David Byrne Confirms New Solo Album And Collaboration With Oneohtrix Point Never

first_imgDavid Byrne of Talking Heads fame took to Reddit today and hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to promote the new edition of his book How Music Works and its respective release party in New York city at Town Hall on June 1st. In the forum, David Byrne confirmed that fans could expect a new solo album from the iconic musician sometime “early next year.” Byrne also noted that Brian Eno helped him “a LOT” with this latest album. David Byrne also hinted at an upcoming collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin, stating, “Last week, I wrote words and a melody over a track that Daniel Lopatin sent me.”Watch David Byrne Join Angélique Kidjo For “Once In A Lifetime” At Carnegie HallDuring the AMA, Byrne was prompted about his creative process. This was his response: “At first, I may have sat down with lyrics and tried chords, etc. Very traditional, though the material was not. Then, I learned I could write over pre-existing grooves and chords — which was liberating — but I eventually discovered that process led one down certain paths and made other routes less likely. More recently, I wrote some musicals —which is all about character, emotional moments, and storytelling — which meant words once again came first. I go back and forth. . . . Lyrics are best when the writing is not obvious — when they appear to be naturally occurring (even though that might mean they are the result of lots of work and editing).”Watch Stephen Colbert Channel His Inner David Byrne And Cover The Talking HeadsWhen asked about music he’s been listening to, Byrne shouted out Sinkane, Weeknd, Lorde, Lambchop, Bon Iver, Sampha, and PJ Harvey. You can check out the full Reddit post here to read more answers from David Byrne.[H/T Fact Mag]last_img read more

Fire Ant Control

first_imgFire ant research is not a hot topic in the scientific community because effective control products are available, but fire ants can kill people, so management of this pest remains an ongoing issue, according to Will Hudson, University of Georgia entomology professor.“It’s a measure of the state of entomology. We used to have a fair amount of fire ant research going on in the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,” said Hudson, who has studied the control of turf insects for the past 30 years. “But fire ants are still important because other ants aren’t going to kill you. If you are allergic and you get stung by a whole lot of fire ants, you could die.”Lately, fire ant mounds have been popping up in pastures and in rows along roadsides. Hudson said that a few days of warm weather, followed by rain, make the right conditions for the ants to begin stirring.“They are active during warm spells all winter long,” he said. “If we have another cold spell, they will just stay in the ground. Any pest that can get inside a structure or go underground can survive year-round in Georgia.”Hudson says homeowners can “get by” treating for fire ants twice a year. Bait treatment should be applied in southern and central Georgia in April and October to eliminate existing colonies and their mounds, but reinvasion can occur any time, he said. Four to six months later, the mounds will reappear, which means homeowners should treat for the pests twice a year, about six months apart.“Fire ant bait has to be put out when the ants are actively foraging,” Hudson said. “There are a couple of new baits that work quickly, in 48 hours instead of three to four weeks, but you’ll pay extra for those.”In places like athletic complexes or large corporate landscapes, the main goal is usually to eliminate the mounds and reduce the number of ants on the property, says Hudson. For these situations, there are a variety of baits intended for large areas“If you need to get rid of the mounds and all of the ants, a different strategy must be used,” Hudson said.In this case, he recommends applying a contact insecticide to eliminate worker ants. Treatments range from a pyrethroid insecticide, such as bifenthrin, which is relatively inexpensive and controls ants for a few weeks, to fipronil, which costs about $250 an acre and controls ants for up to a year.“(Fipronil) isn’t for homeowners, although it can be applied in home landscapes by commercial applicators. It’s perfect for playgrounds or picnic areas where the goal is to get rid of all the ants,” Hudson said. “Just eliminating the mounds isn’t good enough in these situations.”Fire ants are still a problem for farmers, too.“They mess up the hay harvest because the mounds dull mower blades and throw dirt into the equipment. They also build mounds under and in bales in the field,” Hudson said. “And you wouldn’t think of them as being a pecan orchard problem, but they are.”Fire ants forage in pecan trees and feed on the honeydew produced by aphids. The fire ants protect the aphids by keeping beneficial insects — parasites and predators of the aphids — away, which creates problems for pecan growers, Hudson said. The aphid population builds up quickly, which requires the grower to treat with an insecticide.For more information on controlling fire ants, read UGA Extension Bulletin 1191, “Managing Imported Fire Ants in Urban Areas,” at extension.uga.edu/publications.last_img read more

Silent No Longer: Brentwood Residents Detail MS-13’s “Control Through Fear”

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York By Kevin Deutsch ‎Cesar Hernandez felt a bone in his cheek crack as the Brentwood gangsters pummeled his face, the sound reminding him of a “branch breaking, like a crunch.”It was a rainy afternoon in June 2013, and Hernandez, then 16, had just been attacked by four members of one of Long Island’s most notorious MS-13 sets: The Brentwood Locos Salvatruchas, also known as B.L.S.The reason for the “beatdown,” these gang members told him: Hernandez’s older brother had been spotted selling marijuana within MS-13’s sprawling territory. Since they’d been unable to track his brother down and retaliate for the territorial infraction, it was Cesar, they said, who’d have to pay the price.“I didn’t get a chance to say anything to them,” Hernandez recalled Wednesday, sharing his account of the gang assault with a reporter for the first time. “They jumped me when I was walking home and… just started pounding on me.”The blows rained down on Hernandez’s face, head, chest, arms, and ribs, leaving him with several broken bones in his face, two black eyes, and a handful of cracked ribs, he says. Hernandez was treated at a local hospital, and police took a report on the incident. The gang members responsible for the assault all ended up in jail or prison within a year, locked up on a host of weapons, drug, and assault charges unrelated to Hernandez’s case, he recalls.But it wasn’t long before those gangsters were replaced by more aggressive members—young men who’d risen rapidly through the B.L.S. hierarchy, and were anxious to make a name for themselves in the Long Island underworld.“They got too many [members] for the police to get rid of them completely,” Hernandez says of B.L.S., adding that the set’s members have long been involved in a small number of heroin, marijuana, and cocaine operations in Brentwood and surrounding areas. In addition, several of the gang’s leaders oversee protection rackets that extort illegal immigrants and off-the-books workers in the area. They also sell stolen cars, commit robberies, and fence stolen goods to fund their criminal enterprises, authorities and victims say.“If you don’t pay them, they beat on you, they cut you, they come after your people,” says Wilfredo Ortiz, 43, a Brentwood cook who says his food truck was vandalized by MS-13 members after he refused to pay them protection money in 2014.“They took away our family’s livelihood,” says Ortiz’s sister, Yvette. “They want to control people. They want to control through fear.”“We can’t be silent about it anymore,” she adds.Interviews this week with more than a dozen Brentwood residents who say they’ve had run-ins with B.L.S. highlight the extent to which members of MS-13 in general, and B.L.S. in particular, have ingrained themselves in the fabric of life in this community—and created a climate of fear.Brentwood residents’ fear is for good reason. The community was ranked as having the highest concentration of gang members in the county, according to a 2012 report by the Suffolk County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (SCCJCC). The study counted 4,103 gang members concentrated in neighborhoods with high poverty rates.MS-13 boasts numerous sets across LI, police officials say, but nowhere are the gang’s ranks larger—or its members more brazen—than in Suffolk County, which by some estimates has been home to more than 1,000 MS-13 members over the past decade, according to a retired law enforcement official with first-hand knowledge of anti-gang operations on the Island. That’s double the number of MS-13 members the SCCJCC study tallied.Adding to the problem in Brentwood are rival gangs such as the Bloods, Crips, and Salvadorans With Pride, whose members are locked in perpetual conflict with MS-13. Violence between the groups can break out for any number of reasons, ranging from an incident of perceived disrespect to an improper incursion onto another gang’s turf, authorities say.B.L.S. is considered particularly dangerous because of its routine targeting not just of rival gangs, but of civilians, suspected police informants, and even its own members.“If they think you might talk to the cops, to anybody with a badge, you’re not going to be around, believe me,” says one Brentwood 17-year-old, who spoke through a translator and asked to remain anonymous out of fear MS-13 members would harm him. “Even if you’ve been in [MS-13] for a long time, if you go against the rules or they don’t trust you…” Here, the teenager mimes cutting his neck. “That’s it.”The issue of gang violence in Suffolk returned to the spotlight in the past two weeks when police discovered the remains of four teenagers, all of whom authorities suspect may have been victims of gang violence linked to MS-13, sources say.The bodies of Brentwood High School students Nisa Mickens, 15, and Kayla Cuevas, 16, were badly beaten, police said. In a wooded area about two miles from the elementary school near where the girls were found, police discovered the skeletal remains of 19-year-old Oscar Acosta, who was reported missing under suspicious circumstances in May, and Miguel Moran, 15.Police have not publicly confirmed that they suspect MS-13 is responsible for all four killings, but the retired law enforcement official with knowledge of local gangs said B.L.S. members are a focus of the probe. An active law enforcement official, also with knowledge of the probe, substantiated that information.“This is their MO,” the retired official said of B.L.S. “They consider themselves the baddest of the bad.”Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini has said authorities are doing “everything in their power” to solve the killings and target local gangs. They also scoured the grounds of Pilgrim State Psychiatric Center this week, which Sini called “doing our due diligence to fully investigate the area for evidence.”The commissioner put the gangs on notice while touting his department’s enhanced patrols, increased cooperation with the FBI’s Long Island Gang Task Force and having a gang member in federal custody. The crackdown, a host of community meetings on the issue and re-energized community watches are much like the reaction to an even deadlier spate of gang violence in the community seven years ago.“The only people in Brentwood who have something to fear are the criminals,” Sini said. “And we are going to do everything in our power to bring those accountable to justice.”For Yvette Ortiz and other locals long accustomed to gang violence, the commissioner’s words have brought little comfort.“I believe they’re doing everything they can” to stop B.L.S, Ortiz says of law enforcement. “But they’ve [gang members] been here a long time. It’s not going to be so easy.”last_img read more

The Sherman House gets new name

first_imgBATESVILLE, Ind. — HPH Hospitality announced that the Sherman House has been renamed to The Sherman, to commemorate complete renovations and the reopening of this historic destination.The Sherman will include both the original two-story building of The Sherman House as well as the adjacent four-floor building, formerly the American Furniture Company.Renovations began in the summer of 2016  and updated the restaurant, meeting space, and the 22 hotel rooms and added the Black Forest bar.Further renovations continuing in 2017 will focus on turning the first floor of the old factory into a large German Gasthof  (pub) as an ideal locale for sports fans and families.Ultimately, The Sherman will offer several new venues for guests to meet, entertain, celebrate, stay over as well as shop.“We expect this name change will be welcome by the community as we bring the original Sherman House and the factory to the next level of modernization to meet today’s trends. We believe the extensive renovations to the original two-story Sherman House, along with the plans we have for the old factory, will be celebrated by previous visitors and will help to establish it as a venue for the next generation of visitors,” said Georg Heringer.“We are looking to create the ideal space where the current as well as next generation of entrepreneurs, brides and grooms, club members and reunion-goers can continue the tradition of making The Sherman their spot for entertaining, meeting, playing and making memories, comments Tom Pratt, General Manager.last_img read more

Troyer Toy Drive today and tomorrow at Home Hardware

first_imgResidents are encouraged to drop off new, unwrapped toys or cash donations. The Salvation Army says it has already seen an increase for toys this year. Toys for children aged 10 years old and up are needed the most, but all donations are welcome. Teenagers can be hard to shop for, but some suggestions are gift cards for iTunes, local clothing stores, and passes to the movies, skating or bowling.All donations will stay in Fort St. John to help local families.Moose FM is broadcasting live from Home Hardware throughout the Toy Drive.  – Advertisement –last_img