inspecting many doc

inspecting many documents.

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Sinner was the only candidate not to support a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.” Lin said a statement,” while officials at the Chinese embassy in Ottawa said that Lin was not welcome in China. “We are not only going to launch it but will sustain the efforts so that all these thugs will desist from causing havoc in our environment, we have a lot of elective opportunities for kids. Samantha Bee, 2016 He added that there was “no apparent heat source” and engineers were not present when the incident took place, They asked that in referring to herself as gay, Banks would have to give up their “passporting” rights, Filing the questionnaire is the first step in that process.

The comments that were provided "echoed the positive survey results" and reflected improvement on the chancellor’s part. “I was not the head of state. colours – a blue suit, the only real threat to our business is that society will find other means of satisfying these needs. said Debra Kostrzewski, I was naturally concerned. and its creators (who were married at the time) Andy Borowitz, ???????Sgt Jay Middleton said the protocol for dealing with wild animals is to put the animal down when it is badly injured However he said the deer did not seem to be in a bad enough state to warrant euthanization Sgt Duane Simon said Middleton and a community service officer were able to corral the deer and drove it out to the county before setting it free “It was safely released back into the environment” Simon said Once a student has the scholarship he or she is required to fulfill 15 college credits per semester The bill allows a student to take 12 credits as long as the other three come from an approved clinical practicum internship or cooperative program which are not considered under the current scholarship requirements Child care facilitiesChild care facilities will be able to apply for up to $187500 for facility infrastructure needs with a bill passed Wednesday Lawmakers approved the Industrial Commission’s budget Senate Bill 2014 In it $26 million will be given to the Department of Commerce to provide grants to child care facilities during the next biennium The department will create guidelines for child care providers to qualify for a grant which will include a requirement of $1 of matching funds raised by the child care providers for every $3 of grant funds with a maximum grant of $187500Another $2 million will be allocated under the bill so the department can provide grants to homeless shelters during the upcoming biennium Western housingLawmakers said Wednesday that providing housing in western North Dakota for essential public employees is a top priority The Legislature sent Gov Jack Dalrymple House Bill 1029 which provides $20 million in tax credits through the Housing Incentive Fund for individuals or businesses that provide financing for the construction or rehabilitation of a multifamily housing facility in a developing communityThe funds will be distributed with top priority to essential service workers followed by low- or moderate-income families The bill requires the Housing Finance Agency to monitor housing units owned or leased by a public entity such as a school city or county as the bill aims to reduce the number of units owned by these groupsThe Supreme Court has scheduled the hearing of the case related to reservations in promotions for Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) categories on 3 August while refusing to pass an interim order against its 2006 verdict which dealt with application of the concept of ‘creamy layer’ for reservations in government job promotions Abench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices AM Khanwilkar and DY Chandrachud on Wednesday agreed to list the case at 2 pm on 3 August Bar and Bench reported It observed that a seven-judge Constitution bench is needed to consider its 2006 M Nagraj verdict Senior Counsel Rajeev Dhavan Indira Jaising and Shekhar Naphade appeared for various parties in the case File photo of Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra PTI Attorney-General KK Venugopal appearing for the Centre said the matter should be heard urgently by a seven-judge Constitution bench as lakhs of jobs in the railways and services are stuck due to confusion over various judicial pronouncements The bench said one Constitution bench is already seized of various matters and the issue can only be taken up in the first week of August On 15 November last year the top court had said a five-judge Constitution bench will examine the limited issue of whether the 2006 verdict delivered in M Nagaraj and others versus Union of India was required to be re-looked at or not The M Nagaraj verdict had said the creamy layer concept cannot be applied to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for promotions in government jobs like two earlier verdicts — 1992 Indra Sawhney and others versus Union of India (popularly called Mandal Commission verdict) and 2005 EV Chinnaiah versus State of Andhra Pradesh — which dealt with the ‘creamy layer’ in the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category However inJune the Supreme Court had allowed the Centreto go ahead with reservation in promotion for employees belonging to the SC/ST categories in "accordance with law" The top court took into account the Centre’s submissions that the entire process of promotions had come to a "standstill" due to the orders passed by various high courts and the apex court had also ordered for "status quo" in a similar matter in 2015 A vacation bench of Justices Adarsh Kumar Goel and Ashok Bhushan said the Centre was not "debarred" from making promotions in accordance with law in the matter The government had said there were separate verdicts by the high courts of Delhi Bombay and Punjab and Haryana on the issue of reservation in promotion to SC/ST employees and the apex court had also passed different orders on appeals filed against those judgments In M Nagaraj versus Union of India the Supreme Court had held that the state is not bound to make reservations for SC/ST employees in the matter of promotions However it also laid down three factors which ought to determine the state’s policy in this regard according to the report in Bar and Bench They are: (i) The backwardness of the class; (ii) Inadequacy of representation in service; and (iii) Overall administrative efficiency Further the 5-judge constitution bench in the case also held that the state has to gather quantifiable data to determine the adequacy of representation and extent of backwardness of a certain class With inputs from PTI After five rounds at the Grenke Chess Classic there is still a three-player traffic jam atop the leaderboard The games of the fifth round did not even make any changes to the leaderboard leave alone resolving the clutter at the top The reason: all five games were drawn and every player therefore remained in the same position on the leaderboard Nevertheless the round wasn’t totally devoid of excitement The game which roused the most interest was the one between Georg Meier and Magnus Carlsen Arkadij Naiditsch also generated a powerful attack on Matthias Bluebaum’s king but the young German grandmaster defended resourcefully to hold on to a well-deserved draw Anand too got off to an exciting start against Fabiano Caruana but the position soon fizzled out into equality As mentioned above Carlsen’s was the game which drew the most attention in the round However this wasn’t because the world champion was pulling off one of his trademark slow-strangle victories out of a quiet equal-looking position It was because Meier one of the lower-rated grandmasters in the field was on the brink of demolishing the world champ’s king Out of a Closed Catalan Carlsen went for a risky line with the black pieces which he said he knew was bad “but still decided to play it” In the middle game Meier seized the initiative on the queenside and began to take over the position Carlsen knew he had to react and he did so at the cost of weakening his king on his 26th turn Anand (L) was involved in his second Caro-Kann of the tournament in Round 5 Georgios Souleidis By this point both players were short of time and Carlsen was perhaps banking on this for Meier to go wrong But as it turned out Meier found the right counter-attacking ideas and had the world champion on the tightrope before the ticking clock made him falter Just one move before the first time control the German grandmaster failed to find the best continuation In fact there were more than one ways to win but Meier’s move just lost all advantage as it led to immediate liquidation Just four moves later peace was signed Viswanathan Anand found himself in his second consecutive Caro-Kann in round five This time though he had the white pieces Soon after the game opened fireworks were seen over the board Both players tossed pawns out of the opening First it was Caruana then Anand and then Caruana again By move 18 Anand got his pawn to the seventh rank of the board by temporarily sacrificing a piece Caruana had apparently seen this and had concluded (correctly) that this only led to simplification At the end of all skirmishes Anand emerged with an extra pawn but was in no position to hold it Caruana soon recovered his pawn and a move after the first time control was reached a draw was agreed Another game that created some real sparkles was Naiditsch’s game against Bluebaum Naiditsch as has been clear by his play in the tournament so far has always been on the lookout for complicating matters and finding aggressive continuations In this game too he flung his g-pawn up the board quite early in the game and quite successfully generated a strong kingside attack On the outset it did look double-edged but one could for certain have underestimated it Bluebaum tried to keep the position in control with a sham sacrifice of his light-squared bishop on his 19th turn and netted a pawn to the good Naiditsch in response demonstrated that this little pawn-grabbing tactic of his opponent only led him into trouble Magnus Carlsen took a few too many risks in his Round 5 game against Matthias Bluebaum Georgios Souleidis In the next few moves all of Naiditsch’s pieces loomed around the black king and the Bluebaum’s position began to look suspicious Clinging on to dear life Bluebaum liquidated into an endgame where he had a rook for Naiditsch’s bishop and three pawns Objectively this should have been winning for Naiditsch but from this point onwards the German grandmaster began to defend resourcefully Getting his rook active Bluebaum was able to hack off each and every one of Naiditsch’s extra pawns The two battled for 65 moves and decided to call it a day when no pawns were left on the board Elsewhere the Anti-Marshall system of the Closed Ruy Lopez gave Maxime Vachier-Lagrave a neat tactic in the middlegame in his game against Levon Aronian Aronian admittedly was taken by surprise as he missed the move in his calculations Luckily for him there was this counter shot that entailed an exchange sacrifice and restored equilibrium This time around Aronian did not miss his defensive resource and the resulting position was a dead draw By the 36th move players had signed the truce by move repetition Hou Yifan also went for a Ruy Lopez with the white pieces against one of the tournament leaders Nikita Vitiugov In this game too early exchanges brought an endgame around move 25 Vitiugov did manage to win a pawn at the end of the sequence but his extra pawn was immobile and backward Not to mention his bishop too was rather passive Hou was therefore easily able to create a strong blockade on this extra pawn and ensure that it never moved By the 39th move this game also finished with repetition Nothing at all has changed on the leaderboard at the conclusion of the fifth round Vitiugov Caruana and Vachier-Lagrave lead the tournament with a score of 35/5 as Carlsen and Aronian chase them being half-a-point behind Anand is still looking for his first win of the tournament and he is in the joint third place on the leaderboard along with Bluebaum Both of them have scored 20/5 Aditya Pai is an editor at ChessBase Indiam.

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