Fruit Ninja Kinect lets you slice and dice in real life

first_imgFruit Ninja, the popular mobile game that has the player use swipe movements to slice assorted fruits in half, is finally ready for the Kinect. Back in January, we saw a live-action Fruit Ninja video from a duo of, well, unskilled fruit ninjas. Apples, oranges, limes, and lemons were literally hurled at the guys who then tried to slice them in half with real knives. Needless to say, they had more apple-shaped bruises the next day than they would have liked. However, thanks to a new version for the Kinect, there’s now a safer way to play Fruit Ninja while using your hand movements instead of real knives.Fruit Ninja has over 20 million registered downloads on a variety of mobile platforms. The goal of the game is not only to slice a piece of fruit in half, but to slice it into multiple pieces, giving more and more points for each slice. If a fruit falls to the bottom of the screen, you lose one of your three lives. To spice things up a little more, there are also bombs that fall onto the screen. If one hits you, though, it’s game over.AdChoices广告Halfbrick, the creators of Fruit Ninja, decided to create a version playable with Microsoft’s motion-sensing technology. In the mobile version, you use just one finger to slice the fruit, but the Kinect version needs your entire body, which is superimposed on the screen. You use your hands to do the slicing, just like a real ninja would.Staying in the middle of the screen is key, so don’t try any roundhouse kicks or anything like that. The game is best played in a larger living room, since standing further back from the TV helps. Your shadow remains permanently on the screen, which makes it easy to gauge where to move your arms. Only rapid arm gestures are registered as slashes, so even if you’re moving other parts of your body, the game will only pay attention to your karate chops.Kinectaku’s Damien McFerran tested out the new Fruit Ninja Kinect game and liked what he saw. He said the biggest difference over the touchscreen version is that you can perform two attacks at once – one with each arm – making it even easier to do those multi-slashes. The Kinect version will definitely give you more of a workout than simply moving your index finger around on a screen.Another new addition to the Kinect version is the “challenge mode,” which features various objectives spread throughout the entire game. The most exciting new feature, though, is the two-player “party mode,” which lets you go face off with a friend. Just make sure you’re standing far enough away from each other so you’re not smacking your friend by accident.In addition to “classic mode,” the game also features a time-based “arcade mode,” where the goal is to score as many points as possible before time runs out. The bombs also don’t end the game, they just subtract from your total points.The pomegranates, which were just recently added to the iOS version, also make an appearance. When one pops up, quickly slashing it will cause the camera to zoom in while you go slash crazy, racking up a boatload of points. The magic bananas also appear in the Kinect game and create effects like slowing down time and triggering the pyrotechnic mode.Just like in the mobile versions, Fruit Ninja Kinect also offers unlockable bonuses, which include new colored blades, new backdrops, and the ability to change the texture of your on-screen shadow.The game will launch on Xbox Live Arcade later this year.Read more at Kinectakulast_img read more