Tsipras rejects euro doubts

first_imgGreek opposition leader leader Alexis Tsipras attempted on Thursday to kill off any new speculation about whether his party is committed to keeping Greece in the single currency by saying that its aim is to “save the country in the euro.”Tsipras was forced to clarify the party’s position after comments made by veteran candidate for the European Parliament Manolis Glezos, who indicated that SYRIZA might consider a return to the drachma. In an interview with Alpha TV, Tsipras ruled this out as an option. “There is no issue with the euro,” he said.With his party enjoying only marginal leads in most opinion polls ahead of European Parliament elections on May 25, the leader of the opposition in Greece is alert to the fact that any confusion about where his party stands on vital issues could prove highly damaging. Tsipras also tried to clear up comments by SYRIZA’s economic spokesman, Yiannis Dragasakis, regarding referenda. He insisted that if they come to power they would not hold a vote on euro membership but would opt for plebiscites on key issues.“Referendums are part of our strategy,” said Tsipras. “This is because we will have nothing else to lean on but the constant renewal of support from voters.”The opposition leader’s comments come as New Democracy and SYRIZA prepare to get their campaigns, including for the May 18 local elections, in full gear. SYRIZA wants the European Parliament vote to act as a referendum on whether the coalition government should remain in power, by attempting to provide an alternative to the coalition’s austerity program. On the other hand, New Democracy and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras are emphasising in their campaign the government’s achievements so far.Source: ekathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more