David Byrne Confirms New Solo Album And Collaboration With Oneohtrix Point Never

first_imgDavid Byrne of Talking Heads fame took to Reddit today and hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to promote the new edition of his book How Music Works and its respective release party in New York city at Town Hall on June 1st. In the forum, David Byrne confirmed that fans could expect a new solo album from the iconic musician sometime “early next year.” Byrne also noted that Brian Eno helped him “a LOT” with this latest album. David Byrne also hinted at an upcoming collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin, stating, “Last week, I wrote words and a melody over a track that Daniel Lopatin sent me.”Watch David Byrne Join Angélique Kidjo For “Once In A Lifetime” At Carnegie HallDuring the AMA, Byrne was prompted about his creative process. This was his response: “At first, I may have sat down with lyrics and tried chords, etc. Very traditional, though the material was not. Then, I learned I could write over pre-existing grooves and chords — which was liberating — but I eventually discovered that process led one down certain paths and made other routes less likely. More recently, I wrote some musicals —which is all about character, emotional moments, and storytelling — which meant words once again came first. I go back and forth. . . . Lyrics are best when the writing is not obvious — when they appear to be naturally occurring (even though that might mean they are the result of lots of work and editing).”Watch Stephen Colbert Channel His Inner David Byrne And Cover The Talking HeadsWhen asked about music he’s been listening to, Byrne shouted out Sinkane, Weeknd, Lorde, Lambchop, Bon Iver, Sampha, and PJ Harvey. You can check out the full Reddit post here to read more answers from David Byrne.[H/T Fact Mag]last_img read more

Tomislav Fain, UHPA: We support the initiative to hold Tourism Days in Slavonia and I announce the holding of UHPA Days 2019 in Slavonia

first_imgA big positive “dust” was raised by the launch initiative to hold the Days of Croatian Tourism in 2018 in Slavonia. Day after day, support is coming from all over Croatia from the entire tourism sector from Istria to Dubrovnik, as well as from Zagreb to Slavonia, and even beyond the borders of Lijepa naša.Support for the initiative # DHTSlavonija2018 is joined by the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies (UHPA), which in addition to 193 regular members providing services of travel agencies and tour operators, brings together 104 associate members from the hotel industry, transport, vocational education and other institutions and associations related to tourism. Also, both on behalf of UHPA and on his own behalf, Tomislav Fain, President of UHPA, points out that they support the initiative to hold the Days of Croatian Tourism in 2018 in Slavonia and announces that the Days of UHPA will be held in 2019 also in Slavonia. “I personally support the initiative to hold DHT in Slavonia in 2018, but the initiative is also supported by the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies. UHPA will certainly try to hold UHPA Days in Slavonia in the coming years, but as the location has already been chosen for next year, I can announce that UHPA Days 2019 will certainly be in Slavonia. We must all work together to expand the Croatian tourism product, and continental tourism certainly deserves it”Points out Tomislav Fain, President of UHPA.One of the main goals of the DHTSlavonia2018 initiative is not only to keep DHT in Slavonia, but to make concrete progress. One of these changes is the proposal to hold B2B workshops with travel agencies in cooperation with UHPA two or three days before the official DHT in order to get to know and experience the destination Slavonia, and after DHT make concrete tourist offers for Slavonia. Are travel agencies ready to take that step, take the time to get to know the destination and thus help Slavonia? “UHPA members will gladly accept the proposal, although a number of members are already working on programs that include a visit to Slavonia. Certainly all stakeholders in tourism should be introduced to the beauties of this part of Croatia. Definitely, travel agencies are ready to take that step and help Slavonia to its full satisfaction”Fain points out.A lot of people ask me how I can help. My answer is come and experience Slavonia, both privately and in business. Organize a business meeting, congress, conferences, team building programs in Slavonia – this is the best concrete help you can give Slavonia – to come and leave money, ie to develop the entire tourism and business sector through tourism consumption. And that is why I would like to thank UHPA for holding the UHPA Days in Slavonia, because that is exactly what Slavonia needs – business and tourist activity.When asked what is needed to better start the development of continental tourism in Slavonia, Fain points out that the proposal to brand Slavonia as a tourist destination, ie a brand is certainly imperative because it is easier to brand a whole than each county separately.We are too small a country to be divided, it is much easier to brand Slavonia as a whole than each county separately. This is not just a problem of Slavonia, I think that other regions should connect and promote together ” Fain pointed out.UHPA Days 2019 will surely be in Slavonia – Tomislav Fain, President of UHPAAlso, Fain points out that Slavonia needs a strong DMC agency in order to develop tourism faster and better, and thinks aloud and proposes the idea of ​​a constructive dialogue with the Ministry of Tourism to be good. I definitely agree and share the same thinking, because Slavonia needs tourists, while sea destinations have a safe base of tourists every year, in order to trigger the snowball effect. “In one of our conversations, I mentioned this as an idea, because I believe that no destination can thrive without a strong DMC agency. To bring guests to a destination that is relatively unknown requires a lot of effort, a lot of work and huge financial resources. The Croatian National Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism already have in their program various models according to which they co-finance travel agencies. There may be an opportunity to help especially agencies that would take seriously the promotion of Slavonia ” concludes Fain.I thank UHPA and Tomislav Fain, as well as everyone for their support and support and for caring about Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem as well as the development of continental tourism. It’s all about people and synergy, support the initiative to hold Tourism Days in 2018 in Slavonia.  # DHTSlavonija2018 # DaniTurizmaSlavonija2018Related news:last_img read more