MS Dhoni was never bullied as a kid. There is a very good reason too

first_imgHaving a passion for sports at a young age has its own perks. It keeps you fit, healthy, is a great career choice no matter what the sport is and apparently it also helps you to steer clear of bullies, it worked for MS Dhoni atleast.The former India skipper recently revealed that he was never bullied at a young age as he used to play with boys who were much older to him.   “I don’t think I was ever bullied. One of the reasons could be that often, people who are very small, thin or timid, you tend to get away without being bullied; if someone is very cute and cuddly, he/she also gets away with things. I was small and timid,” Dhoni told The Print.”Another reason could be that I used to play with boys that were much older to me, and they saw me as a younger brother. We lived in a colony and were only two or three of us that were of the same age group, the other children were at least five or six years older to us.”Playing cricket with older boys also helped Dhoni improve his game.”Maybe that is one of the reasons that I play cricket well, because I have always played cricket with people who were older than me, which meant that they had more power and they understood the game better. Playing with them made me better.Dhoni also said that even when he was playing domestic cricket at the under-16 and under-19 levels, he never faced any bullying in the dressing room.”So as far as bullying is concerned, I do not think we were bullied at any point of time. Even when we started playing cricket at the under-16 or under-19 level, we were never bullied. Often, it depends on the seniors – how the seniors are in the team environment affects the nature of the team, and the juniors also get groomed according to them. What is important is that you keep on passing the baton to the next generation.advertisementDhoni also condemned the act of bullying and said, “Bullying is not a thing that should happen. In a society, it does happen, but there are ways to deal with it. One of the effective ways is to pass on the culture of being against the concept of bullying, and the culture of being nice to people. That is what life is all about.”last_img read more