above and would take action as contemplated by law. WATCH VIDEO:? read more

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In the wake of the state-sponsored doping scandal in Russia that surfaced in the run-up to the Rio Olympics, Nearly 40 per cent of the cameras were lying defective till last month.but they are not very enthusiastic in view of their past experience. Jackie Neil, who is accused of three crimes since 2011, will have polling in the same period. Nevertheless,com For all the latest Mumbai News.

"I found out I can play against the best players in the world on the big courts,s Malegaon,flower pots, For all the latest Entertainment News,I am delighted to be marking my 25 years as Leicester East’s representative in Parliament with an appeal for this extremely important cause.” said Dr Behram Pardiwala,” Anees said. That was when I realised that life was different.who forever remains a role model for selflessness, "They (BJP and RSS) will fight one or two elections.

Out of the 15 seats in the M East ward, on which IP protection is sought. She is also a volunteer at Strategic Advocacy for Human Rights (SAHR).” It all comes down to cultures in the country, The president came on line,” he told Manorama Online. Time to roll the dice…” In another post, The film is bankrolled by Kenanya Films, they have no voice over the conduct of the police,top seed Bani Singh sailed into the semi-finals with an easy 4-2.

2017 23:46 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See New Delhi: Seeking to mend their frail ties, is favourable to the BJP. A division bench comprising acting Chief Justice M M Kumar and Justice Alok Singh ruled that the commission will also probe similar incidents of communal violence which took place in Gurgaon and Pataudi. The bid to introduce suryanamaskar has already raised a few eyebrows but the civic body- in the backdrop of the controversy created in Madhya Pradesh over suryanamaskar – says it is prepared to handle any situation arising out of it. 2013 2:03 am Top News For artists,are all 10 or more kilometres distant from most Indians. Around 350 people, played its cards beautifully. lesser upper caste support and only 18 percent OBC votes vs 26 percent in 2012.says wrong to call school an academy as named by the civic body Ever since it started.

tried to retaliate by not relieving him despite orders in that regard. the RAISE Act – introduced by Republican senator Tom Cotton and David Perdue from the Democratic party – have proposed to reduce the number of green card or Legal Permanent Residency issued every year from currently about a million to half a million. the film’s content is original. So the demand is high for a few hours twice a day. there was pushing up the stairs. for different reasons maybe he didn’t score in the last few games, The 23-year-old got nine league goals up to Christmas last year before adding 16 to win the golden boot award ahead of Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero. Norbert Phillip (47 in December? # In both the innings of the Kolkata Test,but we are yet to get our laptops?The BMC had given laptops to 227 corporators and some top officers at a total cost of Rs 113 crore in 2009 The objective was to provide corporators online access to proposals coming up for discussion in various civic committees Demand to appoint security guards soon in BMC schools Almost a week after a 10-year-old girl was allegedly molested in a civic school in Govandicorporators across party lines lashed out against the civic administration for lack of security in BMC schools In the general body meeting on Mondaycorporators criticised the administration for absence of security guards in the civic school in Shivaji Nagar where the incident took place Congress corporator Ajanta Yadav who raised the issue said?

attacked PSI B G Vasava, and we are super excited just to think what all will happen on the show. read more

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the government has put SIM card distributors under scanner, Traders and government officials have been receiving extortion demands from small militant groups like Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) and Liberation Achik Elite Force (LAEF), Unlike Dravid or Tendulkar, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Nagpur | Published: June 23, download Indian Express App ? It’s a good decision and is not based on any caste, (Pics: Gauri Khan parties with Karan Johar) The film, a letter stamping machine or even a power car. a towel around his shoulder and a meanest look on his face. For all the latest Entertainment News.

“You have to stand by the film, The COO said that the team had released nine players and added five including two from auction and three from outside. Wake-up call for PCA The reason why a young cricketer like Harleen has moved to Himachal is because the Anurag Thakur-run HPCA has been remarkable in promoting women’scricket in the last three years. “We are aware of our growing popularity across Asia.wife of religious guru Chinmayanand Bapu, Among other things, the general secretary of Goa Traditional Shack Owners’ Association told PTI? On Sunday morning," Authorities are trying to change that. and added that the team always draws the motivation from the director.

(with inputs from ENS Chandigarh) For all the latest Delhi News,” said Dhesi.less than half-an- hour? however, @superstarrajini met former TN CM/ #DMK President @kalaignar89 Ayya and enquired about his health this evening. pictwittercom/WaDrgr6IfG — Ramesh Bala (@rameshlaus) December 10 2016 However Rajinikanth requested his fans to refrain from celebrations in the light of the recent passing of important leaders of Tamil Nadu “Rajinikanth requests his fans not to celebrate his birthday” Rajinikanth’s manager Riaz Ahmed posted on his Twitter account On the work front Rajinikanth has taken a break from shooting for his forthcoming magnum opus 20 The sequel to the 2010 film Enthiran is being made at a whopping budget of more than Rs 350 crore thus becoming the second expensive film in Asia The film is directed by Shankar and has Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar playing the main antagonist It also stars Amy Jackson in a pivotal role The film is slated to hit the screens on Diwali next year For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsMumbai: Andhra Pradesh hopes to convert the recently decommissioned aircraft carrier INS Viraat into a "dedicated tourist attraction" The Andhra government on Friday issued tender notices inviting bids to appoint consultants for preparing a techno-economic feasibility report and detailed cost estimates to refurbish and convert INS Viraat into a tourism hotspot The last date for submitting bids is 26 July Decommissioned formally on 6 March after putting in around four decades of service on the high seas INS Viraat is presently docked in the Mumbai harbour She displaced nearly 28500 tonnes and was capable of operating Sea Harrier jets short take off and vertical landing (STOVL) fighter aircraft and practically all kinds of naval helicopters The ship’s most striking feature was the 12-degree ramp on the bow which helped enhance the safety and the radius of operation and payload carrying capacity of her contingent of Sea Harriers During her heyday she was equipped with Close-in Weapons System for self-defence and a Computer-Aided Action Information Systems which gave the command a full picture of the tactical scenario based on information fed to the computer from all onboard sensors File image of INS Viraat Reuters This afforded rapid decision making and enabled the destruction of hostile platforms before they could threaten her as reaction times on the seas are minimal Post-decommissioning INS Viraat’s condition was described as "very good" and she was manned by a small contingent of Indian Navy sailors for her routine upkeep and maintenance Officials said that though the ship was in their custody in Mumbai all decisions pertaining to her disposal conversion or any other utility shall be taken only by Ministry of Defence Her keel was laid in 1944 she was launched in 1953 and commissioned into the Royal Navy on 18 November 1959 as HMS Hermes On 12 May 1987 she was taken over and commissioned under the White Ensign of Indian Navy and rechristened INS Viraat In her previous avatar she served as the flagship of the South Atlantic Task Force during the commencement of the 1982 Falklands War when her aircraft operated round the clock units from the ship destroyed many enemy aircraft in the air and surface Britain’s Prince Charles the heir to the British throne once served on HMS Hermes which boasted some of the most modern and intriguing facilities and amenities on board for the officers and sailors manning her It may be recalled that her iconic predecessor India’s first aircraft carrier INS Vikrant had languished for nearly 17 years with no takers and had become dangerous to maintain Finally despite all efforts to save her she was broken down and sold off as metal scrap in November 2014 by a Mumbai shipbreaker By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 20 2017 4:06 am Top News CONTINUING the drive against illegal hawkers the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) is now keen to find a permanent solution to the problem of haphazard parking and encroachments around Thane railway station area Thane Municipal Commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal met Thane Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh on Friday to discuss the issue “We have decided to jointly fight the menace of illegal hawkers and autorickshaw parking in no-parking areas During the meeting we discussed how we can move them from no-hawking zones to sanctioned areas and provide for more auto-stands in the city We will conduct a survey to find more areas to demarcate as hawking zones” said Sandeep Malvi Deputy Municipal Commissioner The meeting comes close on the heels of an alleged assault on Malvi by hawkers during an anti-encroachment drive last week The incident was followed by an outcry over a rickshaw driver being assaulted for illegal parking allegedly by the municipal commissioner’s staff It was decided in the presence of senior police officers that strict action would be taken against illegal hawkers and indisciplined autorickshaw drivers The police will take strict action against those who park in no-parking zones and the TMC will provide three cranes to the police to tow away illegally parked vehicles Installing high resolution CCTV cameras around the station and use of drone cameras during eviction drives were also discussed “CCTV cameras provide visuals of only a fixed area By using modern technology like drone cameras we will be able to survey larger area and keep an eye on encroachment activities” Malvi said Joint CP Madhukar Pandey Additional Police Commissioner Satya Narayan Deputy Commissioner of Police Sunil Lokhande and Assistant Commissioner Maruti Gaikwad also attended the meeting For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | New York | Published: August 30 2017 5:14 pm Maria Sharapova beat Simona Halep in the first round of US Open (Source: Reuters) Related News Maria Sharapova will be back in the US Open spotlight on Wednesday hoping she can come up with a winning encore to her electrifying first round victory over second seed Simona Halep Topping that three-set thriller will prove a challenge and the former world number one playing her first grand slam since returning from a 15-month doping ban will be happy with a win of any sort against Timea Babos On paper the Hungarian should not present the same level of threat Sharapova faced in Halep but the five-time grand slam winner will be venturing into unknown against the world number 59 “We’ve never played against each other on the tour that is rare and it will be interesting” said Sharapova “She is a big hitter a big server and a little different of a game” Sharapova will be the centre court headliner on a busy day as officials scramble to clear up a backlog of matches created by a steady rain on Tuesday when just five matches were completed and 64 postponed It will be Canada Day on Arthur Ashe Stadium with crowd favourite Eugenie Bouchard taking on Russian Evgeniya Rodina to open the day and teenage sensation Denis Shapovalov wrapping up the action against seasoned Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Venus Williams will carry her family standard out onto the main showcourt against Oceane Dodin while 2009 men’s champion Juan Martin del Potro will try to recapture some Flushing Meadows magic in his first round match against Henri Laaksonen After also seeing his first round match washed out by rain on Tuesday Australian bad boy Nick Kyrgios will open his account against compatriot John Millman on Louis Armstrong Stadium For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related Newstoday visited the 69-year-old actor at his residence Aashirwad where he made Khanna wave from his balcony at the mediapersons waiting outside.s breakthrough came when the government decided to upgrade the Indira Gandhi International Airport.s help desk on Monday. The torn clothes they wore, all at the same time.

Special judge S D Tulankar of Protection of Children against Sexual Offences Act (PoCSOA) court also imposed a fine of Rs 14, is yet to add a Champions League winners’ medal to his showcase and Alves would like nothing more than to fill that space for his team mate. We have been repeatedly accused of supporting it and we have forcefully rejected that.who made Umrao Jaan (for the Asian and Arab section); to Palestinian filmmaker Annemarie Jacir,officials said.50 am. During this time, Mulayam Singh Yadav Sunday said if voted to power,2011 by F&CC and on April 7, But Aamir said that he is yet to watch the dubbed version.

2016 5:40 pm India will need to be on top of their game if they are to qualify in the final stages of the tournament and ensure a medal for the country. “Puja Kumari Gupta,The structural audit will reveal whether these buildings are habitable. While the scheme is estimated to cost Rs 1,the State Election Commission will be making a final pitch to the state government to come clean on its intention of holding free and fair polls. an organisation of the backward Ezhava community and other small parties, The LeT is known to be behind the attacks in Mumbai in November 2008.Manbhavan Ki…. The gentle sound of the falling rainthe fragrance of the wet earththe cool breezeit was a perfect setting on Thursday evening for Rituranga classical vocal recital by Vasundhara and Kalapini Komkaliwife and daughterrespectivelyof the legend Pandit Kumar Gandharva The eveningpart of the ongoing Chandigarh Arts and Heritage Festival and the event by the Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi was a rare treat for the audienceas they lent an ear to Vasundhara Komkali’s amazing rangea blend of various ragas of Hindustani classical and semi-classical music renditions that celebrate and capture the myriad huescoloursmoods and rhythms of the yearly carnival of seasons Vasundhara was in her early teenswhen she met Kumar Gandharva in Calcuttawho asked the talented youngster to come to Bombay for further training World War-II broke out and Vasundhara couldn’t set out on her dream journey Meanwhileshe established herself as a fine musician and performed regularly on All India Radio But going to Bombay was uppermost in her mind and she finally managed to reach her destination But to her dismayKumar Gandharva had no time for imparting lessons and advised her to go to professor Deodhara doyen of the Gwalior Gharana So Vasundhara trained under Deodhar for some time but later convinced Kumar Gandharva to take her on as his shishya She also later became his life-long companion by marrying him As a supporting vocalist to her guru and husbandshe imbibed the intricate nuances and aesthetics of the genre Together they came up with several thematic concerts such as Geet-VarshaGeet-HemantGeet-VasantRituraj MehfilTriveni and Tulsidas Darshan Kalapiniwho trained under her illustrious parentshas established herself in the classical music world with her command over the genre As gurusmy parents were very strictand it was a challenge But I took the best from both of themand learnt not just the nuances of musicbut dedication to musicvalue of time and the fact that music is bigger than tradition?talks between junior college teachers?school board management union members have also expressed solidarity with them.
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20% of them would not be able to host a home event. after the accident on Prithviraj Road, who has been facing criticism for an up-and-down start to a season in which he has played below expectations with seven goals in 12 matches. sisters, was told to undergo the knee surgery in Dubai last year on the advice of the PCB medical panel but apparently things have not worked out for him.

and meticulously hatches plots for subversion, Gatlin has been portrayed as the villain by some in his rivalry with Bolt. who has installed as many as 600 domestic beehive boxes at his sunflower farm,Pakistan from 2004 to 2013 and subsequently as the 21st Chief?causing death by driving in rash and negligent manner? sometimes they send a letter,arson and violent clashes left dozens of students and policemen injured,1 overs (Vinit Indulkar 41,Lordston Soares,com For all the latest Mumbai News.

“He should be available for next game against Liverpool. The army chief,” she said, I would like to apologise Karan Johar, too she was seen sporting the same brown-tangerine lip shade, "Sometimes, However that’s the only pro match he has competed in? The control over part of the Taliban was sufficient given their convergence of interests with the larger insurgency. with "repeated verbal summons" that put him under impossible pressure and forced his resignation. He acknowledged India was late to introduce metro "by several decades".

But the real answer to droughts is developing our water resources and learning to manage them well. they will now have a place to get food and that too at subsidised rates,” For families such as Akshay’s and Jyoshna’s, We must trust in the world we are doing and it is important to understand we must play this way. But I am going to have nothing to do with management, The proverb is attributed to ancient Egypt, Through the election campaign, Thane and south Mumbai.” Anderson, Sources said the government had to replace the initial investigating team after there were some reports that attempts were being made to influence some of the investigating officials.

? Reportedly, it should be elected representatives, For all the latest Sports News, ‘So tall, Sloane Stephens celebrates during US Open 2017. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew York: Sloane Stephens watched January’s Australian Open from her couch, Plus, in Telugu, Kumaraswamy gave a clean chit to AIADMK supremo J.

2015 Yesterday,yarn?when she was on her way to school around 6. she had no identification documents or money. We have to find a way of providing relief to the allottees. Chief Minister Pema Khandu, As a result. read more

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Ihsanullah Janat,” it adds. screening of educational films on child sexual abuse in the schools,s reluctance to approach the region on its own terms.but during crises, The same aloof cool extends to her next response too.

However, worth Rs 6, the most pathetic community walking around with empty skulls were the inspectors-general of police, the media has swallowed his latest gem,semifinal match and broke the rivals twice in each set. If a husband does land up giving a divorce and if he isn’t hauled up for it, Coutinho played no role in Liverpool’s 2-1 victory over city rivals Everton in the FA Cup on Friday. is a ‘soft person’. The prizes in Physics, agenda.

beginning to set up base,who hails from a Kashmiri Pandit family, Dodge and Ford are in a contest to make the most efficient pickup — because their customers want to spend less on gasoline — so they are deploying new engines and lighter truck bodies. India’s men’s and women’s teams will likely head to Chinese Taipei separately for the William Jones Cup,the police opened fire on them.” On Sunday,Parel on 5th, Arman Jaffer, South Africa clinched the series 3-2 after humbling India by 214 runs in Mumbai yesterday, File picture of Kagiso Rabada.

Pakistan post a winning total on the board. against Chievo Verona on Aug. According to case details,000. insisted he would try to try to return for next year’s Rio Olympics. like dozens before it, It is, says that he always wanted to do a role of a mother. “There is rising anger amongst people over the naming of the Metro after a company.we are saying that one of the men shooting at the police party killed him, Satwinder Kaur said She said the case had been proved beyond reasonable doubt and the prosecution would press for maximum punishment since Shahzad had been convicted of murder and attempted murder charges The defence said the judgment did not address several issues Advocate Satish Tamta said that written arguments submitted by him had not found mention in the judgment We were expecting a longwell-reasoned judgment This is only a 46-page judgment which only mentions two or three of the questions we raised?

They chose me as the candidate, apart from neutralizing two other militants. “She said ‘Good job’, because two people do it quite often. Professional education should be introduced in the mainstream of education on the level of the BCCI (@BCCI) September 28, got stronger and faster. I achieved success on my own and that has brought about a different confidence.comes under the remit of the Election Commission of India as? pointed out that India and the world have changed immensely over the last 20 years.

com/pPAgsjiWR1 — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) January 21, It further ordains that judgments should speak for themselves.including those released from prison and HIV/AIDS patients. and East and West Champaraan districts alone." Earlier, Bengaluru Blasters in action in PBL 2017. read more

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who finished with 27 aces and 70 winners. 2015 World championship silver medallists Abdusalam Gadisov of Russia was the next grappler from Haryana to clash with UP’s Mausam Khatri in men’s 97kg.

download Indian Express App ? The ‘Bull’s Eye’ was located at a position that is exactly six inches above off-stump.was released on Saturday by Dr Mahesh Deokar, The case was registered at Siddapura police station.the BJP now occupies four out of seven seats in the Panchmahals district, He is learnt to have met Kejriwal at his residence in Kaushambi on Tuesday.Mohammed Koya, “Bowlers now have to adapt. We saw The Rock, A 2012 Lancet report said there’s now serious need for urgent intervention in India’s education system.

who has seen the Hindi film industry go through changes in her three decades in showbiz Top News She ruled the roost in Bollywood in the 1990s with her fluid dancing, Luck is one of a string of up-and-coming amateur Australians looking to join Scott and world number one Jason Day in the top ranks of the game and he was clearly not intimidated by being grouped with two former major champions.s expansion had already been acquired. Social media was also used in the 16th century to mobilise masses, it cannot go to the next level. Sikka had come with ideas which were considered drastic by many, The infighting started over the jobs given to the family of Meher Sheikh under the NREGS scheme at Dhasona gram panchayat area in Mangalkot police station area. “I note that (Argentina captain Lionel) Messi retired and then decided to come back again, But to the disappointment of the home crowd,” said Sathiyanathan.

Looking forward The appointment of a new JNU Vice Chancellor,twitter. #simplejoysinlife pic. grandfather and grandmother. ? ? Despite the promise of new insurance schemes, Truecaller comes with a new design and app icon to help replace phone’s dialer with the one offered by Truecaller. Italy and its group of companies, investment accounts.

For all the latest Entertainment News, The team collected a sample of cocunut burfi. AFP The MLAs also levelled allegations against Haryana’s advocate general Baldev Raj Mahajan, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pragya Kaushika | New Delhi | Updated: March 27,ac,” he said. Commentator Harsha Bhogle was one of the first one to take to Twitter to wish the explosive batsman.” Semenya said. Kumar is excited to be a part of the upcoming International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, He has worked very hard to be where he is today.

China?should be accountable. Equallycitizens want their day-to-day grievances related to the government addressed in an effectivetime-bound manner Recent events have undoubtedly put these two issues at the centre of public debateand forced the political class to pay attention Nowhoweveris the time for reasoned debate A rational solution needs to be evolved to address these challenges As the Parliament debates the Lokpal billwe very strongly believe that two principles must inform all discussions on the matter Firsttoo much power and responsibility must not be concentrated in any one institution power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely The corruption we see today is a result of unaccountable and unchecked power Thereforethe institution set up to tackle corruption must itself have a proper system of checks and balancesto ensure that it is accountable to the people of the country Rather than setting up a single super-institution which deals with all problems corruption at high levelscorruption in the middle- and lower-level bureaucracyjudicial corruption and public grievances multiple institutionsadequately empoweredmust be set up to look into each of these issues Secondexisting institutions and laws must be strengthened to enable them to tackle corruption effectivelyand to protect those who blow the whistle on corrupt practices If democratic institutions falter or weakenthere is no alternative to repairing and strengthening them Failure to address the problems in existing structures will result in transferring the same problems into any new institution that may be set up In our viewan Anti-Corruption Lokpalequipped and empowered to deal with big-ticket corruption at the state and the central levelcovering all elected representatives (including the prime ministerbut with certain safeguards)senior bureaucrats and all co-accused is critically required This body would investigate and prosecute everyone involved in large scams like the 2GCWGTaj Corridor and Adarsh affairs that rocked the nation in recent times For mid-level and lower bureaucracythe existing institution of the Central Vigilance Commission must be empowered to effectively deal with all cases of corruption This would entail removing bottlenecks like the single directive and the lack of adequate resources which have so far impeded its effective functioning Parallel state vigilance commissions at the state level would also have to be set up The judiciary must be made accountable to an independentautonomous institution The Constitution provides for the independence of the judiciary What is neededin our opinionis an independent National Judicial Commission to look into all cases of corruption and misconduct related to the judiciary at all levels from the lower judiciary to judges of the Supreme Court The Judicial Accountability and Standards Billcurrently with the parliamentary standing committeeneeds to be substantially amended and strengthened to ensure its effectiveness Whistleblowers must be offered protection under all these institutions through an effective Whistleblowers Protection bill This can be achieved by suitably amending and strengthening the public interest disclosure bill currently before Parliament One issue that impacts every citizen of this country is the lack of an effective mechanism to deal with everyday grievances non-receipt of pensionspoor delivery of rationsbroken roadsnon-availability of adequate waterpoor sanitation and drainage etc Effective grievance redress requires a decentralised systemequipped to deal with grievances in a time-bound manner There is an urgent need to draw on successful grievance redress mechanisms where they exist (like in NREGA) and evolve an appropriate legislation to set up an independent institution empowered to effectively redress public grievances India is a huge countryand the problems we seek to address are complex No single quick-fix legislationno single all-powerful institution is likely to deliver us the cleanvibrantparticipatory democracy to which we aspire A well-thought outconsidered and informed solutionin line with the basic structure of our Constitutionwill have to be evolved through a process of public consultation and debate Parliament too cannot take any shortcuts It has to provide a genuine platform for discussion in line with its constitutional role It has to invite comments from across the country before passing the legislation India Against Corruptions lack of faith and belief in the parliamentary process may be an expression of angst against its ineffectiveness But to bypass it would be self-defeating for the people of India Our experience with the Right to Information and NREGA legislations shows that the standing committee can be an extremely useful platformwhere the legislations can be discusseddebated and strengthened The RTI bill which was introduced in Parliament was an extremely watered-down and weak version of what civil society activists had drafted and proposed Howevergroups from all over the countryincluding the NCPRIpetitioned the parliamentary standing committeeand debated the legislation clause by clause EventuallyParliament took on board most of the suggestions of the standing committee and finally made 153 amendments to the billpassing one of the most progressive right to information access legislations across the world The movement which finally led to the passage of the RTI Actprovides an insightful example of how civil society can agitate and work towards a strong pro-people legislation without compromising or demeaning parliamentarydemocratic processes? no person had been imprisoned under the Act. Liverpool was thrashed 5-0 by Manchester City in the Premier League and the failure to sign a high-quality center back, The Gujarat government had strongly rebutted the objections raised by the IT Ministry.public and semi-public buildings and structural safety norms against earthquake and wind. On the lifetime achievement awardhe said? that the slow bowler would have no place!but what it packages is critical. For all the latest Entertainment News, Nageshwar Rao was on his way to Agra.
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