Which Wii U games should you get A breakdown of the best

center_img If you’re getting a Wii U on day one, you probably want some unique games that will put the touchpad controller through its paces. Nintendo Land is this console’s Wii Sports — a first-party minigame collection that’s a proof-of-concept for the system. If you’re getting the $350 Deluxe version of the console, you’ll get Nintendo Land as part of the deal. If you’re only buying the $300 Basic model, you’ll have to pay $60 to buy Nintendo Land separately — which means you’ll actually be spending more than if you just bought the Deluxe.After two consoles without a Mario game at launch, Nintendo has finally realized the value of putting their best-known character up front. New Super Mario Bros. U will no doubt be a highly polished first-party title, and there’s something glorious about seeing those classic characters jumping around in HD. The new co-op boost mode, which lets one player place blocks using the touchscreen, sounds like it could be an interesting addition as well. If you like platforming, New Super Mario Bros. U is a solid choice.As the only third-party game designed specifically for the Wii U (not counting casual and party games, which have their own section below), ZombieU is definitely an intriguing entry on this list. When I tried ZombieU at PAX 2012, I found that it used the Gamepad in a variety of ways that ranged from “useful and immersive” to disappointingly “less efficient than regular controls.” But if you enjoy zombie-survival settings and want a non-Nintendo game that makes heavy use of the touchscreen, ZombieU is a good call — as long as it reviews decently.Multiplatform new gamesDisney Epic Mickey 2Scribblenauts Unlimitedlast_img read more