Liberia Discharges ‘Last Known Ebola Survivor’

first_imgThe “last known Ebola survivor” in Liberia was yesterday, March 5, discharged from the Chinese-run Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU).Ms. Beatrice Yardoldo, 59, had arrived at the ETU, located on the grounds of the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Monrovia, on February 18. She spent about 15 days in an intensive care enclosure within the Chinese ETU, which is managed by the medical team of the Chinese military contingent and assisted by Liberian nurses.During a brief ceremony held at the Chinese ETU, Ms. Yardoldo thanked the joint Chinese and Liberian medical team which looked after her.She narrated that in January and February three of her children died from the virus and when she too, became infected, she didn’t think that she would survive. “I didn’t know I could make it. Since Ebola hit the country, the whole of last year went by [without it affecting any of us]. We gave testimonies in church that Ebola had passed by us. But in January and February, three of our children were taken away by the virus,” Ms. Yardoldo narrated.She stated that she was prepared to be stigmatized by people who don’t understand the nature of the disease, but once her family members are around to show her love, care and concern, she wouldn’t be moved.In his remarks, the Chinese Charge d’Affaires at the Chinese Embassy near Monrovia, Mr. Pang Hanzhao, congratulated the China ETU team for their “arduous work and hard efforts” to make “one more miracle happen in the fight against Ebola.” He recalled an old saying in China that one who survives a great disaster is destined to good fortune forever after.Mr. Pang assured the Liberian Government that “China will not be absent in the post-Ebola recovery endeavor of Liberia.”Ms. Rose L. Barbuto, Officer in Charge of the UN Mission Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), stated that Beatrice’s survival, and the survival of thousands of Liberians, is a testimony to the resilience of the Liberian people. “Surviving Ebola is no easy task. The people of Liberia are the true heroes. They have stopped this disease in its tracks and for this, the world should be thankful.“Liberia has gone 13 days without a new confirmed case of Ebola.” She stressed that while the progress made so far is a great achievement, the country has not yet been declared Ebola-free and that everyone must stay focused. For his part, Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah, Head of Liberia’s Incident Management System (IMS), said the day was of significance for Liberia, declaring that “In the past 13 days since February 20th, the entire Republic of Liberia has gone without a confirmed Ebola virus disease.”He further stated that at least 13 of Liberia’s 15 counties have exceeded 42 days without any confirmed Ebola cases. He however stressed that all of this did not signify that Liberia is now Ebola-free.He clarified that Liberia has to go at least straight 42 days without a confirmed case before it can be declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organization (WHO). So the country now counts 29 more days to be free of the virus if no new confirmed cases are recorded.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Google Transit Search Gets Smarter

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Google Maps has added a new feature: search transit directions by types of transit and time spent outside. Want to take the light rail and not the bus? Willing to take a longer route if it means fewer transfers and time spent outside in the cold? Google will now oblige. More data equals more choices and for Google to have taken the time to index all the more types of public transit is a real service to transit riders. Expect more details in a future announcement from the company, but check out the screenshot below. The new feature is live now.Google Transit launched just over 3 years ago and became a layer overlay option in Google Maps for 50 cities around the world 2 years ago this Friday. 448 cities in total around the world make their information available for Google Transit to search. Many of those cities include listings from multiple agencies, but for all Google’s desire for other people to open their data, the company’s prohibition of automated extraction of data from pages like the list of Transit cities makes it difficult to discern patterns in the service’s global extraction. That’s frustrating. marshall kirkpatrickcenter_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts Tags:#Google#web last_img read more

Tweetbot: A Beautiful Twitter iPhone App (& Proof That Third Parties Should Still Build Clients?)

first_imgUnique FeaturesBut it also has a few new features that no other Twitter app does, and these make navigating the Twitter timeline and Twitter conversations much more pleasurable and much more efficient. This navigation is accomplished via gestures. Double-tapping a tweet, link, or avatar in your timeline takes you to their respective details. Tapping and holding those elements gives you options. And finally you can configure triple-tap to reply-to, fave, retweet, or even translate a tweet. Swipe to the right to view a conversation thread. Swipe to the left to view replies and related tweets. That might seem confusing, but it’s actually quite intuitive, certainly making it easier to read and respond with having to hit the “back” button.Reading tweets, of course, can be overwhelming particularly if you follow a great number of others. With Tweetbot, you can actually set a list as your main timeline. (You do use lists, right?)The app doesn’t currently support push notifications as the official Twitter client does, but it is integrated with Boxcar so you can can set up notifications if you choose.If Tweetbot Beats the Official Twitter App, Then What?Add to all this, the fact that the app is beautifully designed, and I’m willing to agree with the praise from others: it’s the best Twitter for iPhone app currently available. I say that as a power user, of course. I say that as someone who wants her mobile version of Twitter to be sleek and efficient. I say that as someone who needs Twitter on the iPhone to fully support lists.So while Twitter insists that no one else work on building (better) clients, I am glad that Tweetbot has. At the very least, the app demonstrates why innovation is important to the Twitter ecosystem. It will be interesting to watch how Twitter will respond. Tags:#twitter#web Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos audrey watters Related Posts I’m an avid Twitter user. I spend much of my day monitoring tweets for news stories. As Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote almost 4 years ago, Twitter helps me do my job better: “Twitter pays my rent.” But I don’t actually use any Twitter’s own clients or website to do this, with one exception: Twitter for iPhone.And as of the release last night of Tapbots’ new Twitter app, Tweetbot, I think I’m ditching the official Twitter app on my iPhone now too.The stakes are rather high here. After all, last month, Twitter’s API lead Ryan Sarver issued the decree to third party developers: stop building Twitter clients. Work on something else on the platform, he said.I’m glad that Tweetbot didn’t listen.The app costs $1.99, while the official Twitter iPhone app is free. That immediately puts the bar higher for Tweetbot, but it has features that make it worthwhile. It does have all the standard abilities you’d expect in a Twitter client: support for multiple accounts, search, old- and new-style retweets, list management. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

It’s Not What You Think

first_imgWhat if what you see isn’t what you believe it to be? What if you are wrong and it’s not what you think?It’s Not What It SeemsWhat if the person that cut you off on the freeway is rushing home because their loved one is sick? What if they’re not paying attention because they are afraid of not being there for someone who needs them?What if the person who is talking too loud on their cell phone in public just got a call from someone important to them, someone they haven’t spoken to in far too long? What if this is the very last conversation they’re going to have with that person?It’s Not What You BelieveWhat if the person you believe is evil is really suffering from low blood sugar, hasn’t slept enough, and is struggling to pay their bills, despite the outward appearance of success? What if they’re not really the angry person you think they are?What if the person you believe is loud and obnoxious was neglected as a child and is behaving in a way that you don’t like because they need the attention? What if they developed this strategy because they need love, love that they aren’t getting?What if someone you believe to be sarcastic and cynical is responding the way that they do because they have been hurt before? What if the negative traits you see are really this person’s attempt to prevent being hurt again?What if the person you believe is lazy is really distracted because their marriage is in trouble and their teenage child is on drugs? What if their thoughts are somewhere else because they really need to focus on what’s important?What If It’s You?What if sometimes you are the person that others assume is doing something wrong because it isn’t what they think? What if the behaviors other people see as negative in you are really something else, something deserving of their compassion?What if things aren’t what they seem? What if it’s not what you think?last_img read more