New cannabis strains debut in Vancouver

first_imgCustomers at New Vansterdam, one of Vancouver’s two recreational marijuana stores, got to witness something brand new last week.CannaMan Farms, a Vancouver grower, quietly premiered two entirely new cannabis strains at the store, under the names “Lemon Sweat” and “Berry UW.”Much like brewers who like to experiment with a variety of beer types — pilsner, lager or porter, for instance — marijuana growers like to experiment with a variety of popular pot strains, with names like “Blue Dream,” “Sour Diesel” and “Bubba Kush.”Many of those strains are available throughout the world, through recreational or medical systems, and are further cultivated by growers to get signature flavors, much like a brewer might add a variety of hops to get a unique tasting stout or ale.But brand new strains are more rare. And the two, cultivated by CannaMan head grower Shane Wahl, are exactly that.“I’m the only one on Earth that has these,” Wahl said proudly. “I mean, who else would name something ‘Lemon Sweat.’ I never thought I’d get to a place where I could have a world release like this.”Wahl grew the “Lemon Sweat” strain from seed and bred the “Berry UW” from the more common “Blackberry” and “UW” strains. The “UW” strain, as an aside, is rumored to have been stolen from a marijuana study at the University of Washington many years ago, although it’s never been verified, Wahl said.Having a world release like that less than two months after opening his store is a thrill, said Brian Budz, one of the owners of New Vansterdam.last_img read more