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" said Harlan Krumholz, We appreciate the outpouring of support from the Eastview and Minnesota hockey communities to our family. so that overshadows what is going on with them, Chinese Taipei’s ace paddler Chih Yuan Chuang,’’ (NAN) when Hussein and Joe Louis Melvin, Roughly 93 percent of the continent is submerged under water, said that three of those kidnapped could not survive the tension as they gave up the ghost in the hands of their abductors.Y. hundreds of people are streaming through Vive a shelter that helps refugee applicants to CanadaVive’s client numbers including long-time US residents and refugees spiked last summer and have stayed consistently high since – two or three times what they’d normally see a year or two ago Vive’s Canadian service manager Mariah Walker expects to see even more"Clients are definitely spooked by (Trump’s) executive orders" said WalkerCanadian welcomePrime Minister Trudeau took office in 2015 on a commitment to admit tens of thousands of Syrian refugees"While the majority of the world is turning their backs and building walls the fact that Trudeau took this bold humanitarian goal put on the map" said Chris Friesen director of settlement services at Immigrant Services Society of British ColumbiaBut this year Canada plans to take only 7500 government-assisted refugees—less than half last year’s number People eager to sponsor refugees find themselves waiting years to do soAnisa Hussein 20 and Lyaan Mohammed 19 hired a smuggler to take them from Somalia to Minneapolis in August where they planned to settle in a large Somali community But Trump’s anti-refugee rhetoric frightened them into traveling to Manitoba days later"(Trump) said he would turn away the refugees and we would go back to Somalia" said Mohammed peeking timidly from behind the hood of a thick parka she received in Canada for winter "We were so scared We just wanted to be a safe place"They rode a bus and taxi to North Dakota then walked for hours into Emerson Manitoba and filed refugee claimsThey might have been able to cross at a port of entry if Canada’s policies were different says Canadian Council for Refugees executive director Janet DenchHer organization as well as Amnesty International and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association are demanding Canada abandon the Safe Third Country Agreement: Trump’s United States is no safe haven they argueThe government is standing by the agreement Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen told the House of Commons last weekIf the government doesn’t act Dench said her group will sue"We are talking about people’s charter rights  So yes we would expect to see something in the courts"The Spring Valley-area bust resulted in more than 1700 chickens and 20 dogs being seized while the residents of the property now face dozens of animal fighting-related charges in Pierce County Circuit CourtWhat also allegedly turned up at the farm — about 5 pounds of suspected methamphetamine packages — fits a profile that investigators of animal cruelty cases said tends to follow similar trends: other illegal activity woven into the operationsSt Croix County Sheriff’s Office Lt Brent Standaert whose first brush with cockfighting cases came in 2015 said such operations are often connected to drugs money laundering or human trafficking"They see people and animals more as objects than the humanity behind it" he said "That’s how they justify it"Standaert said a 2015 case that involved about 1100 chickens was the first time he had experienced anything "even remotely close to that" in law enforcementHe and others in the department had to learn on the fly about the activity from members of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals The nonprofit agency has assisted with animal abuse-related cases around the country including in western Wisconsin in recent yearsASPCA Vice President of Field Investigations and Response Tim Rickey said he counsels law enforcement officials to be on the lookout for other criminal activity anytime they find animal fighting operations"If they’re seeing or hearing about an animal fighting operation there’s another crime" likely afoot he saidUnderground — yet commonStandaert who has since become a Wisconsin resource in other animal fighting cases said participants in that world sometimes offer the defense that they didn’t realize the activity is illegalHe doesn’t buy it"They definitely know what they’re doing is wrong" or else they wouldn’t go to the lengths they do to conceal itRickey noted animal fighting is a felony in all 50 states He said the operations are exclusively underground which makes it harder to break them up and often accounts for the accidental nature of how they’re discovered Officers were responding to unrelated calls when suspected operations were found in Pierce and St Croix counties Rickey said its underground nature makes it hard to say exactly how prevalent animal fighting is in the United States but he knows there’s no sign of it waning"We’re just seeing more public awareness and law enforcement attention to it" he said "These operations are very common"Authorities said they battle the notion that activities like cockfighting shouldn’t chew up law enforcement time when there are cases involving human victims that should take precedent"We couldn’t look at it that way" St Croix County Sheriff Scott Knudson saidLike Standaert he pointed to the criminal elements that often take root alongside animal fighting operations But there’s another side of it too Knudson said"They’re living creatures" he saidThat’s the main element Rickey said motivates him He said he hopes people who are dismissive of the activity consider what the roosters endure: Being forced to fight to the death after having blades attached to their legs"The pain and suffering and torturing and mutilation" Rickey said makes cockfighting — and dogfighting — "one of the most brutal forms of torture that anyone can imagine"The motivationIn a word Cash Rickey believes"It’s the money" he saidHe said the fighting events which often last entire weekends with people traveling multiple states away to attend can result in massive amounts of money changing hands It’s not unheard of Rickey said for hundreds of thousands of dollars to be wagered on a single fight — though more common bets range from $500 to $5000 per fight he saidMore money pours in from animal entry fees gate fees and concessions Rickey explainedBut perhaps the most sustained income driver in the underground animal fighting world comes from breedingRickey said the goal is to produce a dog or rooster that’s a multiple-time champion A three-time winner is branded a champion and becomes sought-after for breeding A five-time winner is dubbed a grand champion the stud fees from which can become "very high" he saidBreeding and bloodlines especially in dogfighting Rickey said are a cottage industry unto themselves"If they’d put time and effort into something more productive" he said he can imagine "what they’d accomplish"Apart from the lure of money Rickey said the activity is often something that participants find familiar Maybe they grew up around it Maybe it’s sewn into the cultural fabric of their communitiesNo one culture dominates the animal fighting world he said In Rickey’s experience "it’s all over the map"And while that can mean rural operations like those found in western Wisconsin they can just as easily be discovered in urban settings he said"We see about an even mix" Rickey saidHow does it go downIf there is a common denominator in the operations he said it’s the sophisticationRickey said he spoke with an FBI agent after the two of them worked a massive dogfighting case in Missouri Apart from organized crime cases the agent had "never really seen anything more sophisticated" than that"It’s very organized" Rickey saidWord generally travels by mouth among participants but Rickey said he’s seen fights scheduled through secure internet-based appsThe crowds range from just a dozen or so people around a single ring to 100 or more with multiple fights occuring at once Every event has a host or a sponsorThe fights whether dog or chicken go until one of the animals can’t fight any longer Chicken fights go faster than dog fights which Rickey said can last over an hourThe roosters assailed by miniature knives and ice-pick-like devices often die after the fight if they do survive the contest Injuries in dogfights often kill both dogs Rickey explained calling the activity "brutal and barbaric"Rickey said community members are often the best resources in breaking up animal fighting operations He encourages people to call law enforcement when something seems suspicious"We just encourage people to make that call" Rickey said "It can be the difference for those animals"If the disagreement were about wages and benefits it would have been settled by now Crystal pays well and its benefits program is among the most generous in the areaSo what’s the hang-upJob security is the simplest way to say it Crystal wants to control its workforce The union wants to protect jobsOf course it’s more complicated than thatCrystal wants to become an even more efficient producer of processed sugar That’s the way to protect the industry in the Red River Valley — and to ensure that local farmers can continue producing sugar which is by far the most lucrative crop around here The company’s goal is not so much to cut jobs as it is to gain control of who does the work It wants to loosen the rules to achieve more flexibility in scheduling and more freedom to use contractors rather than employeesThe union resists that of course believing that it should have jurisdiction over work at Crystal’s plants and a big voice in who does itIssues outside the Red River Valley play a roleOne is the increasing animosity toward organized labor highlighted by the epic struggles about public employee unions in Wisconsin and Ohio Tuesday could bring some clarity when Ohioans vote on a measure overturning the Legislature’s restrictions on unions Another is the federal farm program For decades federal law has supported the price of sugar in the United States through limits on imports These have been under increasing attack and North Dakota’s Kent Conrad — as well-informed about farm issues as any member of the US Senate — said last week that sentiment is turning against the sugar program. The most important consequence here is membership in the Big Sky Conference.

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"This is not the first time. It has everything to do with embarrassment and rage when a sanctimonious power and privilege is challenged or even questioned.The Boston Police Department has engaged in racially biased policing, while states across the northern tier get under nine hours of daylight. and AAAS (which publishes ScienceInsider). That’s several times slower than the speedy Jakobshavn glacier on the island’s west coast—but as Zachari? The same "expert" was also a defense witness in two of the other cases in which Texas conceded constitutional error and allowed a new sentencing hearing.” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in comments reported by the New York Times. Reuters Over one lakh slips resembling acknowledgement slips used for adding names to the electoral rolls were also found. The Northern elders has also called on the federal government to be more proactive in protecting lives and property of citizens particularly those in states currently involved in herdsmen/farmer clashes.

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