Prepared by FFWPU USA On the evening of July 14 w

first_imgPrepared by FFWPU USAOn the evening of July 14, with Unificationist youth from all around the world preparing to welcome and meet True Mother as part of Hyojeong Youth Weekend, FFWPU International President Sun Jin Moon had a heartfelt, earnest discussion with the young Unificationists on the meaning and practice of hyojeong—a filial heart.The night began with music and praise, as over 500 Unificationists between the ages of 15 and 40 sang their hearts out for God in the Manhattan Center ballroom. Feeling the passion of the youth after they sang as one family under God, FFWPU International Vice President, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, then conveyed to the young Unificationists how precious and dear they are to True Mother. “Mother has specially prepared the chukseunghwe (victory celebration) on Sunday morning for this Hyojeong workshop,” Dr. Kim shared. He added, “True Mother really wants to meet each one of you. She always says that our coming generation is our future, so she really wants to share about God’s vision with all of you.”Sun Jin Moon would go on to echo Dr. Kim’s sentiments and more. After she and her husband, FFWPU International Vice President In Sup Park, were welcomed with a warm round of applause and beautiful flowers, she elaborated on the true meaning of hyojeong—what it truly means to live with a heart of filial piety. “It isn’t just about the individual; it is about respecting your family lineage and really going beyond oneself,” she said.When asked about how to connect the youth of the Unificationist movement in heart with God and True Parents, she answered, “The most important thing to connect with True Parents is the Word.” Consequently, she began reading from True Father’s autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen to encourage the youth in the audience to put themselves in the shoes of a 16 year old True Father: “When you walk the world with True Parents, that is when you truly understand them,” she explained. Thus, as she read from the chapter “Fear and Inspiration,” the youth in the audience were asked to envision themselves in the place of True Father when he encountered Jesus. Sun Jin Moon emphasized that instead of Jesus calling upon them, however, it is True Father who has called upon them.The reading culminated with True Father’s poem, “The Crown of Glory.” “In many ways, this poem answers every question we have: how to love, how True Parents overcome all obstacles—It is only by love,” said Sun Jin Moon. “When we surpass everything through love, what will Father give you? The crown of glory.”It was fitting that Sun Jin Moon’s reading of her father’s words to the young Unificationists would be a reflection of her mother’s upcoming message at Madison Square Garden: Peace Starts With Me. She highlighted that just as many young people struggle with their faith, True Father initially struggled upon receiving his mission. “True Father could have just been an ordinary citizen, but he chose a path to do something extraordinary,” said Sun Jin Moon. “You need to make that choice, you need to find your truth, you need to do your own good in this world… Just like True Father at 16. That’s the potential each and everyone of you have.”After reading True Father’s words and conveying True Parents’ heart to the audience, Sun Jin Moon opened the floor up for the youth to ask questions, which was followed by a relaxing meditation in which everyone visualized Cheon Il Guk. Questions ranged from her own experiences of shimjung, or heart, the significance of True Mother’s speech at Madison Square Garden, her own struggles practicing hyojeong, how to align with True Mother, and Sun Jin Moon’s experience with the Marriage Blessing Ceremony.The honest, vulnerable answers of the FFWPU International President strengthened the bridge between True Mother and the young Unificationists. “I was moved to hear her struggles of growing up. It was so humbling for me to hear, and helped me to understand her heart a bit more,” said Ryota Naito from New Jersey. “Most importantly, I want to thank her for sharing with us what Hyojeong means, because I feel that it’s truly our greatest joy to understand what a parental heart is.”Stay tuned for the full transcript of Sun Jin Moon’s message to the youth!last_img read more