Most commented stories on Columbiancom last week

first_imgReaders took opposing views on the Senate’s decision to pass a gay marriage bill:Phil BlockI do hope this passes. As long as the people getting married are adults where they are allowed to make up their own minds and as long as they are mentally competent to make their own choice, then it’s just not the government’s business. I don’t understand why the opponents of this have such a problem. Don’t like it then don’t go to their wedding. I guarantee what they do behind closed doors will not change with or without a wedding certificate.The gays are not asking for special rights. Just equal rights. I think that’s a totally reasonable expectation.Lew WatersBut, the point remains, why is the prime importance homosexual marriage when the state if facing dire circumstances?Shouldn’t the first priority be getting the budget back in balance and people back working?Note to readers: Columbian staff have been posting the most read stories on each week since July. We’ve noticed, however, that the stories that received the most traffic don’t necessarily reflect the most important issues to our community of readers.So we’re trying something a little different, posting the stories that received the most comments. These stories got readers fired up for one reason or another and provide a better glimpse of the issues the community is most passionate about and interested in discussing.What do you think about this new approach? What comments and discussions would you like to see highlighted? Tell us in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.1) Herrera Beutler tries to force CRC voteA move by Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler to stop federal transit funding for the Columbia River Crossing without a local vote failed Thursday in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.last_img read more