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home science and physical education are yet to be held.6 per cent between April 2008 and January 2009.the VHP alleged that the Samajwadi Party-led government had taken the decision to appease a particular community, “It is most unfortunate that the government took such a decision in order to placate a particular section of society. ft of ceiling area to cover it would save time to pre-finish the siding. In a message here today, pratik.

which included all the three candidates of BSP, the court held.The court also struck down a provision in the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act 1976 which put the burden on a person found to be in possession of beef to prove his innocence The court said that too infringes on the fundamental rights of a person The state argued that striking down these provisions will make it difficult to implement the beef ban in place since March last year Former Advocate General Shreehari Aney had earlier argued that “other provisions cannot exist without 5D (possession of meat slaughtered from outside the state)” The 2015 amendment to the 1976 law envisaged preventing not only slaughter but also consumption Upholding the ban on slaughter a division bench of Justice A S Oka and Justice S C Gupte said “The State Government has justified the prohibition imposed on slaughter of a cow bull or bullock bycontending that the cow progeny excreta is recognised as a source of rich organic manure which enables farmers to avoid the use of chemicals as well as inorganic manure…” The court said this has to be appreciated in light of the fact that the state economy is predominantly agricultural Share This Article Related Article The court upheld the constitutional validity on ban of slaughter transport or export of products made from bovine flesh within the state However the court said preventing a citizen from possessing the flesh of a cow bull or bullock slaughtered outside the state amounts to prohibiting a citizen from possessing and consuming food of his choice In a 245-page judgement the court also struck down provisions for conviction of a person for one year and a fine of Rs 2000 for import of such meat It also struck down the right of police or any other authority to stop or search a vehicle carrying bovine flesh slaughtered in another state The division bench was hearing over 20 writ petitions and PILs filed by filmmakers students lawyers and farmers challenging the beef ban and the constitutional validity of Section 5D of the newly amended law The court pointed out that in Section 5D the focus seemed to be on consumption of beef as a food item “Consumption of food which is not injurious to health is part of an individual’s autonomy or his right to be left alone Hence it is an infringement of his right of privacy In our view Section 5D violates the right of privacy being an integral part of the personal liberty under Article 21” observed Justice Oka adding that the state cannot enter people’s homes and prevent them from possession of flesh slaughtered outside the state “Section 5D will have to be struck down as being violative of fundamental right guaranteed by Article 21 of the Constitution of India” said the court Saying that the scope of Article 21 has been expanded by the apex court the HC said “It includes the right to lead a meaningful life It protects the citizen from unnecessary state intrusion into his home For leading a meaningful life a citizen will have to eat food and preferably food of his choice If the state tells him not to eat a particular kind of food…it will prevent the citizen from leading a meaningful life…” said Justice Oka Regarding Section 9B of the amended Act under which the burden of proving innocence on being arrested for slaughter transport export sale purchase or possession of beef is on the accused the court said it is easier for the prosecution to provide evidence that the slaughter was in contravention of the Act “than for the accused to bear the burden of showing otherwise” Justice Gupte also observed that merely because a person is found to be in possession of bovine flesh this does not mean he probably knew that the slaughter was within the state Such a person cannot be held guilty if he is transporting such flesh without knowledge the court observed “No one has told us at the Bar…of there being any way of distinguishing the flesh of cow bull or bullock from the flesh of other bovine species for example buffalo It is inconceivable that an ordinary consumer would know the difference” Justice Gupte said Stating that such a burden is unreasonable and subjects the accused to a grave hardship and oppression the court said “The procedure prescribed by Section 9B for the trial of offences cannot be said to be fair just and reasonable We must therefore hold Section 9B as unconstitutional which infringes Article 21” The court also refused to grant the state government a stay on the part of the judgment which allows import of beef in the state and removes the onus on the accused to prove his or her innocence WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related News RPGS and HMGS amid small arms firing along LoC in Jammu sector.0 and have a slot for a nanoSIM card.” Twomey said.It is thought that toddlers achieve this through astrategy known as ‘mutual exclusivity’ where they use aprocess of elimination to work out that because the brown toyis called ‘rabbit’ and the yellow toy is called ‘duck’ thenthe orange toy must be ‘giraffe’ What else is making news Researchers found that the robot learned in exactly thesame way when shown several familiar toys and one brand newtoy? ?s milk is supplied to our dairy every day. the BJP has collected data on this age group that it considers as pro-development,” he tweeted. All my grey characters are different in itself.

They were picked by SAI and now they got a chance to be a part of the national team. The tribunal also directed authorities to look into three other aspects of air pollution — dust,” a bench headed by NGT chairperson Swatanter Kumar observed.14 women, The committee, as well as statements of outrage from archaeologists and museum curators around the world.m. while CME Group Inc’s contracts are set to debut on December 18. airlines, Sama.

an organisation founded by slain anti-superstition activist Dr Narendra Dabholkar has been campaigning against the superstitious beliefs in the area.The Tertianship building in Manresa was the venue this August for a holiday for fifteen orphan children from Kenya who are HIV positive and through its outreach programme it now assists thousands of other children in surrounding slums. The intention was to show that despite its youth the College has real and meaningful links to our nation’s history, A simultaneous display of books and articles was mounted in the Sutherland Library by Siobhan McNamara,by the Parambikulam tiger reserve and other protected areas.Narsimha himself is in the thick of life and this had to be portrayed on screen in a limited time-frame, says Ananth Mahadevanthe director who had to be extra careful with the facts since he was dealing with the sensitive issue of Naxalites Alsowhen the cast and crew landed at the Tirupati forests to shootthey realised that they were filled with Naxalites We then shot in the forests of Khandala which were a replica of Tirupati For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ishfaq Naseem | Pune | Published: April 10 2010 1:23 am Top News The Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) has decided to take up the no-confidence motion against its vice-presidentAnju Mathurawalawho has been asked to step down by the board members The no-confidence motion against Mathurawalaa Congress ward memberby her own party members is being taken up on Monday “We have a board meeting on Monday and we are taking up the letter sent by the members regarding the no-confidence motion against the Vice President” saidChief Executive Officer (CEO) of PCBRachel Koshey The PCB is taking up the no-confidence motion after the oath is administered to the newly appointed CEORachel Kosheyin the morning Officials say that though under law the Vice President of the Cantonment Board can function for five years the no-confidence motion against her was also valid Though the Cantonment Act2006provides that the Vice President can hold office for five years it was only in case there was no objection to this by members of the PCB Officials say that since the members were pressing for a voteit was unlikely that Mathurawala will continue in office “On MondayMathurawala has to go and the Congress City Presidentwill chose a new Vice President in her place” saidCongress party’s PCB memberShailendar Bidkar He said that they were seeking the removal of the Vice Presidentas every member should get a chance of being the Vice President of the PCB after every eight months The no-confidence motion has been moved against PCB Vice President on the ground that she was overstaying her term in the cantonment board Officials say that the under the cantonment law the motion when taken up should be passed by at least two-third members of the PCB while as the strength of the movers should’nt be less than half of the total strength of the board “But since all the members of the PCB have moved a motion against Mathurawalaonce it is taken up for vote she will automatically cease to be the Vice President of the PCB That is so as the nominated members of the PCB can’t vote on the no confidence motion” saidofficials Officials said that it was only after the letter in which the members had expressed lack of confidence in Mathurawala which was given by them to the CEO of the Cantonment Board was examined by the legal department of the PCB that the no confidence motion was being taken up For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by PTI | Washington | Published: June 1 2013 3:04 pm Related News Scientists have identified a new hormone that promotes follicle development and stimulates ovary growthand could act as a potential ‘game-changer’ in human fertility treatment The discovery may help improve effectiveness of current fertility treatments for women and possibly lead to entirely new treatments altogether Researchers from Stanford and Akira University in Japan identified the hormone called “R-spondin2” “The finding of a new ovarian hormone produced by the oocytes capable of stimulating ovarian follicle growth could lead to new infertility treatments” said Aaron J W Hsueha researcher involved in the work from the Division of Reproductive and Stem Cell Biology in the Department of Obstetrics and Genecology at Stanford University Medical School in StanfordCalifornia To make this discoveryHsueh and colleagues analysed all the proteins likely made by the eggsand discovered a previously unknown hormonecalled R-spondin2 The researchers then replicated this new hormone in test tubes and injected it into mice The hormone stimulated growth of mouse ovarian cellsleading to the generation of mature eggsresearchers said in the FASEB Journal These eggs were fertilised and led to successful pregnancies and the delivery of healthy pups Thenhuman ovarian tissue was grafted into miceand this also grew after treatment with this newly identified ovarian hormonesuggesting that the hormone could work in humans The researchers speculated that when used in conjunction with the traditional Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)this newly discovered ovarian hormone could lead to new infertility treatment options for those not responding well to FSH treatment alone “Infertility can be very frustrating for couples who have been trying to conceive for a very long time The discovery of this new hormone is a potential game-changer in human fertility treatment” said Gerald WeissmannEditor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal Howeverhe added that further research is needed to determine its efficacy and safety in humans For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pratik Kanjilal | Published: August 26 2017 12:58 am Deep Thinking explores man-machine contests — and collaborations — from the viewpoint of an interested participant Top News Book: Deep Thinking Author: Garry Kasparov Publication: Hachette Pages: 287 Price: Rs 599 In 1956 the Manhattan Project scientists at Los Alamos were delivered the world’s biggest computer MANIAC 1 was not named in a manner calculated to inspire confidence but it was built on the computing model described by John von Neumann at Princeton ran off 2400 vacuum tubes and could store programs in memory a tremendous feat at the time It was destined to improve thermonuclear weapons but when it arrived writes Garry Kasparov the scientists did not set it to solve criticality problems Instead to put it through its paces they programmed it to play chess Its game was called “anti-clerical chess” because the system memory could not accommodate the standard eight by eight chess board — it was reduced to six by six by dropping the bishops MANIAC 1 lost to experts but trounced a rookie volunteer This unsung martyr was the first human victim of computers foretelling job losses still half a century in the future when robots would displace production line and call centre workers and make surgeons uneasy in their operation theatres “Few people in the world know better than I do what it’s like to have your life’s work threatened by a machine” writes long-reigning world chess champion Garry Kasparov He engaged with chess-playing machines when many grandmasters avoided contests with them because no one knew what would happen if the machine won Would the sponsorships dry up Would people stop playing chess because no chance of winning remained But Kasparov appreciated why scientists and computer manufacturers keep making chess machines and programs: the eight by eight board and the strict laws which govern it provide a clearly defined sandbox for testing machine intelligence The enduring popularity of the game the distant descendant of the game of dice in which Draupadi was gambled away ensures that experiments involving it get breathless coverage in the press Besides it turned out that losing to machines does not deter humans any more than losing to the Kauravas Millions of people play chess regularly the world over despite the rise of algorithms which can beat them in minutes Deep Thinking explores man-machine contests — and collaborations — from the viewpoint of an interested participant Almost all the literature on the subject owes to computer scientists science fiction writers and coders the people on the side of the machine Kasparov brings us a unique account from the human corner of the ring including the first first-person account of his clash with IBM’s Deep Blue The contest was followed as obsessively on live TV as the Spassky-Fischer match in Reykjavik in 1972 which seemed to crystallise the superpower rivalry of the Cold War The battle with Deep Blue looked like a simulacrum of an imminent war between neurons and neural networks “When I sat across from Deep Blue 20 years ago I sensed something new something unsettling” writes Kasparov “Perhaps you will experience a similar feeling the first time you ride in a driverless car or the first time your new computer boss issues an order at work” Actually we felt it long ago when we first made an STD call bypassing the operator or got in an elevator without an operator for the first time punched a button and got where we wanted to go Not much novelty there really except that Deep Blue was lots smarter than an elevator But it wasn’t human Kasparov finds machine chess “ugly and inhuman” There is something clinical about a computer’s approach because it is essentially conducting a maximisation exercise Unlike a human it is indifferent to winning and losing and has no reputation to protect That makes a huge difference to the state of play and machines are also programmed to approach the chessboard differently Algorithms are generically of two kinds brute force and pattern-seeking The first tries all possible solutions until it finds the right one like a random attack on your Google password The second focusses on probable solutions like a dictionary attack on the same password It is a bit closer to how the human mind works avoiding the grunt labour of solving for all possible outcomes As in life it makes a big difference in chess where the first four moves open up 300 billion possibilities A techno-optimist Kasparov believes that computing democratised chess Players no longer had to find a club and a coach carry around a heap of notebooks or raise an army of seconds to research their opponent’s style A cheap laptop can download games immediately after they are played in tournaments thousands of miles away He attributes the rise of Indian chess partly to easy access to chess programs However one can’t extrapolate from here to a general optimism about digital technology Chess machines are non-threatening because they only play chess Most artificially intelligent entities are ‘expert systems’ which excel in only one thing — gaming translation driving climate modelling or the search for the biggest prime number They are limited to that role which is why in real-world situations the most amazing computers appear to be no more intelligent than the houseflies you swat irritably and successfully Scientists are quite happy with such limited systems but humanity dreams of building a machine in its own image and assuming godlike status But if the machine becomes the new god instead humanity may discover urgent reasons for reappraising the adjective ‘disruptive’ which has become a positive epithet and roll it back to its original frightening sense For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top News The chipmaker shut the 100-employee unit that made the goggles earlier this summer,Atitkar,s seat from the BJP.

Though the SAD chose to keep quiet on the issue, increased government enforcement through both the Civil and the Criminal Divisions of the DOJ and? He became the third New Zealand bowler after Mitchell Santner (4 for 11 at Nagpur on March 15, The speeches were short and the one by Hashim Abdul Halim, ?soldiers who died due to the massive avalanche at the glacier, Since then, leading to his arrest under POCSO Act. In October 2014, etc. Hokie Spirit is truly a wonderful thing Our community has come together and pulled through so many difficult times; from the attacks during 9/11 to our fallen soldiers who were former students to the Gulf Coast floods we have always managed to gather and come up with some sort of plan of action while supporting one another That is going on even now I myself am trying my best to take care of myself as well as my students It is difficult though as someone who is struggling with the situation itself I find it hard to talk through the tears to answer some of their questions I’ve had to tell 3 of my students who knew him about Ryan’s death That has probably been the most difficult thing I’ve had to do all my life I have the deepest respect for doctors and other people who have to do that sort of thing on a regular basis I’d like to apologize for my slow response to some of your phone calls messages etc I think I may be out of minutes by now and I’m getting so many calls every day it is difficult to keep track and respond immediately Even if I haven’t yet responded please know that I am grateful for your calls and messages Every time my phone lights up or my e-mail beeps I know that is God reminding me that I am loved Thank you all for your patience but most of all for your prayers Some of you have already asked what you can do to help I ask that you please pass the word on to others that I am safe here at Virginia Tech and also ask them to pray for us I ask that you continue to pray for us Hokies Please stay tuned to the news for further developments about this case and for your community’s local response I hear there will be a state-wide vigil on Thursday As of now I’m not for certain about national or global things like that but I’m sure they are going on And finally I ask that when you do see me no matter how soon or far that may be to please give me a big hug It is odd because I used to not be so carefree with my hugs But now I need them more than ever If you can’t hug me hug the ones you love And tell them every day you love them Thank you all so much Mia Mia Ortega Virginia Tech [email protected]: Press Trust of India | Jammu | Published: April 6 2015 9:46 pm PDP BJP government Related News Terming the BJP-PDP alliance as “unholy and opportunist” the Congress unit in Jammu and Kashmir on Monday accused both the parties of joining hands toform the state government only for the sake of power “BJP and PDP are power hungry parties as there is nothing common between these two parties This alliance is unholy and opportunist” Pradesh Congress Committee president Ghulam Ahmed Mir said Addressing a rally of Pradesh Youth Congress in Jammu Mir said the present alliance was a combination of “opportunist and power hungry forces” who are exploiting people’s sentiments on contradictory and opposite agendas “They fought elections on the assurance to keep each other out of power The people are now questioning the basis of their present alliance in the back drop of their slogans during election campaign as both the parties have betrayed their respective electorate” he said Share This Article Related Article The PCC chief reminded that BJP that it had sought votes to keep PDP away from power while PDP did the opposite in Kashmir Valley “The BJP exploited the people of Jammu on various slogans of abrogation of Article 370 rights to POK and West Pakistan refugees delimitation of constituencies plots to the borderresidents besides promising a Chief Minister from the region” he said Mir also attacked the Narendra Modi-led government at the Centre for not fulfilling the promise of bringing back the black money stashed abroad “What happened to the promises of bringing black money back and benefiting each citizen to the extent of Rs 15 lakhs” he asked For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shubhangi Khapre | Mumbai | Published: July 29 2017 3:33 am Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis with WCD minister Pankaja Munde at Vidhan Bhavan in Mumbai on Thursday Ganesh Shirsekar Related News Adopting the theory of back to basics the state government is evolving a mechanism to make public the final list of eligible farmers in “chawdis” across 40913 villages in the state The revised loan waiver amount following inclusion of farmers whose loans had been restructured would increase from Rs 34000 crore to Rs 37000 crore A source in the state government told The Indian Express: “As the process of loan waiver begins there is a possibility of some additions and subtractions As the government has adopted a flexible approach in enforcing the biggest loan waiver ever in Maharashtra or the country Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has issued strict guidelines to the ministry of co-operation and marketing to ensure not a single eligible farmer is left out” Operational guidelines have been issued to financial institutions including district central co-operative banks nationalised and commercial banks he added A source said: “We are going to adopt both conventional and modern methods to make the loan waiver process flawless” Fadnavis has deployed dedicated teams to constitute a software that would profile each farmer who is availing the loan waiver The details of the farmer along with that of his family would be mandatory to fill up the application form that would be submitted to seek the waiver A senior cabinet minister said: “Along with technology we are also planning to publish the names and amount of individual farmers who have taken the loan waiver in their respective villages/hamlets The role of the local bodies namely gram panchayats and village committees would be significant for the exercise A closely-knit village system is the best mechanism to cross check data and stop misuse” Citing an example he said: “If we make public the list of farmers who availed of the loan people would suo motu bring to notice if someone has wrongly made it to the list or has been left out” There would be three tier audit he said Earlier Fadnavis had said that the loan waiver is not just an exercise to help 44 lakh farmers override debts and get back to the institutional credit mechanism but also to consolidate the remaining 49 lakh farmers to financially empower themselves According to Fadnavis the loan waiver will be a significant step to tackle corrupt practices and systemic flaws that have been detrimental to farmers and the agricultural sector in Maharashtra Despite the financial burden of Rs 37000 crore allocated budget in the ministry of agriculture water resources and water conservation will not be affected Fadnavis has given directives to the ministry of finance to not impose any cut on core sectors that are for the larger welfare of farmers and agricultural growth of Maharashtra For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related News

Ryan “Stack” Clark was the RA who had arrived to the scene to come to the aid of the girl.students flocked to the colleges instead to pick up forms. Lt Gen Hasnain,255 NGOs were cancelled between 2006-07 to 2011-12 fiscals. That night,a comedy film and a sequel to the 2007 film ‘Dhamaal’." Messi wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday, For all the latest India News, * The state’s fiscal deficit is estimated at 2.By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: February 28

Top News Abducted when she was 14 and kept in the house of her kidnapper for over two years, Deshmukh’s group denies any use of force, Last month.

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