Push Me Pull You is the PS4s most bizarre game yet probably

first_imgBy embracing indie game developers, both Microsoft and Sony have been able to benefit from some truly unique games. This is clearly demonstrated with the latest game announced for PS4 from tiny Australian developer House House.The game is called Push Me Pull You, and it’s a truly strange game. Gameplay centers around two-on-two co-op play, with each player on a team controlling the direction of a head, only their head is attached to their partners’ head by a stretchy torso. Using this two-heads-one-body setup, it’s up to each team to try and take control of a ball and keep it on their side of the pitch for as long as possible.This is a sports game like no other, and really does need a trailer to help explain what’s going on:Protection is the name of the game, but that stretchy body makes it hard to control the ball for long periods of time. There’s also gameplay variations including a sumo-like Knockout mode, and an open area to explore between battles, which includes a number of secrets to find. The character customization looks like fun, too, even if it is only the head you are tweaking.House House realizes having four controllers lying around (and even four people sat in front of a PS4) isn’t always possible. So two players can play the game, and up to four players can play using just one DualShock controller if you so wish. The controls are so simple it’s possibly to do that, if a little cramped.Push Me Pull You looks sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone playing it, and probably everyone watching it as well. It will be playable at the PlayStation Experience in San Francisco on December 5-6, and available to purchase at some point next year. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Push Me Pull YouPush Me Pull YouPush Me Pull YouPush Me Pull YouPush Me Pull YouPush Me Pull YouPush Me Pull Youlast_img read more