Family of burnt infant seeks public assistance

first_imgThe family of 20-month-old Ranveer Oselmo is seeking public assistance for the infant because he has suffered severe burn injuries that have left him in dire need of medical attention not available in Guyana.The infant was, on Monday last, rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) after his body was accidentally set on fire at home. Reports are that heBurnt infant Ranveer Oselmohad somehow found his way next to a kerosene stove, which toppled over, causing fuel to be spilt on his body, thereby resulting in the blaze.He was admitted to the GPHC, but doctors at that medical institution discovered that he had sustained deep second degree burns over 35 per cent of his body, necessitating priority treatment to save his life which is offered only in the United States. This is as he has no usable skin remaining to graft burnt parts of his body.Family members of the young burn victim have reached out to the Saving Hands Emergency Aid (SHEA) organization, which has quickly adopted his cause as its most recent charity.SHEA is appealing to the public to lend a helping hand to young Ranveer’s cause by making donations towards offsetting the expenses to be incurred in transferring Ranveer to the US for urgent care. These expenses include airfare for the transport of the infant and his caregivers, as well as the cost to undergo the necessary medical procedures.Persons willing to make a donation can do so through the organization’s online platform via the link: would like to assure potential donors that the organization is a publicly funded charity which is managed by volunteers, and that 100 percent of all contributions will be directed towards the mission of saving the life of young Ranveer.last_img read more