Japanese Rogue One trailer reveals new plot point has much cooler logo

first_imgWhen the official Rogue One trailer aired during the Olympics, you could hear the voices of Star Wars fans all over the world saying “Holy sh*t!” for roughly two minutes. Well, some of us did, others kept it PG but you get my point.Many of us played the trailer over and over, looking for clues, hints, new images, and any other bit of information that would help us learn more about the first Star Wars film ever to not be part of the Star Wars saga as we know it. This is new territory and people are all about exploring every inch.So when a new Japan-friendly trailer drops and reveals information that wasn’t in the official trailer, it’s news, baby!If you don’t want to know more, I suggest you stop here.Right there at the :24 mark, that’s new. Up until now, we’ve known that Jyn Erso has a father who’s made a scientific breakthrough of epic proportions and that the Empire has found a way to use it. We also know that Mads Mikkelson is playing Jyn’s father Galen. But the news that Galen is the one who sent the encoded transmission Mon Mothma and the rebels intercepted is, well, new.That opens up all sorts of interesting questions just ripe for speculation. Has Jyn been recruited because of her father? Are they expecting her to find him and discover more about this weapon test? Was she part of the rebellion prior to this? The change in music along with the additional dialogue by Saw Gerrera also paints something more universally understood –– the spectre of the Empire’s growing galactic takeover and what happens to people when they face those situations.Of the two, I think I like this international trailer better. Plus, the film’s title card looks amazing in Japanese. <>last_img read more